Jason Statham Net Worth 2022 – How Rich Is The Actor?

Jason Statham Net Worth 2022

Jason Statham Net Worth 2022: Jason Statham is worth $ 90 million. Before he got that rich, however, the actor was a veteran combat diver. He came to Hollywood in 1998 by accident – and started an unprecedented career as an action star that brought studio bosses a whopping $ 1 billion into the coffers. Find out how the star made his fortune and how he spends his money in this article.

Before The Fortune: Training As a Combat Diver

Jason Statham was born on July 26th, 1967 in Derbyshire, England. In his childhood, the son of a dancer and a singer learned to jump in the water and eventually joined the British national team.

Jason Statham was also active as a model before making the leap to Hollywood.

The water sports enthusiast initially earned his living as a model for the French Connection fashion label. Because the income was not enough, Jason Statham sold fake perfumes and cheap jewelry and earned his money as a seedy seller on the black market. Statham used his time as a street vendor to appear in various music videos. He was seen in “Run to the Sun” by Erasure and “Dream a Little Dream of Me” by The Beautiful South.

He gained further fame with a film project that he realized with Guy Ritchie on behalf of the French Connection fashion label in 1998: “Bube, Dame, König, Gras”. The film brought a lot of income to the studio and Guy Ritchie gave Statham the well-deserved lead role in his next film “Snatch”.

Statham’s Income As a Hollywood Star:

This was followed by appearances in big Hollywood blockbusters such as “The Italian Job – Hunt for Millions” and “Final Call – If he hangs up, she has to die”. The star’s career high was only tarnished by the separation from his longtime partner Kelly Brook.

Shortly afterward, however, the rising star’s career took off even more, as the first “Transporter” film was a real surprise hit. The series has now made four films and one television series, and grossed more than $ 500 million.

Jason Statham is also part of the film series “The Expendables” – the star-studded action spectacle that has now made up three films. Statham is here with his great role models like Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger. If the star does have a day off, he likes to heat the streets of Hollywood in a sports car.

Fast Car Income:

Jason Statham is the “Transporter”. It is not surprising that he also drives in his private life in fast cars that push the speedometer needles to their limit. The star prefers to drive brands like Ferrari and Audi. The gems in his garage include an Audi S8 and an Audi RS8 in black, which can each be had for around 100,000 US dollars . Based on “Transporter 3”, Statham also owns an Audi A6, also in black.

The star prefers to drive his Esquire Porsche GT 3RS in silver anyway. The actor who failed his driving test at the age of 15 has been considered a safe driver since the birth of his daughter at the latest. For the sake of his wife, he even put his overly sleek Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in silver for sale.

That’s How Much Jason Statham Earns From Advertising Deals:

Jasons Statham’s richly equipped vehicle fleet is financed not only by Statham’s high film fees, but also by paychecks for numerous advertising deals that the star has already concluded. In 2015, for example, he promoted the smartphones from LG and in 2009 the vehicle manufacturer Audi. The advertising for LG is said to have earned the star more than $ 5 million. In the short clip, Jason Statham resumes his previous roles, but also slips into obscure roles such as that of a baby or a woman in order to promote the LG smartphone LG G5.

The Audi advertisement from 2009 should have been similarly lucrative, as it was broadcast in time for the Superbowl final. Eight years later, Statham appeared again on the crazy half-time show of the football spectacle and promoted the Wix website builder together with fellow actor Gal Gaddot.

Jason Statham has also been in front of the camera for KitKat. The advertising has developed into a cult within a very short time and earned the star a paycheck worth millions.

Villas in LA and Malibu: This Is Where The Rich Star Lives:

Jason Statham’s main residence is in Beverly Hills. The $ 12.9 million property has numerous bedrooms and bathrooms. The modern style with high columns and white walls was designed by the well-known architect Jeffrey Allsbrook, who also gave the house a Japanese touch. The house, originally built in the 80s, of course also has a large living room and a huge outdoor area, which is several hundred square meters.

The highlight of the property: a koi pond where every single fish is worth several hundred US dollars. Equally valuable are the paintings on the walls of the villa, which were created by well-known British painters.

Jason Statham has another house in Los Angeles. Located in the Hollywood Hills, the star enjoys a well-deserved view of the whole city. The property has a swimming pool and all the luxury a Hollywood star could wish for. The walls of the four bathrooms are paneled with real marble and the dining area is equipped with the latest technology so that the star can perfectly implement his fitness diet. The proud price of the house: $ 7.3 million.

Statham is also native to California. The house on the beach also weighs almost 11 million US dollars and, with its proximity to the beach, is ideal for the actor who enjoys snorkeling even after his active diving career.

In the years to come, Jason Statham will appear in “Hobbs and Shaw” “Spy 2” and an as-yet untitled action thriller and increase his income.

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Jason Statham is also currently in front of the camera for “Fast & Furious 9”. The flick is likely to bring the star a paycheck of at least $ 20 million. He will also play a leading role in the television series “Viva La Madness”. So the star’s fortune and Hollywood lifestyle are not in jeopardy.


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