How to Find Paid Internships Abroad 2022? Tips, Information & Current Vacancies 2022

How to Find Paid Internships Abroad

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How to Find Paid Internships Abroad 2022? Many people have Question in their mind how to find paid internships abroad. For courses with an international component, an internship abroad is often compulsory. Others do not want to miss the international and professional experience during or after their studies. Still others want to orientate themselves after graduating from high school and an internship abroad can provide the necessary clarity for this.

However, if you search for keywords such as internship abroad, internship abroad or internship abroad on Google, you will mostly only come across organizations that arrange internships for a fee.

Internet forums and online groups are full of questions from people who are also looking for an internship abroad. People who have already successfully completed an internship abroad rarely stay in such groups to give others tips. A paid internship after high school or as a student is not easy to find, so our guide contains the best tips and tricks.

How to Find Paid Internships Abroad?

On the subject of internships abroad, we highlight the following points in this article:

1. Reasons for a Paid Internship Abroad in 2021:

  • Gathering Work Experience: An internship abroad should primarily serve to put theory into practice. If you decide to gain your first professional experience abroad, you will not only get to know the professional world, but also a foreign culture and its corporate culture.
  • Door Opener for Your Career: If you are smart, then you will not take the first internship or which promises you the most money, but the internship in the area in which you would like to work later. First professional experience can be worth its weight in gold if you apply to other companies after completing your studies.
  • Improve Foreign language Skills: You can only really learn a foreign language when you are abroad. When you are surrounded by the language 24/7, your language skills will improve almost by itself.
  • Gaining Intercultural Skills: When you work with people from another culture, you will sooner or later notice small cultural differences. Intercultural competence means that you are aware of these differences, that you respect them and that you can deal with them.
  • Make International Contacts: An internship abroad is the ideal opportunity to make contacts abroad. In this way you can build up a professional and international network. After the internship is over, your boss may offer you a permanent job or recommend you for a job at the German headquarters.
  • Expansion of Soft Skills: anyone who goes abroad alone has to have a lot of courage. Every new experience is exciting. You don’t know what to expect abroad, what your daily job will look like and what your colleagues will be like. However, over time, you will settle in and become more confident. A longer stay abroad is character-building and can help you to cope better with new situations later in your career.

2. 5 Insider Tips for an Internship Abroad:

How to Find Paid Internships Abroad

1- Disneyland Paris, France & Disney World Florida, USA:

The internships in Disneyland and Disneyworld are very structured and you quickly come into contact with people of the same age who are also doing an internship. The internships are paid for, but it is required that you also work on weekends and / or public holidays. You should also have a good command of French or English. Since people who commit themselves for a year are often accepted for this internship, this option is particularly ideal for high school graduates. After graduating from high school, they can take a year off and start studying or training in the following year.

2- Internship Abroad in a Hotel:

This option is not just for hotel management or tourism students. Every hotel is an organization and therefore also has an HR team, sales, IT, etc. The special thing about an internship abroad in a hotel is that accommodation is provided in many cases.

3- Internship Abroad in the IT hub:

Ireland is the European hub for IT companies and that is why people who are multilingual are mainly sought there. Corporations such as Facebook, Salesforce, Google, PayPal, Microsoft, IBM, LinkedIn etc.

4- Internship abroad at a German Company:

Bosch, Schenker, MAN, Daimler and BMW are some German companies that offer internships abroad in their branches abroad. You can usually find more information directly on the company website.

5- United Nations Internship Abroad:

An internship at the UN is usually not paid. The internship can still be worthwhile, as you can make incredibly valuable contacts. An internship abroad at such a demanding organization as the UN will of course look great on your CV.

3. Internship Abroad: Search for Yourself and or Hire an Agency?

Finding an internship abroad can be very frustrating. Many companies often do not respond to internship applications or reject them. Since you have to complete a compulsory internship in a certain semester in most cases, this leads to time pressure for most students. Numerous organizations on the Internet therefore promise to take care of everything and arrange internships abroad. So what should you consider when deciding on an organization?

Can an Agency / Organization Arrange Better Internships Abroad?

