How Many Goals Has Diego Maradona Scored? Total Career Analysis

Diego Maradona Career Analysis

How Many Goals Has Diego Maradona Scored? Diego Armando Maradona left our world this season, and a beautiful part of football died with him. Perhaps it is the first time that all football fans are affected by the loss of a legend who occupied public opinion throughout his life with all its positives and negatives. He was never a hypocrite, only He acted on his nature, which people loved, no matter what. He was an example of the contradiction of man to express ugliness and beauty at the same time.

How Many Goals Has Diego Maradona Scored? Total Career Analysis

There in Naples, grief will remain for the Neapolitan people for a long time, and in Argentina his memory will remain immortal in “La Bombonera” and all parts of the country of the sun that never sets, and Maradona will definitely not be missed because legends do not die, the player is classified by millions as the best player In the history of football, and he is already the player of the twentieth century by the choice of the masses, here is the path of Diego Maradona in the world of legends.

“Even if I played for a million years, I would never get close to Maradona, I don’t want that anyway, he’s the greatest of all”
Lionel Messi

Diego Maradona’s Career With Clubs:

Early Childhood:

Maradona was born on October 30, 1960 in the city of Lanus, Buenos Aires, Argentina to a family that grew up in overcrowded and dangerous slums, so the player found himself forced to work since childhood to take responsibility, but the round skin that was given to him as a gift on his third birthday will save him In the future, the way out of that extreme poverty, and although his mother initially opposed that passion for football, she soon realized that football was the goal of her son.

At the age of ten, Diego had amazing skills, excellent dribbles, accurate and powerful passes and great feet that surpassed children of his age very easily, and it wasn’t long before this child’s talent spread among the media, and Francisco Cornejo, coach of Shabab Club , pounced on her. Argentinos Juniors, who did not believe at first the age of that boy, asked him for a birth certificate, and when he confirmed that, he said that they had a player from another planet.

Diego Maradona When He Was Young:

Maradona led his team to victory in 136 consecutive matches, and he dazzled the fans with his special performances between the two halves, so that the press talked about him and said, “There is a child with the talent of a star.” At the age of twelve, he told the television that gave him the following interview:

“I have two dreams, to participate in the World Cup and to win it with Argentina.”

The Beginnings of Argentine Football:

A few days before turning sixteen, Maradona signed the first contract in his career with the first team of Argentinos Juniors, and he appeared in his first professional match on October 20, 1976, and after 25 days he scored his first goals against San Lorenzo in the Argentine league, and since then he has been scoring He scored goals regularly and was the top scorer for his team in all the seasons he played with them.

Despite his blatant talent, Argentine coach Luis Menotti did not call him to participate in the 1978 World Cup because of his young age, and after the end of the tournament that Argentina won on its soil, Menotti began attending another team to participate in the World Youth Cup that will be held this year. Next in Japan.

Maradona Played with Argentinos Juniors 166 matches, scoring 116 goals.

In the summer of 1980, the player received many offers from many clubs, most notably River Plate, which offered a high wage in exchange for the talent that had not yet revealed all its secrets, but Maradona only wanted to move to one team, which is Boca Juniors, the club that was going through a bad economic situation, and With this he moved to the end.

Maradona signed with Boca officially on February 20, 1981, and although he spent one season in La Bombonera, he led them to achieve the Argentine League and starred in all matches by scoring 28 goals, including a double against the eternal rival River Plate, and in light of this glow, it is no wonder that Barcelona He made a bid estimated at 5 million pounds to buy the player as a record that paid her time, and that is what actually happened and Diego moved to Europe to embark on a journey full of joy and tears.

Moving to Barcelona:

Maradona played his first official match with Barcelona on September 4, 1982 against Valencia and scored a goal despite losing 1-2, and after playing 13 games and scoring 6 goals, he discovered that he had hepatitis, so he was rested for three months, and he did not To play only in March, but the Catalan team no longer competed in the Spanish League and settled for fourth place, but the club won the King’s Cup title by defeating Real Madrid in the final.

The Argentine genius will return after about two weeks to play the Spanish League Cup final against the Royal Club as well, and in the first leg in Madrid he scores a beautiful goal that made the Santiago Bernabeu fans applaud him as the first player in history to receive this honor, then leads Barcelona at the end of the two matches to achieve the title.

