How to Choose the Best SOCKS5 Proxy?

How to Choose the Best SOCKS5 Proxy

When talking about internet security, it’s impossible not to mention SOCKS5 proxies. These network proxies quickly became leading solutions among businesses searching for a tool to increase their safety and privacy levels in the digital world.

But, SOCKS5 offers so much more than that. The entire protocol works to protect its user at all times, not only while browsing the internet and visiting websites. It’s a solution that more and more people and companies want to implement.

Do you want to incorporate the SOCKS5 protocol, too? Here’s how to choose the best one for your needs.

SOCKS5 Proxies Defined

Before we jump straight into it, it’s important to say something more about these proxies. SOCKS5 proxies are the latest edition of the SOCKS protocol. That means they’re the most up-to-date proxy version of an internet protocol that routes all traffic between servers and clients.

Compared to other proxy servers, SOCKS5 has enhanced security features and supports three authentication methods. It also has additional features that some other proxies lack.

For example, compared to SOCKS4, the older version of the same SOCKS protocol, SOCKS5 supports several authentication methods, while SOCKS4 doesn’t support authentication at all.

Moreover, SOCKS4 doesn’t support UDP proxies, but the SOCKS5 protocol does. So, it’s evident the latest SOCKS protocol provides better support for those seeking increased flexibility in their network proxies.

That’s not all. Cyberattacks use advanced technology today, so users don’t even need to go online to become vulnerable. Because HTTP proxies can only interpret and work with websites, they provide limited security.

Unlike HTTP proxies, their SOCKS5 counterparts work with any traffic. Even though HTTP proxies are some of the most popular on the market, SOCKS5 proxies offer improved flexibility, security, and an overall better support system.

How to Choose a Quality SOCKS5 Proxy

When choosing this type of proxy, there are several vital parameters to consider. Although all SOCKS5 proxies have the same elementary features, some parameters vary across different proxy providers. Therefore, we recommend you look for the following SOCKS5 features to make a wise decision and enjoy the best results.

Connection Performance

Firstly, you’ll want to research the connection performance and choose a solution you can count on when using SOCKS5. Although SOCKS5 is typically faster than other proxies because it transfers smaller data packets and doesn’t rewrite headers, you’ll still want to ensure your provider guarantees you can receive the minimum required connection speed.


Secondly, customization can play an important role when choosing a SOCKS5 proxy provider. SOCKS5 proxies already come with some customization features since the users can implement custom transport layers and gain complete control over their internet communication in that way.

But, finding a proxy provider that will allow additional customization will ensure you have the needed flexibility to make the most use out of your chosen solution.

Pool size

Thirdly, connection pool size affects the overall performance of a proxy server. The bigger the pool size is, the more requests and tasks your proxy can simultaneously complete without deteriorating the quality or speed. So, before choosing a SOCKS5 solution, examine pool sizes across different providers to find the best deal.

User interface

Next, the user interface can also be one of the determinants when choosing a proxy provider. While it may seem irrelevant to some users, a poor user interface can make even the most straightforward features hard to find. It can even make a simple proxy use unnecessarily complicated and cause frustration among users. No one likes an unresponsive interface.


Price is undoubtedly one of the leading factors for choosing the best SOCKS5 provider.

Naturally, you want to get the best features at the lowest price possible. However, going with the least expensive proxy may not be a solution, just like going with the most expensive option is not a guarantee. Carefully examine price plans and their features to find the best combination.

Added features

Finally, proxy providers usually offer numerous additional features to motivate internet users to choose them over competitors. Some offer extended membership periods, some 24/7 support, while others provide better performance. Take a look at those added features and find a package that works best for you.


The best SOCKS5 proxy solution isn’t the same for all internet users. From individuals to businesses, everyone uses the internet for different reasons, so their proxy requirements also differ. Choosing the best proxy is a process that will take you some time and effort, as there are numerous proxy providers currently on the market, and all of them have unique proxy offers and deals.

However, by following the six crucial features mentioned above, you can find the perfect SOCKS5 provider that will supply you with everything you need.


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