How Many Goals Has Giuseppe Meazza Scored? Total Career Analysis (1927-1947)

How Many Goals Has Giuseppe Meazza Scored

How Many Goals Has Giuseppe Meazza Scored? Giuseppe Meazza is considered the best scorer in the history of Inter Milan, and he is the most famous player in Inter Milan and FC Milan. He was the captain of the Italian national team that won the 1938 World Cup in France.

Giuseppe Meazza Card:

Name: Giuseppe Meazza
Date of Birth: August 23, 1910
Height: 1.69 m
Playing Position: Striker
Occupation: Football coach
Clubs That Giuseppe Meazza Played: Inter Milan, AC Milan, Juventus
The Team that Giuseppe Meazza Played: Italy
Awards: FIFA as one of the 25 best Players of the Twentieth Century.

Who is Giuseppe Meazza?

Giuseppe Meazza held the record for the most goals scored in the Italian league, as he scored 216 goals from 367 games he played before breaking this number and becoming the historical scorer of the fourth Italian league, and is also the most hat-trick player in the history of the Italian League “in partnership with Gunnar Nordahl” with 17 Hat trick.

Some consider him the best Italian striker in the history of Italian football, and he was the first Italian player to gain international fame. Therefore, in honor of him and in his memory, the San Siro stadium was named after him.

Due to his technical skills, prolific goal-scoring and creative ability, the Italian press called him a “genius” during his career. He was ranked fourth as the best player in the history of the World Cup. A prolific striker, Meazza won the Serie A top scorer award three times in his career. With 216 goals in Serie A, he is the fourth all-time top scorer in Serie A, along with Jose Altafini, and with 33 goals, he is also the Italian national team’s second-best scorer. With 338 goals, he is the third-best Italian scorer in all competitions.

Giuseppe Meazza is also the youngest player to score 100 Serie A goals, a feat he achieved at the age of 23 years and 32 days. The San Siro, the main stadium in his home city of Milan, which is today shared by two of his former clubs, Inter Milan and crosstown rival AC Milan, was named Giuseppe Meazza Stadium in honor of the player on March 3, 1980. In 2011, it was posthumously inducted into the Hall of Fame. Italian football celebrity. Throughout his career, including friendlies, Meazza scored 537 goals.

Giuseppe Meazza’s Career:

Giuseppe Meazza’s passion for football early, as he played football in the streets barefoot with a ball made of worn fabrics with a club called “Maestri Campionese”, and when he was 12 years old, he obtained permission from his mother to play professionally, and joined the club Gloria F. C, and then got his first soccer boot, as a gift from a fan.

When Giuseppe Meazza turned 14, he was admired by Milan officials, but the club eventually decided not to sign him due to his meager build, joining the other pole of the city, Inter Milan and nicknamed him the little boy.

At the beginning of his professional career, the coaches relied on Giuseppe Meazza at the back, but his scoring sense made him change his position to attack, and he spent long periods in his career as a left-winger and was distinguished by his ability to shoot and dribble, as well as master air games and strong headers.

Giuseppe Meazza Is Inter Milan’s Top Scorer of All Time:

Giuseppe Meazza began his career with Inter Milan in the 1927-1928 season and was able to achieve many accomplishments with them, winning the Italian League three times and finishing second three times as well, winning the Italian Cup once, and winning the Italian League top scorer title three times in the years 1930, 1936 and 1938.

Giuseppe Meazza with AC Milan:

In the 1940/41 season, Giuseppe Meazza moved to Milan and played for them in two seasons, in which he scored nine goals from 37 games he played.

Giuseppe Meazza with Juventus:

In the 1942-1943 season, Juventus moved, and played for them 27 games and scored 10 goals, and after World War II he moved to Atalanta Club in the 1945-1946 season and played for them 14 games and scored two goals, and returned in the 1946-1947 season to his first club, Inter Milan. To conclude his football career with Inter, which he started from.

Giuseppe Meazza With the Italy National Team:

Giuseppe Meazza played with the Italian national team and won two World Cup titles with them in 1934 and 1938. Meazza was the best scorer in the history of the Italian national team, where he played 53 international matches and was able to score 33 goals; Before Luigi, Riva broke his record by scoring 35 goals in 1972.

Giuseppe Meazza ‘s Playing Style and Artistic Qualities:

Although initially employed as a full-back in his youth, Meazza began his professional career as a full-fledged striker or a central striker, but later played for more than half of his career as a creative inside left-forward, known as the Mezzala role in Italian football, though he was also able to play on the right.

He also demonstrated his skill and creativity by becoming an accomplished attacking midfielder and even played as a deep midfielder or playmaker in his later career. He was known for his excellent shooting ability, dribbling, and skills, with an emphasis on the final pass.

Despite his average height and slender, stocky build, he was also an exceptional ball-head and was known for his acrobatic abilities in the air. In addition to his qualities as a player, he was also a great captain on the field.

Meazza was the first Italian footballer who became famous all over the world, and he was the first player to have a strong personality. In contrast to his more conservative friend, international teammate, and rival Silvio Piola, a player with whom Meazza was often compared, he was known for having a slicker personality both on and off the field.

