Is It Okay To Run On An Empty Stomach In The Morning? Running Every Day May Bring 4 “Benefits” to the Body!

Is It Okay To Run On An Empty Stomach In The Morning: Many People have question in their mind, Is it okay to run on an empty stomach in the morning? People always say that life lies in exercise, but few people can reach the standard amount of exercise every day, and many people die every year because of insufficient exercise. And more studies have shown that in addition to the lack of exercise may lead to disease, it will also accelerate the body’s death! At the same time, “The Lancet” published a research report, which pointed out that aerobic exercise can reduce the total human mortality by 26%. And in the past few years, running has always been regarded as the “best anti-cancer exercise”. Although it has been gradually replaced by swimming, the benefits of running are still many.

Is It Okay To Run On An Empty Stomach In The Morning:

So what benefits can running for a long time bring?

1. Make Us Feel Relaxed:

People who haven’t run before don’t like sports, and feel that sweating is a waste of time, but after a period of persistence, they fall in love with running. Why? Because when running, the brain secretes a substance called dopamine, which can make us feel happy and relieve our inner stress and anxiety. Therefore, dopamine is an “extra reward” for the brain. Some people say that after running for a period of time, they become addicted to it.

2. Help Us Lose Weight:

As we all know, there is no shortcut to weight loss. Only a reasonable diet and exercise can help you lose weight, and exercise is more important. Among aerobic exercises, running is the best exercise. It not only consumes fat, but also accelerates the consumption of fat at the end of exercise. Therefore, running as a weight loss exercise is a good choice. And running can not only reduce weight, but also shape the body and exercise the muscles in our body. However, we must remember to warm up before running and stretch after running to avoid muscle soreness caused by accumulation of lactic acid.

3. Can Exercise Cardiopulmonary Function:

Running is a kind of aerobic exercise, so when we run, we need to absorb several times more oxygen than in a calm state, and that much oxygen needs the cooperation of the respiratory system, so running can increase our lung capacity and improve Our lung immunity. In addition, during running, our jumping speed will also increase, so we can exercise our heart function, increase cardiac output, and promote blood circulation throughout the body. Especially for middle-aged and elderly people, good heart and lung is very important, which can prevent many diseases and prolong life.

4. It Can Enhance Our Self-Control:

Why have many people’s path of weight loss been over? It’s often about persisting in exercise. Few people can persist in exercise, lying in bed playing with mobile phones, or sleeping comfortably to exercise? And if you can keep on running, keep on running every day, over time, you will find that your self-control ability is getting stronger and stronger, and nothing is procrastinated. People with strong self-control are more likely to succeed than ordinary people, and this advantage can benefit you throughout your life.

Because eating and running are not good for the stomach and intestines after all, can running on an empty stomach work? Running on an empty stomach is feasible. It can help us consume more fat and avoid irritation to the stomach and intestines. Bodybuilders can also exercise on an empty stomach, but they must drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Drinking water can also speed up the metabolism and help us lose fat. However, it is not recommended for friends with low blood sugar, low blood pressure or cardiovascular disease to try running on an empty stomach, which may induce disease and may even lead to life-threatening.


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