“Maradona had a great mastery of the ball, when he runs the ball seems to be attached to his shoe, I remember the training sessions when the team members were very surprised by his skills, I think we were lucky to be witnesses to his genius”
Lobo Carrasco, former Barcelona player

The 1983/1984 season started badly for Maradona, the player suffered a serious ankle injury after a rough intervention from Athletic Bilbao player Andoni Goikotexia that made him undergo surgery that kept him out of action for more than 3 months, and did not help the team win any championship, but he On the other hand, he brought them to the King’s Cup final against Bilbao, and here will be the end point for Diego with the Blaugrana.

Athletic Bilbao won 1-0, and when the final whistle blew, Maradona attacked opposing team player Miguel Angel Sola after provoking him throughout the match, and hitting other players from the Basque club, turning the stadium into a battlefield between the players of the two teams under the eyes of the Spanish King Juan Carlos and the millions who watched The match was shown on television, so Barcelona officials decided to put an end to their relationship with Maradona, especially after he was suspended for a long time.

Naples And The Golden Years Of Glory:

Maradona moved to Napoli with another world record (£6.9 million), and fans were excited for their new player as he was received by more than 75,000 supporters at the San Paolo stadium on July 5, 1984 , and he is the one to save them in their eyes after they avoided relegation. Second, by one point last season. But no one imagined that the next would be a history that will not be repeated.

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Maradona’s first goal with Napoli came on September 23, 1984 against Sampdoria, and although he will score 14 goals in his first season, the Italian South team ranked eighth, but the performance in general has improved a lot and the officials realized that their team can compete for the league title, so they contracted With new players such as Bruno Giordano, the star of Lazio at the time, who formed a wonderful double with Diego and together led Napoli to achieve third place in the 1985/1986 season, and thus participate in the European Union Cup.

After Maradona returned from the 1986 World Cup victorious, Napoli fans realized that their team had the best player in the world, so they were excited for the championship struggle in the new season, and their hopes were not in vain, as the club actually won the Italian League title for the first time in history to launch a series of The noisy celebrations in the city lasted for about a week, and the fans announced the birth of a new empire in Italian football, especially after they won the Italian Cup as well. There is no consolation for the three rich northern clubs, Inter, Milan and Juventus.

“If Maradona was in good shape, there was no way to stop him.”
Franco Baresi

Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi decided to sign Maradona to be one of a series of huge contracts that he will conclude and control European and local football, and presented him with a tempting offer to join the Rossoneri, but the Argentine star said that he is committed to a social contract with the people of Naples and decided to renew His contract until 1993.

Unfortunately, the title defense campaign was not successful for Napoli, and they lost the league by 3 points to Milan, even though Maradona was the tournament’s top scorer after scoring 15 goals.

In the next season, the first division title continued to be lost after Inter Milan won it this time by 11 points from second-placed Napoli, but the Italian South team will compensate for this failure by winning the European Cup, a tournament in which Maradona starred after scoring 3 goals and making 8 others.

The 1989/1990 season was another unforgettable season for Napoli, as they managed to win the Italian league for the second time in their history, and Maradona scored 16 goals behind Marco van Basten, who scored 19 goals, and Roberto Baggio, who scored 17 goals, and it is mentioned that the Argentine player’s position is games maker .

“He decided the matches on his own, carried mediocre teams like Napoli and Argentina 1996 on his shoulders, and led them to glorious achievements. He is a genius.” Marcel Desailly

After the 1990 World Cup, in which Argentina achieved the runner-up, the season started perfectly for Napoli and they won the Italian Super Cup against Juventus 5-1, but in March 1991, the Italian authorities suspended Maradona for possession of doping, and imposed a penalty from the Italian Football Association that would stop him for a very long time.

This was the beginning of the end. After this long period passed, Maradona decided to move away from Italy and leave Naples, after he led them in the golden era of Napolitan to rise to the top. The number 10 shirt was withheld forever in the club, as the team’s stadium was named after his name in late 2020 after his death . Ironically, his last goal came against Sampdoria also on March 24, 1991.

Seville and Maradona’s last Season in Europe:

Maradona wanted to play in a team that did not have much sporting demands, so the Seville offer was a good option for him. The deal took place in the range of 4 million pounds, and was presented to the fans on September 28, 1992 in a friendly match against Bayern Munich, while he played his first official match in the Andalusian club shirt on October 4 against Athletic Bilbao, the team that he had last faced in Spain when he was playing with Barcelona.

Three days later, he scored his first goal against Real Zaragoza, a goal that gave Sevilla the victory. And after he was called up again for the Argentine national team, the Andalusian team officials threatened to fine him if he traveled, but Maradona ignored them and decided to join the ranks of the tango, and this exacerbated the problems between him and the club leaders, especially after a new injury to him, which accelerated his exit after his sentence They only have one season.