Giuseppe Meazza loved cabriolet, champagne and women and was the only player in the national team who was allowed to smoke. Meazza was notorious for insulting the best defenders of the era and sleeping in a brothel the night before a match. With his grandiose touch on the ball, he would have alarmed powerful defenders from an era when feet were often waved from behind.

He is not famous for a particularly high work rate, and sometimes he does not get out of bed until his colleagues have already finished training.

His trademark goals were those where he would collect the ball in the middle of the line, dribbling through several opponents with a series of flickering finger dribbles, and turns, until he reached in front of the goal, where he would stop and invite the goalkeeper to attack him as a bullfighter, before faking a shot, Then dribbling past the defeated goalkeeper to fall into the net easily.

A meticulous penalty kick taker, Meazza once said, “There is nothing worse than a penalty saved by a goalkeeper who did not understand the falsity.”

Strange Stories About Giuseppe Meazza:

There are several strange stories about Giuseppe Meazza, as it was known that he was a heavy smoker, and smoked between the halves of any match in the changing room and in front of the coach and players’ eyes, in addition to his refusal to train periodically, and he only trained once a week with Inter Milan.

One of the oddities of Giuseppe Meazza, which she mentioned about him, is that he does not sleep on the night of his club matches with the team members in the hotel, but rather sleeps in his house, which is 10 minutes walk from the stadium. Meazza was also known for staying up late, often having sexual relations, and was also addicted to alcohol.

Meazza has a strange story, the most famous of which is his, the details of which are due to the fact that players in the past used to come individually to the stadium, and not in a bus as is the case now, and he was staying next to the stadium used by Inter Milan, and because he was somewhat careless about the issue of commitment, On that day, he came late, and five minutes before kick-off, the team officials were thinking about how to make him abide, or punish him, but after entering the stadium, he scored three hat-trick goals, and evaded punishment.

Meazza himself told the story in a television interview after his retirement and said that when he was a player in the ranks of Inter Milan, he arrived at the stadium late, only five minutes before the start of the match, as the players were then arriving at the stadium with their knowledge, and not in the team bus as is the case. right now.

Meazza stated that he heard some officials in Inter Milan talking about his punishment for not complying, so he did everything he had in the match to avoid punishment, and indeed he managed to score a hat-trick, but after participating in the full match and not in the second half.

Giuseppe Meazza was accustomed to entering the stadium without warming up, participating in matches without preparing for them, and the most prominent of his strange actions was in one of his club Juventus meetings in 1937, where he fell asleep drunk, and was late in waking up, which called on officials of the technical staff to send someone to wake him up, and he attended before The match started in a few minutes, and despite all that, he scored two goals, and then the team went on to win the Italian League title.

Titles And Championships Giuseppe Meazza Throughout his Career:

Italian star Giuseppe Meazza has achieved many achievements and successes during his long career in football and has won many local, continental and international titles.

Giuseppe Meazza Championships with Inter Milan:

Serie A1929–30, 1937–38, 1939–40
Italian Cup1938-1939

Giuseppe Meazza Championships With the Italian National Team:

FIFA World Cup1934, 1938
Central European Cup International1927–30, 1933–35

Giuseppe Meazza Individual Awards:

Serie A Top Scorer: 1929-30, 1935-36, 1937-38
Mitropa Cup Top Scorer: 1930, 1933, 1936
World Cup All-Star Team: 1938
Italian Football Hall of Fame 2011
Italian Sports Walk of Fame: 2015
Inter Milan Hall of Fame: 2019

Giuseppe Meazza’s Goals Throughout his Career:

Giuseppe Meazza managed throughout his career with clubs and the national team, for which he played 347 goals in 564 matches.

Giuseppe Meazza goals with Inter Milan:

Italian league197
Italian National League46
Italian Cup12
European Mitropa Cup29

Giuseppe Meazza goals for AC Milan:

Italian league9
Italian Cup2

Giuseppe Meazza goals with Juventus:

Italian league10

Giuseppe Meazza goals with Varese:

Italian Serie A7

Giuseppe Meazza goals with Atalanta:

Italian League2

Giuseppe Meazza goals for Italy:


Giuseppe Meazza Record Numbers:

Meazza was one of the first Italians to train abroad, coaching Turkey’s Besiktas GC in 1948-1949.

Meazza is a professional FIFA Hall of Champions and inducted into the Italian Football Hall of Fame. He was named by the International Federation of Statistics as the second-best Italian player as one of the 25 best players in the world of the 20th century and was also named to the Italian Hall of Fame in 2015.

To this day, Meazza is still the fourth top scorer in the Italian league with Jose Altafini.
He is considered by many Italian football experts, including Alberto Giocatoli, as the best player ever, and Silvio Piola has been quoted as saying: “He is without a doubt one of the greatest Italian footballers ever. He is a symbol of our great country. And we have to cherish him.”

With 33 goals, Meazza is still Italy’s second-best scorer. His record held until Gigi Riva equalized and finally broke it on June 9, 1973, also in a match against Brazil. On that day, Meazza was quoted as saying, “Riva is good, he scored a lot of goals against Cyprus and Turkey. Certainly, my goals were much more important.”

The San Siro stadium in Milan, which hosts two former Meazza clubs, Inter Milan and AC Milan, has been renamed the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium in his honor.


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