An organization that arranges internships abroad usually has existing contacts to companies that are willing to accept interns. Many of these contacts arise through cold calling by the agency. Agencies write to companies and ask them whether they are interested in an intern who will support them in their day-to-day office work. The agencies often praise that the company does not have to pay the intern. In return for the intern’s work, however, the company has to train them more closely. Since the agency has a network of willing interns, it can also offer companies to place interns with specific skills.

Advantages of an Organization:

An organization can get an internship much faster through existing contacts. In the event of discrepancies, the intern can also contact the organization, which then acts as a mediator. An organization can also provide helpful tips on visa issues.

Disadvantages of Internship Placement:

An organization demands money for mediation. In addition, most of these internships are unpaid. Money, which a student often lacks. In many cases, the search is also made for what the company is currently looking for and not necessarily what the student would like to have. So it may well happen that you vie for an internship with other internship candidates of the agency without knowing it, as the company ultimately only decides on one intern. If you look at it critically, an organization only forwards an application – you have to write the application and the CV yourself, of course.

Why you Should Organize your Internship Abroad Yourself:

On the one hand, of course, there are no organization fees, and on the other hand, you have better chances of getting a paid internship abroad. One of the biggest advantages, however, is that you can decide for yourself where you want to apply and where you don’t. Unfortunately, this decision-making power is limited by an agency. Since the motto “time is money” applies to the agency, the focus is more on which internship can be arranged the fastest and not which internship best suits the student and the course itself. Another big advantage is that you gain experience in the application process. However, this experience can help you in your future job searches after graduation.

Many of the interns are usually only seen as cheap workers. If you want to invest in your future yourself, then you should apply to a company where you might even work after graduating.

4. How do I Find an Internship Abroad after Graduating from high School or During my Studies?

How to Find Paid Internships Abroad

Due to the shortened school time, high school graduates nowadays have to make the big decision a year earlier as to which professional career they want to pursue in the future. It is now becoming increasingly popular to take a break before making the big decision and to discover the world.

An internship abroad offers the ideal opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of your favorite job, to get to know other cultures and to make interesting contacts. You will also collect references for your resume. Students are also increasingly drawn to internships abroad during their studies or after graduation.

What Should You Consider When Doing an Internship Abroad?

Before you start looking, you should be aware of what you actually want to achieve with the internship. Even if you have to do a compulsory internship, this can be a wonderful opportunity to put what you’ve learned into practice. So you should focus on an area in which you might even want to work later. If you study “International Business”, it can be very broad. Perhaps you can imagine working in human resources, finance, sales & marketing or logistics. Unfortunately, this indecision then shines through with a large number of applications. Therefore, it is advisable to focus on one or two areas. The next focus should of course be on the region itself: Do you want to stay in Europe or do you prefer to stay a long way away for your internship abroad? If you want to do an internship outside of Europe, you also need to find out about the visa requirements.

Apply for Advertised Internships Abroad:

Yes there is. The foreign career job exchange specializes in jobs abroad and internships abroad. Here you can easily search for internships abroad in various countries.

However, look directly for internships in job exchanges in your target country (simply search for “Job portal COUNTRY”). However, if a position is advertised, it also means that the competition for that position is greater.

Search for Internship Programs on Company Websites:

Many companies offer internship programs that are not advertised directly on job boards. So if you know in which industry you would like to do an internship, it can be worthwhile to find out more directly on the company website.

Unsolicited Application:

Unsolicited applications are an insider tip for internships abroad. Get active yourself and show initiative. Startups in particular love it when you show initiative and contact the company to apply without an advertisement.

When you have narrowed your search, you should search directly for companies in your favorite industry. Google is the first port of call. Chambers of Commerce and Industry can provide an overview of the companies and organizations in a particular area. You can also use job boards to look for companies looking to recruit in a specific department. For example, if you want to do your internship in marketing, you can simply use the “backwards tactic”: Simply search for marketing in a foreign job exchange.

The advertised positions are more likely to be aimed at trained specialists and managers. Even if no internship was advertised, you now know that this company has a marketing department. If a new manager is just hired, he could certainly use a little support for the first few months. LinkedIn also has a good search function with which you can search for companies in a specific area.

