Jason Momoa Net Worth 2022 – How Rich Is The Actor?

Jason Momoa Net Worth 2022

Jason Momoa Net Worth 2022: Jason Momoa has an estimated net worth of $14 million. Momoa makes between $ 5 million and $ 10 million annually.

The actor’s income is likely to multiply in the coming year. In addition to the sequel to Aquaman, Jason Momoa will soon be back in front of the camera for “Frontier”. The Netflix series is coming back for its third season this fall.

According to “Men’s Health Magazine”, he is not only one of the most attractive actors, but also one of those who earn the best. At least since “Aquaman”, for which Momoa received several million US dollars, he has been considered a Hollywood star.

Jason Momoa currently lives in California and enjoys his life with expensive cars and cool hobbies. In this article you will find out how he earns his money in addition to acting and what luxury goods and extreme hobbies he spends it on.

Money As A Model: That’s How Jason Momoa Got Rich

Jason Momoa was born in Hawaii and grew up in Norwalk, Iowa, USA. Before graduating from college, Momoa returned to Hawaii to graduate from school and take a career. However, things turned out differently, because after a short time a fashion designer became aware of Momoa. A few months later, the actor’s modeling career began.

At the beginning of his career, Momoa stood in front of the camera for smaller companies. He later presented the clothes of the famous designer Takoe and was even able to become Hawaii Model of the Year in 1999. He later catwalked for Louis Vuitton and other famous fashion brands.

Momoa had his first leading role in the series “Baywatch Hawaii”. The less successful “Baywatch” successor was discontinued after just a few episodes, but the 1999 series was a stepping stone to a regular income for Momoa.

This was followed by roles in “Johnson Family Vacation” and “Conan” in 2011. He achieved great fame in his role as Kahl Drogo in the hit series “Game of Thrones”.

Today Momoa is married and has two children with the actress Lisa Bonet. The couple married in October 2017 and have been happily together ever since.

In the series “The Red Road” the two even stood together in front of the camera. Jason Momoa’s income, at around $ 100,000 per episode, was significantly higher than that of his wife, who only made a guest appearance on the series.

Income: Villas And Extreme Sports

His characters live in tents or even in the ocean. Jason Momoa himself likes luxury, and owns properties in the United States and his native Hawaii.

The “Baywatch” star has his main residence in Los Angeles. There he lives in a small property away from the famous celebrity district, which is, however, in the immediate vicinity of Hollywood. With its four bathrooms and five bedrooms, the house is spacious enough for Momoa, who has also added a small skate park to the property with his fortune. There Momoa finds the necessary balance between work and private life, the star said in an interview.

His house in Hawaii is secluded from the hustle and bustle of tourists in a small palm forest. Momoa spends his free time there on several hundred square meters and cooks, trains or climbs. A pool is also part of the resort, which Momoa only acquired a few years ago. However, nothing is known about the price of the property.

Fortune For Cars And Other Hobbies:

In his private life, Jason Momoa drives a simple Volkswagen. The star is usually on the plane anyway, because Momoa is currently commuting between California and Hollywood.

When Momoa shoots “Frontier” for his Netflix series, he lives in luxury hotels in Hollywood or moves to his Los Angeles property.

The highlight in the star’s collection is a pink Cadillac. Momoa affectionately calls the car “Cadillac: Bernadette” because he has been driving it to auditions for 15 years.

Momoa also owns a black Land Rover Defender Series 3, which he has also given a nickname: “Truck”. He had to sell the car in order to produce his first own film, the film “Road to Paloma”. When the film turned out to be a success, Momoa bought his truck back.

The white Range Rover represents the counterpart to Momoa’s truck. While beer is stored in the truck and the neighborhood is made unsafe with colleagues like Karl Urban, the white Range Rover serves family matters.

Jason Momoa also owns a rich collection of motorcycles. One of the most magnificent pieces is a Harley-Davidsons in black. Right next to it, a Vallkree is waiting for its next mission.

Momoa, who is an avowed Buddhist, had a meditation room built in his magnificent villa in California. The outbuilding alone is said to have cost several hundred thousand US dollars. However, the star is silent about the exact amount.

All this luxury is financed not only by leading roles in big films, but also by numerous advertising deals. Jason Momoa has in the past been in front of the camera for the fashion manufacturer Carhartt, who made a short film about the life of the star together with Momoa. Momoa, who does most of his stunts himself, also makes money advertising climbing equipment.

That’s How Much Jason Momoa Earns From Advertising:

Jason Momoa spends part of his fortune on his numerous hobbies and passions. The actor rides snowboard and mountain bike, plays hockey and climbs along with rock faces while bouldering without safety. The star also likes to advertise his latter passion, as most recently with a deal with the shoe manufacturer “So iLL”. The company designed its own climbing shoe for Jason Momoa, with which the entertainer earns a lot of money. Rumor has it that the deal generated an income in the millions.

Climbing is also one of Jason Momoa’s hobbies. For this purpose, the “Game of Thrones” actor had a climbing wall specially made, which he used, among other things, for training for his performance in Aquaman. Jason Momoa also spends a lot of time at sea, surfing or flexing his muscles while kitesurfing. Estimated cost for the custom surfboard: $ 2,000.

Jason Momoa, on the other hand, does not wear jewelry. Only a friendship ring, which he shares with Lenny Kravitz, his wife’s ex-husband, glitters on the star’s body.


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