How to Get the Best Out of Your Phone for Sports Betting

How to Get the Best Out of Your Phone for Sports Betting

How to Get the Best Out of Your Phone for Sports Betting: Sports betting has become big business in the US. Read on to find out how you can use your phone to bet – and if betting with cryptocurrencies is the future

Using Your Phone and Crypto for Sports Betting

The sports betting industry has changed a lot in recent years. Thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision in 2018 to essentially hand over the decision on making betting legal or not to individual states, millions more people now have that opportunity.

Not everyone can bet online legally yet though. But those who can have increasingly been turning to mobile phone apps to make their selections. All the best online betting sites have an app to download. Many also accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Is this the way online sports betting is going in the US – and beyond?

A Quick History Lesson

For the majority of people in the US, sports betting was illegal until recently. That all changed in 2018 when the Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. That allowed state legislators to decide whether betting would be legal in their location.

A few states were ready to go immediately and changed their laws. Others have been a little slower, but now 33 states allow sports betting – with plenty of others looking to pass their laws soon. Advances in technology have made mobile betting the number one choice for customers – and US bettors are part of that revolution.

Downloading Betting Apps

In other places around the world, where sports betting was legalized a while ago, the introduction of betting apps has been more gradual. But it has also become almost the default way of betting. Online took over from high street bookmakers – and now betting apps are taking over from desktop sites.

But it is still the same people involved. Just as the bookmakers developed online sites to keep a foothold in the business, it is the same firms that are now launching downloadable apps. That keeps the levels of trust high – and also makes customer account holders comfortable with moving to this new way of betting.

Using Crypto to Bet

Another development in the betting world has been the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, as a payment method. The speed of the transactions is a definite plus, as is the security that the blockchain technology provides – especially for places like the US where betting is a relatively new thing for a lot of people.

There are even some new sportsbooks in some places that are digital-only. That is probably narrowing the market too much at the moment. But it looks as though more customers will at least want the option of using crypto in the future.

Betting Alternatives

There are, of course, other places and ways to bet other than using crypto on your phone. Traditional sports bettors may still like actually seeing the person they are betting with. But with a lot of US customers encountering to legal sports betting for the first time, using the latest technology is second nature.

Bricks and mortar casinos and sportsbooks will probably always attract a certain share of the market. But the convenience and speed of using betting apps is far more attractive to today’s customer. There is definitely an old school and a new school of sports betting now.

The Future of Sports Betting

Although the mainstream media tend to jump on any volatility in the crypto markets as a sign of its impending boom, the fact is that more and more people are accepting digital currency as an option. Betting firms are usually very quick to adopt new ways of making money – so it is a fair assumption that crypt is here to stay.

Sportsbooks already like to offer incentives and offers to attract more business. So, if the new markets include people who favor cryptocurrencies, then we should expect to see more digital-centric betting promotions and developments. With everything online, it seems obvious that betting and crypt will continue to have a close relationship.


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