Internship Abroad Without Vitamin B:

With your unsolicited application , you should encourage them to ask the department whether support is needed human resources. Many applicants focus their application on why they want to do the internship at this company and in this area. Focus on the added value for the company and show the company how you can help them. Don’t be stingy with your strengths, your studies or your experiences. HR knows that you just want to do an internship, but sometimes you just have to rub the benefits under people’s noses. Students looking for an internship are in the middle of their studies, which means that they are familiar with the latest theories. So you can bring a breath of fresh air into the company. Even if you have no work experience, you can report on projects from your studies.

Find an Internship Abroad with Xing and LinkedIn:

Use the search function of Xing and LinkedIn: Search specifically for the term internship or internship, your target country and possibly a department in which you would like to work. The search shows the profiles of people who have already completed an internship in this area. Companies that have already hired an intern are more likely to want to do so again. Maybe you are even lucky and you will find a profile of someone who has studied the same as you and has already completed an internship abroad at a great company in your dream country. Contacting this person can provide you with tips and more information. However, you should leave it at one contact. If the person doesn’t answer, don’t be discouraged.

5. Find a Paid Internship Abroad:

How to Find Paid Internships Abroad

A longer stay abroad can be quite expensive. Anyone who accepts an unpaid internship abroad and does not have a scholarship must live, for better or worse, on their savings. Not every student can or wants to afford the free work. Whether or not an internship is paid depends on the company. Learning-intensive internships, such as those at the EU or the UN, are usually unpaid. Internships abroad, during which you create added value for the company, should undoubtedly be paid for.

Most internships in hotels, for example, throw you into the deep end. After a short training period, you create enormous added value for the company. It is definitely more difficult to find a paid internship in the USA than in Ireland, the United Arab Emirates or Switzerland, for example. However, this does not mean that you are not lucky and can find a well-paid internship in your dream country.

Internships in the hotel and tourism industry are usually well paid, as are telesales jobs in the IT hubs in Dublin, Barcelona and Prague. These internships are usually either advertised directly on the company website or can be found via job exchanges. .

Regardless of whether you are applying for an advertised position or on your own initiative, you have to convince the employer that you represent added value for the company. Many applicants make the mistake of begging the company in their application how much the internship abroad would help them. Most companies are not interested in this. The company wants to know how the intern can help them.

6. The Top 10 Countries for an Internship Abroad:

  1. Internship in Ireland
  2. Internship in Spain
  3. Internship in the USA
  4. Internship in England
  5. Internship in Switzerland
  6. Internship in France
  7. Internship in the Netherlands
  8. Internship in Australia
  9. Internship in South Africa
  10. Internship in Portugal

7. Hotel Internship Abroad:

Due to the shortened schooling time, high school graduates nowadays have to make the big decision a year earlier as to which professional career they want to pursue in the future. In the meantime, it is becoming increasingly popular to take a break before making the big decision and to discover the world. An internship abroad offers the ideal opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of your favorite job, to get to know other cultures and to make interesting contacts. You will also collect references for your résuméand may have the opportunity to find an interesting job in the same hotel or in the hotel chain even after completing their training or university studies. Students are also increasingly drawn to internships abroad during their studies or after graduation.

An Internship in the Hotel: Interesting for Students from all Disciplines

Due to the diverse departments in a hotel, access for so-called lateral entrants is also possible. Students who complete their studies in engineering have the opportunity to contribute their specialist knowledge in the technical hotel areas. Specialized engineers are also welcome as interns at the headquarters of the respective hotel chains when planning new hotel projects. Students with an emphasis on information technology are also good candidates for a hotel internship.

In view of the increasing importance of virtual challenges today, entry into the world of hotels is also possible here. Students can also gain a foothold in the finance and controlling department of a hotel. However, the regular internships that deal with the aforementioned common hotel departments are more widespread. After completing the internship, you will be able to decide whether your talent is organizational in nature and administrative work is more suitable for you, or whether you prefer to interact with people. An internship in a luxury hotel can be particularly interesting , as the higher demands of the guests mean that other professional groups are also required.