Return to Argentina And Retire:

In 1993 Diego Maradona returned to Argentina to play in the Newell’s Old Boys shirt. About 40,000 people attended his first training with the team. He did not stay there long and left the following year after being suspended for a full 15 months due to a large amount of doping again. During this period, he founded the World Federation of Football Players in Paris with a group of other stars such as Eric Cantona, George Weah, Gianfranco Zola and others.

Maradona wanted to return to play in the ranks of his beloved Boca Juniors, which has already happened after great concessions from him, but he did not participate in many matches because his physical condition was very difficult and he had to travel to Switzerland to enter a clinic to help him treat cocaine addiction. After returning to Buenos Aires, he was not fully fit to play the last professional match of his career on October 25, 1997, against River Plate.

The player announced his retirement from football after 5 days, on his thirty-seventh birthday, then went on to participate in commercials and worked as a TV commentator. And he almost lost his life because of it, according to his doctor, and the player admitted to her addiction in his autobiographical book “I am Diego”.

On November 10, 2001, Maradona’s farewell party was held at La Bombonera stadium in Argentina, the stronghold of his former Boca Juniors team, in a friendly meeting that brought together the national team and the world’s star team, as were several great players such as Juan Riquelme, Eric Cantona, Enzo Francescoli, Carlos Valderrama, Duvock Suker and others. . After the match, Maradona gave an emotional speech with many tears.

Diego Maradona’s Career With The Argentine National Team:

The Beginnings And Appearance In The World Cup For The First Time:

Only a few months passed since his first appearance in the league until Maradona was called up for his first international match with the Argentine national team, and that was against Hungary on February 27, 1977, but even with his brilliance with Argentinos Juniors and being able to top the list of top scorers in the tournament, he was not included in the final list The team that won the first World Cup in its history in 1978 because of his young age.

And in the next year, coach Luis Menotti replaced him and invited him to participate in some friendly matches in preparation for the World Youth Cup, which will be played in the summer. Diego scored his first goal with Argentina on June 2, 1979, and then led the Tango to win the championship and was chosen as the best player in it after He scored 6 goals in total.

After moving to Barcelona, ​​high hopes were placed on him in the 1982 World Cup in Spain. The World Championship began and Argentina lost the first match against Belgium 0-1, then Maradona scored a double against Hungary in a 4-1 victory, followed by a victory against El Salvador 2-0, which means the team qualified for the second round, which put them in a difficult group that included Italy, which will win the title And Brazil, and the Argentines lost both matches and withdrew from the cup.

Maradona In The 1986 World Cup:

Return And Participate In The World Cup Mexico:

Maradona was incensed by the Argentine street because of his poor performance and his expulsion against Brazil and he stayed for 3 years away from the national team because of his disagreement with coach Carlos Bilardo, who did not reconcile with him until 1985 when Maradona was called to participate in a friendly match against Uruguay and ended in a draw 1 1 goal by Diego himself. Then he continued to lead Argentina in the World Cup qualifiers, and despite qualifying for the World Cup, there was no great enthusiasm in Argentina because of this poor performance.

The World Cup started in Mexico and Argentina played the first match against South Korea and won 3-1, Maradona made the three goals and then scored against Italy in the meeting that ended with a score of 1-1, and in the last meeting of the group stage he scored a goal in the 2-0 win Against Bulgaria, which made the Tango team take the lead and cross to the final price, where they had to face Uruguay in a classic match, which they won 1-0 through Pedro Pascoli.

Maradona vs England:

In the quarter-final match, Argentina played against England at the Azteca Stadium at 12:00 noon local time and in front of more than 114,000 fans and under the leadership of Tunisian referee Ali Bin Nasser, a meeting that was tense between the fans due to political differences, so the two parties have no choice but to win, it will be This is the match of a lifetime for Diego Armando Maradona.

The match began with a strong intervention from Maradona on the English player Fenwick, which led to him receiving a warning from the ninth minute, and the first half did not witness any goals, but after the start of the second period, Diego dribbled the players Glenn Hoddle and Peter Rigg and then passed to his colleague Valdano, who did not control the pass Which reached the player Steve Hodge, who tried to return the ball to goalkeeper Peter Shelton, but he did not notice that Maradona entered the penalty area and then jumped and hit the ball with his hand and went to celebrate, in exchange for protests from the English on the validity of the goal, but the referee Ali bin Nasser and his assistant count it.

