How To Protect The Kidneys? People Should Develop These 6 Good Habits

How To Protect The Kidneys

How To Protect The Kidneys?: At the same time, our kidneys have a super compensatory function. Even if the kidneys are obviously injured, our bodies often feel no discomfort or see the abnormal performance, so we will miss the opportunity for early detection and early treatment. If people pay attention to the protection of the kidneys before they are damaged, they can reduce the risk of kidney disease or reduce the possibility of serious kidney disease.

How To Protect The Kidneys?

Therefore, in order to protect the kidneys and avoid impaired renal function, people should develop the following six good habits. 

1. The Diet Should be light:

To protect the kidneys, the diet should be light. A light diet refers to eating less meat and more fat, matching the thickness of the staple food, using a small amount of oil, cooking more steaming and boiling, eating beans with eggs, and the less seasoning, etc., to develop such an eating habit, and more Help protects the kidneys. If you eat too fat, eat too much oil, eat only fine grains, often eat roasted, or eat only meat and heavy salt, it will definitely damage the kidneys. 

Obesity causes obesity-related glomerulopathy, hyperlipidemia affects the kidneys, susceptibility to diabetes and kidney damage, salt-excessive hypertension causes kidney damage, and high-protein diets increase the burden on the kidneys. These are all directly or indirectly related to diet.

2. Do Not use Drugs Indiscriminately:

To protect the kidneys, do not use drugs indiscriminately. Many drugs are inherently nephrotoxic, such as;

  • Aminoglycoside antibiotics
  • First and second-generation cephalosporin antibiotics
  • Various cold capsules containing western medicine ingredients
  • Antipyretic analgesics
  • Contrast or contrast agents for examinations
  • Heavy metals and Chinese herbal medicines and proprietary Chinese medicines of aristolochic acid etc,

may cause kidney damage, causing acute kidney injury or chronic renal insufficiency. Therefore, if these drugs must be used, they must be used with caution under the guidance of a doctor, and they must not be used randomly or blindly. 

3. Avoid Common Colds:

If you want to protect your kidneys, avoid common colds. Colds, tonsillitis and respiratory infections can cause or induce a variety of diseases including

  • Nephropathy
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • IgA Nephropathy
  • Nephrotic syndrome

and other kidney diseases after streptococcal infection are all directly affected by colds and other infections. Pathogenic or indirect disease. Preventing and avoiding colds can reduce or avoid kidney disease. Therefore, it is necessary for people to develop good dressing habits, not to be greedy for cold, to increase or decrease clothing in time, to visit less crowded areas, to wash hands frequently and to wear masks when going out, etc., so that they can catch colds and protect the kidneys. Free from infringement.

4. Drink Plenty of Water:

If you want to protect your kidneys, drink plenty of water. The only organ that can be called “water” is the kidney. Once the body lacks water, renal blood flow will decrease, the kidneys will become ischemic and hypoxic, leading to kidney damage, resulting in decreased renal function and increased blood creatinine. 

In severe cases of water shortage, blood creatinine can even reach the level of uremia. Long-term lack of water can also cause permanent damage to the kidneys and cause irreversible damage to the kidneys. Therefore, people should develop the habit of drinking water regularly, and boiled water or mineral water is the best choice. It is not recommended to drink carbonated drinks or fruit juice instead of drinking water. 

5. Husband and Wife Talk About Hygiene:

If you want to protect your kidneys, you must pay attention to personal hygiene and prevent urinary tract infections in your “marital life”. This is because severe urinary tract infections can cause acute pyelonephritis, and repeated urinary tract infections can persist into chronic pyelonephritis, which will cause obvious damage to the kidneys, and can cause acute kidney injury or chronic renal insufficiency, and even uremia. Before and after sex between husband and wife, both of them should wash their vulva and clean the sheets. They must urinate in time after the husband and wife live, and they should also develop the habit of changing underwear frequently.

6. Do Regular Exercise:

if you want to protect your kidneys, you must also exercise regularly. Diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension and hyperuricemia are not only related to eating habits, but also related to people’s lack of exercise. Regular exercise can not only improve the body’s immune function and disease resistance but also reduce or avoid many diseases that can cause kidney damage. 

Develop a good habit of regular exercise, which refers to choosing your own exercise method according to your physical condition. Don’t do vigorous exercise suddenly, but do your best, step by step, and persevere. This is more conducive to protecting the kidneys. 


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