Advantages of an Internship Abroad in a Hotel

For graduates who are interested in a career in the hotel industry, an internship is the perfect opportunity to get to know everyday hotel life. The great thing about an internship in a hotel is that you can lend a hand and don’t have to look over the shoulder of an employee for a long time, as is the case with other professions. The hotel industry offers a wide range of jobs due to the many different departments . Hotel internships usually include training in almost all departments in order to gain a good insight into the overall structure of hotel processes. You can get to know the basics and processes in gastronomy, room service, reception and the administrative aspects.

7 Things Everyone should do Before 7 a.m.

Another plus point of an internship abroad in the hotel industry is that you can further improve your language skills. The nice thing about working in a hotel is that the basic processes are the same in all hotels in the world and that as a well-trained hotelier you can gain a foothold internationally. Before doing this, you should be aware that there is a lot of work to be done, especially in the high season . Shift work, both on weekends and on public holidays, is no exception.

Find a hotel Internship Abroad

After you have made the decision to do a hotel internship abroad, you have different approaches to realize this. First, you should decide whether a particular hotel chain has piqued your interest. Do you maybe prefer a certain country? If you want to orientate yourself by means of a well-known hotel group and are flexible with regard to the location, it is advisable to look directly at the website of the respective hotel chain under the heading “Careers”. There you can then apply directly for advertised internships . If there are no advertised internship positions, you can of course send an unsolicited applicationSend to the relevant HR department. Put your strengths in the foreground in the application and mention why you are particularly interested in this hotel chain.

If an internship in a certain country is desirable for you, it is advisable to look up job portals such as or directly via the hotel career pages such as Hyat or Marriott and filter the search for the respective country. Nowadays, many internships are also offered on social media platforms; In this regard, it is also worth doing a search on Facebook, Twitter and Co. It can also be advisable to contact the tourist information office in your preferred country, as the staff there often have information about vacant internship positions.

Internship Abroad at a large Hotel Chain

An advantage of an internship in a large hotel chain is that they have already gained a lot of experience with interns and have standards for the internship processes. As a rule, you will receive a detailed plan for the internship, which specifies when you will be deployed in which department, who your contact person is, and theoretical knowledge is also imparted in training and further education seminars.

Internship Abroad in a Small Hotel

In the case of an internship in a smaller company that may not have previously completed an internship, the responsible department head may not always know exactly what to do with you. So it can happen that you only have to work through the basic tasks. In the long run this is frustrating for the intern and misses the actual goal of an internship.

What do you Have to Consider When doing a Hotel Internship?

A hotel internship within the EU has the advantage that there is no need for time-consuming visa applications. Outside the EU, this process is more time-consuming. In some countries, an internship without a work permit is prohibited and both you and the employer would be liable to prosecution for not doing it. Since the issue of a work permit in certain non-European countries is often associated with high costs and bureaucratic obstacles, companies unfortunately often shy away from employing interns, as the internship period is limited in time.

If you are offered an internship, make sure to discuss the details of accommodation, meals, transportation, any compensation, insurance, days off and the internship schedule in advance. Then nothing stands in the way of your internship abroad.

8. How an Internship Abroad can lead to a Job offer

Anyone who has finally found the long-awaited internship in their favorite industry and can now gain their first professional experience abroad is probably not thinking about their first job after graduation. How hard can that be? In truth, companies like to take interns because they are cheaper for the company and can take on smaller tasks independently. However, when it comes to a job offer for a graduate, many companies are hesitant because they have to invest a lot of time in the training period. This means that the company must first invest in the graduate until it generates added value for the company. Interns are usually only involved in one or two areas of responsibility, but as a graduate you should be able to to master the whole spectrum of the job as quickly as possible. The following tips will help you move from an internship abroad to a permanent job offer.

The First Weeks Count

An internship usually does not last longer than three to six months. Therefore, the first impression of you should already be the best. In the first few weeks it will be decided what you can and cannot trust. Not everyone is present at the push of a button. Some people need some time to warm up. Unfortunately, you don’t have that time for a short internship. Try to approach others openly, even if this can take a little bit of effort in the beginning.

