How Many Titles Has Diego Simeone Won As Coach? Titles, Honors and Career

How Many Titles Has Diego Simeone

How Many Titles Has Diego Simeone Won As Coach? Cholo Simeone is already the pure history of Atletico de Madrid, both for what he has achieved as a player and for his legacy as a coach. For this reason, today we will analyze his figure and his career in an objective and partial way.

How Many Titles Has Diego Simeone Won As Coach?

Diego Pablo Simeone is a coach who will be remembered for decades in the city of Madrid. For some, he will be that historic coach who broke the duopoly of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. For others, he will simply be a coach with a simple dirty style of play. For this reason, today we will analyze the controversial figure of Cholo Simeone.

All this, in an objective and statistical analysis using his achievements, successes, feats, trophies and records during his long period as mattress coach. However, also without leave behind his first steps as a coach in order to cover a long and intense career full of ups and downs and strong criticism.

Titles Won By Cholo Simeone as Coach:

These are all the titles that Cholo Simeone has won since he debuted as a coach in Racing in 2006 until the most current of all in the current year 2021.

Students (2006-2007) 1 TitleOpening Tournament (2006)
River Plate (2007-2008) 1 Title Closing Tournament (2008)
Atletico de Madrid (2011-Current) 8 Titles UEFA Europa League (2011-2012)
European Super Cup (2012)
Copa d=Del Rey (2012-2013)
Spanish First Division (2013-2014)
Spanish Super Cup (2014)
UEFA Europa League (2017-2018)
European Super Cup (2018 ) )
First Division of Spain (2020-2021)


Cholo Simeone’s Individual Awards In His Coaching Career:

Throughout his career, Cholo Simeone has accumulated a large number of individual awards that decorate his windows. Therefore, here you can find a summary of his individual track record.

Individual AwardsYears
LFP Award – Best Coach of LaLiga 2013, 2014, 2016
Miguel Muñoz Trophy – Best coach in LaLiga 2014, 2016
Iberoamerican Community Trophy2014
IFFHS Award – Best Club Coach in the World 2016
Globe Soccer Awards – Best Coach in the World 2017
Platinum Konex Award: Technical Director 2020
IFFHS Award – Best Club Coach of the Decade 2021
TOTALS10 Awards

Records And Milestones:

Cholo Simeone has broken a huge number of records and milestones. Among them, we want to highlight some of those that he has broken at Atlético de Madrid during his long period at the helm of the colchoneros.

All these records, in addition to extolling his figure and demonstrating his legacy at Atlético de Madrid with data, also serve to measure his importance today for the mattresses.

The growth of the team under Cholo’s orders has been evident and, year after year, his project is consolidating and the titles and collective successes are arriving. However, in all these years, the Metropolitano club has still not achieved its great goal: the UEFA Champions League.

Coach With The Most Victories In The History of Atlético De Madrid:

Cholo Simeone became the coach with the most victories at the helm of Atlético de Madrid after beating another legend of the institution. The legendary coach, Luis Aragonés, managed to add a total of 308 victories in 612 official matches with Atlético de Madrid.

For his part, Cholo Simeone already has 316 victories in 527 official matches. Thus surpassing Aragonés’ record with almost 100 games ahead. One is more proof of the importance and legacy of Cholo Simeone in the institution.

Record of Most Games Undefeated:

Cholo Simeone has managed to write his name in the history of Atlético de Madrid at a statistical level that can hardly be matched or achieved by future coaches. One of the most complicated and impressive records of his team is his two unbeaten records.

In 2012, Cholo Simeone’s Atlético de Madrid managed to chain a streak of 23 games without defeat and, until last year (2020), that had remained the highest unbeaten streak in the history of the institution.

In December 2020, Atlético de Madrid broke their own record and went a total of 26 matches without losing. This being, at least until now, the highest figure ever reached in this area.

Coach With TheMost Titles in the History of Atlético De Madrid:

After securing the eighth title of his career with Atlético de Madrid, Cholo Simeone became the coach with the most trophies in the institution’s history. With these eight titles, he surpasses the seven achieved by Luis Aragonés and once again breaks a record held by the legendary Spanish coach.

Record of Points In a LaLiga Season:

With LaLiga achieved by Atlético de Madrid in the 2013/2014 season, Cholo Simeone reached an impressive and unattainable mark in the long term. Since his team managed to win the title by adding 90 points, this being the highest number of points achieved by Atlético de Madrid in the same season.

Cholo Simeone’s Career:

Cholo Simeone has had a long but not very successful career at the beginning. For this reason, we wanted to summarize his trajectory from his first steps to the present.

Racing Club:

– 2006 140


– 2006 / 2007
– 2007

River Plate:

– 2007 / 2008
– 2008

San Lorenzo:

– 2009
– 2009 / 2010


– 2011 180

Racing Club – 2nd period:

– 2011 190

Atletico Madrid:

– 2011 / 2012
– Present.

The Controversial Figure of Cholo Simeone – Opinion

Beyond the opinion that may be held about Cholo Simeone, there are certain points on which we can all agree.

The Argentine coach in some cases can defend a speech of the ” little one who beats the big one ” or the ” humble one who catches up with the rich “. For this reason, many critics tend to rain down on him. Since, currently, Cholo Simeone is the highest paid coach in the five major European leagues and Atlético de Madrid is not necessarily a poor club.

However, one thing is also true. Atlético de Madrid would not be the club it is today without the figure of Cholo Simeone at the head of the institution. This man has molded the club to a philosophy, a style and a claw that will hardly be forgotten by future generations.

For this reason, being the best paid is not crazy, but the criticisms about his “humble” speech are quite correct since they do not agree with the situation of the Madrid club.

Similarly, many people tend to label Cholo as an overrated and inflated coach. This, statistically, is not entirely untrue. Since, in ten seasons at Atlético, he has only managed to lift 8 titles. However, achieving it in a league dominated by Madrid and Barca has a lot of merits.

Having said all this, in the humble opinion of the author, Cholo Simeone is one of the best coaches in the world today and, although his style and strategy are not the most developed or showy in Europe, his technical direction and his leadership They have managed to elevate Atlético de Madrid to unsuspected limits.


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