How Many Goals Has Riyad Mahrez Scored In his Career? Total Analysis of his Career (2009-2022)

How Many Goals Has Riyad Mahrez

How Many Goals Has Riyad Mahrez Scored In his Career? Riyad Mahrez is considered one of the stars of the English Premier League, and in this article, we will learn about Riyad Mahrez’s statistics and numbers throughout his career with clubs and the national team (goals and assists).

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Who is Riyad Mahrez?

Riyad Mahrez ‘s father discovered his son’s talent early and decided to register him in one of the small clubs in the amateur department in Paris. With them in 27 games and scored one goal, then Mahrez moved to Le Havre in 2010 until 2014 and participated with them in sixty games and scored 30 goals.

Riyad Mahrez With Leicester City:

Riyad Mahrez ‘s career with Leicester City is considered the best period of his football life, as he participated with them in 158 matches and scored 42 goals. His father’s dream was to be a big and famous player.

English Premier League:

Riyad Mahrez managed to win with Leicester City the English Premier League title, and he presented a fabulous season, which made his marketing value rise dramatically, reaching the limits of 68 million euros, to be ranked among the fifty most valuable players in Europe and ranked 17th according to the classification of the Football Observatory.

Riyad Mahrez Helps Leicester City Win the Premier League:

Riyad Mahrez signed a new four-year contract with Leicester City in August 2015. On 8 August 2015, Riyad Mahrez scored two goals in the opening match of the season against Sunderland in a 4–2 home win.

After scoring four goals in the opening four matches of the 2015-16 season, Riyad Mahrez was nominated for the Premier League Player of the Month award. By November 3, 2015, Riyad scored seven goals in ten Premier League matches. On December 5, Riyad Mahrez scored a hat-trick in Leicester City’s 3-0 victory over Swansea City to top the English Premier League, and reached his tenth goal in the Premier League this season, becoming the first Algerian to score a hat-trick in the Premier League.

Mahrez and his midfield partners Mark Albrighton, N’Golo Kante, and Danny Drinkwater have received high praise for their role at the start of Leicester’s season, with manager Claudio Ranieri describing Riyad Mahrez and striker Jamie Vardy as “invaluable” ahead of the autumn transfer window.

In January 2016, Riyad Mahrez’s market value increased from £4.5 million to £30.1 million, placing him among the 50 best players in Europe. In the same year, the popularity of Riyad Mahrez in his homeland led to Leicester City garnering nearly three times as many Facebook fans in Algeria than in the United Kingdom. The barbershop in Sarcelles he had frequented since his childhood became a destination for fans from as far away as Belgium, who wanted the same haircut.

Riyad Mahrez was one of the Leicester City players selected for the PFA Team of the Year in April 2016, and later that month Mahrez won the England Player of the Year award, the first African to receive the award.

When Leicester City finished the season as the English Premier League champion, Riyad Mahrez became the first Algerian to win the Premier League title, and it was one of his best seasons in the English Premier League. He described Leicester City’s victory in the Premier League as the miracle of the football century.

  • Club: Leicester City
  • Number of Matches: 39
  • Number of Goals: 18
  • Assists: 10
  • Premier League: 17 Goals + (Ten) Assists

Riyad Mahrez Moved to Manchester City:

After great insistence on him by the great Spanish coach Pep Guardiola, Riyad Mahrez moved to Manchester City in the summer of 2018, which made him the most expensive player in the history of Manchester City, with an estimated value of 60 million pounds (approximately 68 million euros), as well as with this deal, Riyad Mahrez became The owner of the most expensive transfer deal for any Arab player in history.

Riyad Mahrez played his first official meeting with Manchester City on the occasion of the Charity Shield final against Chelsea at the famous Wembley Stadium on 05-08-2018, which ended with the superiority of Riyad Mahrez ‘s companions with two goals without a response from the scoring of his colleague Sergio Aguero, and Riyad Mahrez participated in 68 minutes before leaving His place for his Brazilian colleague Gabriel Jesus.

Riyad Mahrez in the English Premier League:

As for the first appearance of Riyad Mahrez in the Manchester City shirt in the English Premier League, it was against Arsenal on 12-08-2018 at Emirates Stadium, the match in which he participated mainly on the right side of the Manchester City attack, and he won with his club with a score of two goals without a response from the signature of the team player England’s Raheem Sterling and Portuguese national team player Bernardo Silva, Riyad Mahrez made a respectable performance throughout his time on the field before leaving his place to fellow Belgian national team player Kevin De Bruyne.

Riyad Mahrez Stats And Figures 2020/2021:

On November 28, 2020, Riyad Mahrez scored his first hat-trick with Manchester City in a 5-0 win over its guest Burnley in the league. On May 4, 2021, Riyad Mahrez scored the two goals in a 2-0 victory over his guest Paris Saint-Germain in the second leg of the 2021 Champions League semi-final, to lead Manchester City to the first Champions League final in Manchester City’s history.

The Statistics of Riyad Mahrez In The 2021 Champions League Final:

The Algerian Riyad Mahrez, the Manchester City star, did not perform at the desired level in the 2021 Champions League final against Chelsea.

Chelsea managed to win the Champions League 2021 for the second time in its history, after defeating Manchester City in the final with a goal without a response.

According to the famous “Hoscord” website for football statistics, Riyad Mahrez got a rating of 6.1 out of 10. The accuracy of Mahrez’s passes was 89%, but he did not take any shot on the goal and was satisfied with one correct dribble. Riyad Mahrez took two corner kicks and did not create any real opportunity throughout the match.