Networks Online and Offline

Be present on Xing and LinkedIn and network with people from your department. If you wait longer than half a year to network with people from your internship abroad, you run the risk that they may no longer know who you are. Review your colleagues on LinkedIn after you’ve worked with them for a while. Don’t be afraid to ask people in your department or company if they have some time to tell you a little more about their field. If the person is very busy, they can offer to meet you for coffee or have lunch together. At these one-on-one meetings, helpful tips for your future can come out that amount to career coaching. Really don’t be afraid to speak to people. Remember

Larger companies have Networking Events or Organizations

Try to join right now. This is the ideal opportunity to get to know people from other departments. Even after your internship abroad, don’t be afraid to write to someone on your LinkedIn network and ask them about a few tips about looking for a job.

Show Initiative and Bring in Your own Ideas

You can impress most if you not only stubbornly work towards yourself, but also show initiative. This can simply be an idea of ​​how to improve the interns’ administrative tasks, or you can create a guide yourself that explains the work to other interns and helps new interns to find their way around better.

Share your University Knowledge

The very brave can also suggest that their manager give their team a presentation on a specific topic. After all, you are still a student and have new knowledge straight from the university. However, you should make sure that the presentation really conveys new theories and does not bore anyone or even waste their time. Try to connect the topic with work in your department.

The less brave can also send interesting articles to the team. Don’t just send random links back and forth, instead write in the email why this article contains valuable information or could help the team with something.

Find out about the Country’s Culture and Respect it

Before you start your internship abroad, you should be informed about the business etiquette of the respective country. It can be easy to make a mistake if you are not well informed. Even if the culture is different, you should try to adapt. You should try to clear up misunderstandings.

Don’t always Puncture all Employees with Questions

As an intern you are there to learn something – but don’t forget that you are also there to work for the company. Even with unpaid internships, you are expected to do something for the training or the insights you get. Be respectful and let the rest of the people do their jobs. Questions signal your interest in the job, but some have exaggerated it so much that they preferred to avoid it. Anyone who comes with questions every five minutes and cannot work independently is not only annoying, but also prevents others from working. This relates to everyday life in the office. When someone sits down with you to explain something to you or asks you a task, you should clarify all open questions or make sure that you have understood the task correctly.

Stand out with Happiness and Nice Gestures

As an intern, you have every reason to be happy. The seriousness of life has not yet started and you get to know the world of work first. When you’ve done the tasks assigned to you, you shouldn’t just sit around chatting with the other interns. Ask your internship supervisor or other employees if they need help with anything. Remember, everyone enjoys working with positive people. Smile, say thank you and also apologize if something went wrong.

Bring cake or Chocolate

You can get them all with sweets! If your birthday falls during your internship, you can bring cake for the team. Even if this is not common in some countries, you can tell your team that this is the way to do it in German-speaking countries. But don’t force the cake on anyone and handle it loosely. Many appreciate the gesture; but there can always be someone who is not allowed to eat something on a diet, allergic or for religious reasons. Leave the cake in the communal kitchen and write a note on it that others are welcome to help themselves. Or write a quick email to the team and tell them about the cake in the kitchen. If it’s not a birthday, you can of course just bring cake or chocolate from home with you.

Don’t be Forgotten

Even if you have not necessarily made friends with everyone and the contact may have been broken, you should try not to be forgotten. The easiest way is of course via social networks, but a postcard for Christmas time or a packet of gingerbread or other sweets are a lot more personal (and increase your popularity factor). For example, you can thank the team after your internship abroad and report how much the work experience has helped you. Let your team take part in your life while keeping up to date with the latest news about the company. Congratulate your former team when it gets into the press or when it reaches an important milestone.

After the Internship

If your internship went well, you can ask the responsible HR manager whether there is a possibility of a permanent position. Perhaps the foreign company also has a subsidiary in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and they can put in a good word for you there. Even if these options do not exist, you should still get a good reference – as an internship certificate and via LinkedIn. Most of them will ask you what you plan to do after graduation anyway. So let as many people as possible know that you will be looking for a job soon. Someone always knows someone who has a job to offer and can recommend you based on your previous good collaboration.


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