Important General Knowledge Based And Interesting Information About Animals

Interesting Information About Animals

Information About Animals: In this article, important interesting information related to animals has been presented in one place.

Important General Knowledge Based Information About Animals:

Today, we are giving you important general information related to animals such as: average life span of animals, animals and their breeds, and gestation of animals. Just like we humans eat, drink, sleep, etc., animals also do all the work, but their way of working is very different from us. Animal habits are strange. Many times we get to know such facts about animals, which startles us. Let’s know important interesting information about animals:

Important Interesting Facts About Animals:

  • The elephant can keep up to 5 liters of water in its trunk.
  • The African elephant has only four teeth in its mouth.
  • Honey bees can drink the juice of 2 million flowers at a time. And after that only 45 kg of honey is made.
  • Whale fish cannot swim in the opposite direction.
  • The lion may be called the king of the jungle, but he never wants to fight With rhino and the elephant.
  • The grasshopper’s blood is white.
  • The hearing capacity of a dog is 9 times faster than humans.
  • Hippopotomas (hippopotamus) is one of the very few animals that give birth to children in water.
  • Blue whale’s heart beats only 9 times in a minute.
  • The horses stand up and sleep.
  • Monkeys always peel and eat bananas. Any Monkeys do not eat bananas with peels.
  • The kangaroo’s blood does not contain any cholesterol at all.
  • The owl can also turn its neck and look backwards. Its sight is a hundred times faster than humans.
  • The male horse has 40 teeth.
  • The nest of a bird named Croud Swift is about one and a half inches.
  • Chilean hen lays blue eggs.
  • The jelly fish looks like an umbrella.
  • The lowest-temperature blood organisms in the world are the Cheetahokers of Australia.
  • A horse can carry five times more weight than its weight.
  • Domestic fly can cause about 30 diseases.
  • The Uthwark Gobi is the smallest fish in the world.
  • The male penguin remains thirsty for two whole months until it hatches.
  • Blue whale whistles are the fastest of all animals.
  • Chimpanzee is the only organism on earth that sees its face in the mirror.

Gestation of Major Animals:

Rat 21 Days
Kangaroos40 Days
Cat, 63 Days
Dog 63 Days
Sheep goat 151 Days
Cattle 280 Days
Camel 400 Days
Buffalo 310 Days
Elephant624 Days
Donkey 365 Days
Jackal60 Days
Fox51 Days
Squirrel 30 – 40 Days
Rabbit 28 – 30 Days
Pigs 114 Days
Lion 105 – 115 Days
Tiger 155 days
Monkey 150 – 170 Days
Giraffe 400 – 480 Days

Animal Life Span:

AnimalsLife Span(Years)
Cobra snake 28 years
Tortoise 123 years
Pigeon 10 years
Peacock 15 years
The dolphin 20 years
The sheep 18 years
The whale 40 years
Lion 29 years
Monkey 25 years
Horse 62 years
The frog 5 – 15 years
Goat 18 years
Elephant 57 years
Giraffe 33 years
Dog 34 years
Chimpanzee 37 years
Cattle 16 years
Cat 21 years
Camel 30 years


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