  • Club: Manchester City
  • Number of Matches: 45
  • number of Goals:
  • Assists: 7
  • Premier League: 9 Goals + (4) Assists
  • UEFA Champions League: 4 Goals + 2 Assists

Riyad Mahrez Stats With Clubs:

2009–2010 Quimper271
2010–2013 Le Havre II6024
2011–2014 Le Havre606
2014–2018 Leicester City15842
2018– Manchester City11238

Riyad Mahrez With The Algerian National Team:

Riyad Mahrez participated with the Algerian national team for the first time against Armenia in 2014, participated since then in 62 matches so far, during which he scored 19 goals, and played with the Greens team in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, as well as in the African Nations Cup in the African Nations 2015 and African Nations 2017 and African Nations Cup 2019.

In the second round of the 2018 World Cup qualifiers against Tanzania, Riyad Mahrez helped Algeria qualify for the group stage, scoring a goal and setting up Karl’s free goal. Riyad Mahrez was selected in the Algerian national team squad, led by coach George Likens, for the Cup in Gabon. In the opening match, Riyad Mahrez scored both goals in Algeria’s 2-2 draw with Zimbabwe and was awarded the Man of the Match award.

In October 2017, with Algeria’s chances of reaching the 2018 World Cup already ended, Riyad Mahrez and (at the time) Leicester City teammate Islam Slimani were excluded from the Algerian national team.

On November 18, 2018, in the 2019 African Nations Cup qualifiers, Riyad Mahrez scored a double in the 4-1 win away from Togo, which is his first goal with the Algerian national team since the 2017 African Nations Cup to lead Algeria to qualify for the 2019 African Cup of Nations.

2015 132
2017 82
2020 43
2021 98
2022 30

African Nations Championship 2019:

The 2019 Africa Cup of Nations was held from June 21 to July 19, 2019, in accordance with the decision of the Executive Committee of the Confederation of African Football on July 20, 2017, to move the Africa Cup of Nations to the summer for the first time and was also the first African Cup of Nations with a capacity of 16 to 24 teams has won The Algerian team, led by Riyad Mahrez, defeated Senegal, led by Sadio Mane, 1–0 in the 2019 African Nations Final, to achieve the second title in the history of the Algerian team.

The Statistics of Riyad Mahrez In The African Nations Cup 2019:

The statistics of the player, Riyad Mahrez, indicate that he scored three goals during his participation in six matches with the Algerian national team in the African Nations 2019, where he was a reserve in a single meeting.

Looking at the scoring rate, you will find that it is less than a goal in each match, and it is certainly not good, but Riyad Mahrez created five chances for his teammates at a rate of one per match.

Riyad Mahrez ‘s dribbles amounted to more than 20 correct dribbling in all the matches he played, and he was able to destroy the ball from the opponent 20 times and committed 5 errors that were calculated against him. At the level of shooting, Riyad Mahrez made 3 shots between the crossbar and the uprights, 5 shots off the bar and the uprights.

Mahrez Reveals The Reason For Choosing Algeria Over Morocco:

Algerian international Riyad Mahrez, star of Manchester City, announced the reason for choosing to defend the colors of the desert warriors instead of the Moroccan and French teams.

Riyad Mahrez said in statements to the media that he had never thought of playing with the Moroccan national team because his desire was to play for the Greens and nothing else.

Riyad Mahrez descends from a Moroccan mother and an Algerian father, in addition to the fact that he holds French citizenship because he was born there, which puts him in front of three possibilities in order to choose one of these teams.

The Algerian star added that he had always wanted to play for the Algerian national team in order to fulfill his father’s dream, despite the fact that his mother was Moroccan.

Riyad Mahrez’s Collective Championships:

Riyad Mahrez won the English Premier League with Leicester City in the 2015-2016 season, and Mahrez with Manchester City won the English Premier League in the 2018-2019 and 2020/2021 seasons, and the Charity Shield Cup in the 2018 season, the English League Cup in the 2018 season. – 2019 You also get the 2019 African Nations Cup with the Algerian national team.

Riyad Mahrez Best African Player 2016:

Riyad Mahrez has won many awards, namely the Algerian Golden Ball in 2015, 2016 – and the best player in the English Premier League season 2015-2016, as well as the best African player during 2016, and won the best sports personality in England in 2016, and occupied 7th place for the Ballon d’Or 2016.

Riyad Mahrez Titles And Championships:

Mahrez Titles With Leicester City:

English Premier League2015–16
English Premier League2013–14

Mahrez Titles with Manchester City:

English Premier League2018–19
FA Cup2018–19
FA Cup2018–19, 2019–20, 2020–21
FA Shield2018

Mahrez Titles With The Algerian National Team:

Africa Cup of Nations2019

Riyad Mahrez Individual Awards:

African Player of the Year award2016
BBC African Footballer of the Year Award2016
Algerian Golden Ball2015, 2016
PFA Fans Player of the Year2016
PFA Team of the Year2015–16 Premier League
England Player of the Year award2015–16
PFA Team of the Year2015–16 Premier League
Leicester City Player of the Year2015–16
Golden Lion Award for Best African Player2016
CAF squad of the year2016, 2018, 2019, 2020
AFCON Team of the Year2019
African Goal of the Year2019
FFP Fans of the Month Player of the MonthMarch 2021
Alan Hardaker Prize2021

Riyad Mahrez Numbers:

  • Riyad Mahrez was chosen as the best player in Europe for the month of January by CIES (International Center for Sport).
  • The best Algerian player in history according to a poll organized by the International Football Association (FIFA).
  • Tenth best player in the Premier League, according to The Telegraph
  • He was named Manchester City Player of the Month for February
  • In the Model 2022 Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers Team by Orange Football Club
  • He was named African Player of the Month for March by Orange Football Club
  • Man of the Match in the 2021 League Cup Final.
  • 2020-2021 UEFA Champions League semi-final team for this week.
  • He was elected Player of the Week in the 2020-2021 UEFA Champions League, for the semi-final return leg.


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