How to Be Irresistible to Women: Men’s Guide

How to Be Irresistible to Women

How to Be Irresistible to Women: Most guys want to be irresistible and successful with ladies but pick various ways to build their image. Some work out to build a body that Greek gods themselves would envy, and others are trying their hardest to succeed in their careers, thinking that money will solve all the issues. Achievements in bodybuilding and career success might help, of course, but the secret of being irresistible lies somewhere else, and we’re ready to unveil that secret.

A man can be short or tall, buff or slim, he might even look and feel like a hobo, but the ladies still chase them both online, on the dating sites, and offline. If you saw a hippie guy with an outstanding woman by his side, it must’ve been confusing, right? Well, the actual secret to being irresistible is personality: manners, behavior, authority, and, of course, the art of conversation. And, it isn’t a secret at all, being a good person also helps! Here’s the short guide to achieving irresistible status in ladies’ eyes.

What Kind of Men do Women Need?

Start not with the question of who you need to become to succeed with women, but what guys do women seeking men pursue? Online dating sites might be a great starting point for the research. Log in, sign up and explore ladies’ profiles to gather vital data. Almost all profiles on the dating sites around the Internet have the right amount of info about the user, and one of the mandatory fields is the “looking for” textbox. Yes, some girls think about the prince in shining armor, riding the white horse, who’ll come and steal them away to his fantasy land of amazing riches, but they are the minority.

If you decide to take a look at the dating site’s profile before sending your potential partner a raunchy pick-up line, most ladies want their man to be kind. Kindness is often underestimated, and yet it might be the most important quality in a relationship. Showing warmness and finesse in a relationship is what really makes the ladies feel they’re being appreciated. A huge amount of compliments here and there about her beauty, behavior, and everything she does around the house and her career might also help! But that’s not everything, of course.

Show Your Leadership Qualities

Masculinity is as old as the society itself, and while the idea of it is being heavily criticized as of late, one thing still stands as the definition of a man – he should have a presence, an authority. It is another thing ladies on the dating sites are often mentioning in their profiles – yes, being a strong, independent woman is a source of pride, but the feeling of a strong partner who can make the decision whenever it is necessary is incredibly cool. It isn’t leadership in a traditional sense, more like the heaviest burden a leader needs to carry, but on a small scale, in a couple’s dynamic. We’re talking about the ability to make decisions and take responsibility for them.

You Should Have Good Manners

Manners aren’t everything, but they are helpful! There’re no types of people for whom having manners would not be a benefit. In a relationship, it’s a must, as most women are seeking men who can be strong, reliable, and kind but can behave themselves.

Relatively speaking, by showing you have manners, you show respect, it is a sign that you are coming into an unspoken arrangement of being courteous and well-behaved, and receiving love and appreciation in return, isn’t that great!  

By the way, there’s a difference between having manners and being a white knight. Rushing to open the door to a lady when you both are half a mile from said door might raise some questions. It’s one thing to be caring, but trying too hard repulses most women and makes you look too needy for her attention.

Provide Support When Needed

And finally, the cherry on top that every man needs to have to become irresistible to ladies. It is reliability. The stereotype of women being fragile has long been ruined, so think of a bigger picture: when you’re in a relationship, you enjoy not only being loved, adored, and pestered, but also when you know your partner is something to rely upon. Be a person who can remember what she forgot, help when she’s down, support her when she needs to stay strong and still, help her relax when she’s stressed. It’s not that she can’t do it on her own, but a little help goes a long way, and when something happens to you, she’ll be there to offer support in turn.

Kindness, responsibility, manners, and support are not everything a man requires to become irresistible. Dressing well and looking sharp is also important; being a great storyteller may enchant ladies like nothing else, and, of course, having a trust fund in a bank is not going to hurt! But these are the qualities that lay the foundation to being not just a man women love, adore, and appreciate, but simply a great person. And ladies love being in a relationship with a great man.


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