“I was hoping the assistant referee would give me an idea of ​​what exactly happened, but he didn’t mention any hand touch, and FIFA’s instructions were clear before the match, if my teammate had a better view than I had to respect his.”
Referee Ali bin Nasser

At the 55th minute and only 4 minutes after scoring the first goal, Maradona dribbled past 6 players from England at once, they are Peter Reid, Glenn Hoddle, Kenny Sansom, Terry Butcher, Terry Fenwick, and when he entered the penalty area, Peter Shilton came out trying to narrow the space On him, but Diego dribbled him on the right and shot towards the goal while Butcher tried to block him, but he prevented that to score Maradona’s second goal, which was known as the goal of the century, according to a poll conducted by FIFA. Gary Lineker scored the goal to reduce the difference in the 81st minute, but it did not prevent Argentina from advancing to the semi-finals.

“When Diego scored the second goal against us I felt a great desire to applaud, I’ve never felt like this in my whole life, he is the greatest player of all time and by far a real phenomenon”
Gary Lineker

Winning The World Cup:

In the semi-finals, the meeting against the Belgian national team was less complicated and ended with Argentina winning with two goals scored by Maradona, one of them very impressive, to lead his country to qualify for the final match, which will bring them together in West Germany on June 29 at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

The match started well for coach Carlos Bilardo’s players and scored two goals through Juan Brown and Valdano, but the Germans equalized through Rummenigge and Rudi Voller, and three minutes after the latter’s goal, Maradona deceived the German defense and provided a decisive pass to Jorge Burruchaga, who was alone with the goalkeeper. Schumacher scored the winning goal for the Argentine nation, which went out celebrating in public squares and streets on the occasion of the second World Cup, which Maradona raised as the leader.

Maradona’s stats in the 1986 World Cup were absolutely amazing, he scored 5 goals and provided 5 assists, and scored 90 correct dribbles more than any other player 3 times, which made him win the Golden Ball award for the best player of the tournament, and many believe that Diego led Argentina almost single-handedly to win gold and one of the greatest individual performances in the history of major tournaments.

Maradona In The 1990 World Cup: The Description And The Tears

After the World Cup, the Argentine national team’s performance declined at a time when Maradona was living in the midst of another success with Napoli, but he failed to win any of the Copa America championships and reached the 1990 World Cup and he suffers from an ankle injury that affected his performance that year, And with this he will play every minute in the finals.

The tournament that was played in Italy began, where Maradona lived his best days with the South team, and the defending champion lost the first match against Cameroon 0-1 and they would have almost withdrawn from the first round had it not been for the victory over the Soviet Union 2-0, then a hard-earned draw against Romania 1 -1 their parents as the third best in the group.

In the round of 16 against Brazil, Maradona provided a crucial pass to Claudio Canigia in the 80th minute, and Argentina won 1-0. In the quarter-finals, Carlos Bilardo faced Yugoslavia, and the match ended negatively after 120 minutes. Diego missed a penalty kick that he shot weak to the right of the goalkeeper, but that His teammates rectified the situation and eventually won 3-2.

At the San Paolo stadium in Naples, Argentina played against Italy in the semi-finals, and Maradona tried to make a coup between the people of the city and their country, where he stated:

Neapolitans should not forget that they do not consider them Italians in Italy, this country will come to ask for your support for one day in the year, and then will not pay any attention to you for the remaining 364 days.

Maradona is a man revered in Naples after he led them to the top, and half of the Italian fans in the stadium were moved by his words. When the naughty boy went to the stadium, he read words and signs such as “Diego in our hearts, Italy in our songs” and “Maradona.. Naples loves you, but Italy is our home.” Then the Argentine national anthem was hailed, which in itself was a victory for him.

And after the match ended 1-1, Argentina won the penalty kicks 4-3, Maradona, who scored one of them this time, said : “I was very impressed, they were really my people.”

The final match of the 1990 World Cup was played on July 8 at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, and the tango was combined with the West German team. It was a miserable final for the Argentines, who lost it with a goal of zero, which came from a questionable penalty kick in the 85th minute scored by Andres Breme, and after the final whistle sounded, the Germans rejoiced at this Victory, and in the midst of it all, the best player in the world stood weeping heartily at the realization that his body and great talent had let him down that night.

Absence, Participation In The 1994 World Cup, Suspension And Retirement:

Because of his problems with doping, Maradona missed Argentina, which won in his absence the Copa America 1993, until he was called again to a friendly match against Brazil on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Football Association in the country, and then he was invited to the Artemio Franchi Cup match, which It combined the South American champion and the European champion, who was Denmark, and they won it by penalty kicks 5-3 after it ended 1-1.

Diego again missed the tango ranks due to the penalties imposed on him and kept him out of the stadiums, but after their expiry and under my great popularity, he returned to the first team to participate in the play-off match against Australia to qualify for the 1994 World Cup, and during the first leg he made the equalizer in Sydney ( 1-1), then Argentina advanced to the finals with a goal scored by Gabriel Batistuta.

Maradona played in some friendly matches before the finals to be held in the United States of America, and with the start of the tournament in the first match against Greece 4-0 he scored a beautiful goal that proved that he still has his unique skills, as the ball reached him after a series of impressive passes and He shot towards the 90th corner, then ran towards the camera and celebrated with a face whose eyes were so bulging, which called for suspicion of drug use.

In the second match, Maradona led his teammates to victory against Nigeria 2-1 after his contribution to both goals, and after the meeting, he came out of the stadium applauding the fans and smiling while holding the hand of a nurse and paramedics heading to the doping test area, and after 4 days the result of the analysis came positive and Consequently, he was immediately eliminated from the tournament and received another 15 months’ ban.

That was the end of Diego Armando Maradona with the Argentine national team, to play a total of 91 games, scoring 34 goals. Well, this is not a happy end to the life of a great legend. His life is a story in itself. Perhaps the words of the commentator’s last match against Nigeria would end this career better:

“Maradona again, how can they not take the ball from him? Can he score a goal? He can surely, look at him no one can say it’s over”

Diego Maradona Career Statistics:

National Team Record:

1977–1994 Argentina 91 (349134

Club Record:

1976–1981 Argentinos Juniors 166116
1981–1982 Boca Juniors 4028
1982–1984 Barcelona 3622
1984–1991 Napoli 18881
1992–1993 Sevilla 265
1993–1994 Newell’s Old Boys 50
1995–1997 Boca Juniors 307
Total 491259

Miscellaneous In The Life of Diego Armando Maradona:

Diego Maradona Skills:

Maradona plays in the center of the playmaker and carries the number 10 shirt, he has high charisma and a strong personality that made him not know a path to despair in the darkest moments, and despite his short height (170 cm), he possessed a physique and strong legs through which he can bear The high pressure that opponents put on him, as he has always faced violent interventions from defenders.

“Diego was able to do things that no one else can do, what others do with the ball, Maradona can do with the orange.”
Michel Platini

While moving the ball, the first impression of the spectator was that it was attached to his feet, and as long as he enjoyed great imagination and high tactical intelligence, he would do anything for victory, which would allow him to contribute often in the defensive side, making and scoring from various angles and through all ways, he scored Maradona in his career 62 direct free kicks and 49 penalty kicks out of 52 executed during his career with European teams.

Maradona In Popular Culture:

Diego is very popular in both Argentina and Naples, he is a timeless icon and the scenes of crying fans at La Bombonera stadium on his retirement day are still remembered, he saved them from the social frustrations they were going through especially in the 1986 World Cup when he lifted the mood of a depressed nation And he allowed every boy to dream of becoming a great soccer player, for it is from the womb of pain and suffering that hope is born.

Maradona Number 10:

In his honor, Napoli decided to ban Maradona’s number 10 Shirt Forever:

“Maradona is the king of the Naples people. Maradona changed history. For 80 years we were suffering and playing to avoid relegation, but with him we won two league titles. To live with him all those years when I was young is unbelievable.”
Fabio Cannavaro, Ballon d’Or 2006 winner

What happened in Argentina was repeated in Naples, and perhaps even more. Maradona is like a medieval knight who led the war of the poor of the Italian south against the rich of the Italian north. In a short period of time, he turned from a star to a legend that will not be repeated, and many statues and films were erected for him that It talks about his unique life and career.

The Death And Funeral of Diego Maradona:

On November 25, 2020, the football world received a shock by the departure of Diego Armando Maradona, less than a month after he reached his 60th year, and Argentine President Alberto Fernandez declared public mourning in Argentina for 3 days, and the funeral was held the next day after his body was placed in the presidential palace and flocked Thousands of Argentines to see his farewell.

“I lost a great friend and the world lost a legend. There is still a lot to say, but for now God has given strength to his relatives. I hope one day we can play football in heaven.”
Pele laments Maradona

As for the city of Naples, huge crowds of fans gathered to mourn the loss of their historical legend, and in honor of him, the San Paolo stadium was renamed Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, and a minute of silence was held in the matches of the Champions League, Copa Libertadores, the Italian League and other tournaments. Many presidents, important figures and footballers also offered their condolences on the loss of Diego Maradona.


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