Jobs For Couples Abroad: 10 Professions for Emigrant Couples

Jobs For Couples Abroad

Jobs For Couples Abroad: The dream of emigrating is often dreamed together with the partner. The question of how to finance emigration and daily livelihoods quickly arises .
Should you look for something in your current job or try something new? What if one partner has to look longer than the other?

Here are the Top 10 Jobs For Couples Abroad::

Anyone who is toying with the possibility of self-employment abroad can of course also do this together with their partner. Some jobs are even made to do something for two. –

01. Wedding Photographer Duo

People get married all over the world and the profession of photographer is quickly learned. Particularly for larger weddings, a photographer duo is often ordered right away. After all, you only want to get married once in a lifetime and then you need great photos of this special day.

A photographer may miss a situation or two that two photographers can easily manage. When photographing the wedding couple, one photographer can only assist the other and put the lighting in the right light while the other takes photos. Of course, you can also expand your services: One partner offers wedding photos, while the other partner films the ceremony with a video camera. A photographer and a videographer are an absolutely strong team.

2. Hostel or Motel Management

Managing a hostel or motel is a lot of work. But you can tackle this task with two people without any problems. Admittedly, to get such a dream job, you have to look a little longer.

Writing unsolicited applications to local hostels and motels in the target country can be a hassle, but this quickly puts you one step ahead of the competition. If you want to go a step further, you can also consider opening your own Bed & Breakfast or Airbnb abroad .

3. Commercial Cleaning

Many shy away from a cleaning job, but this can also bring in reliable money. Fighting for every single cleaning job is tough, but anyone who has a long-term contract with a business can make a living from it. Offices and businesses in particular are usually cleaned according to a specific scheme.

Together, of course, the whole thing can be done in half the time. Office operators like to hire reliable cleaners who clean their premises one to three times a week. In contrast to the occasional cleaning job, you only have to take care of such a contract once and do not have to reapply every day.

4. Tour Guide / Cruise Ship

If you plan to emigrate to work as a tour guide, you must of course first get to know the place yourself. Older travelers in particular like to have a personal tour guide who speaks their language and shows the most beautiful corners.

As a tour guide couple, for example, one can drive the bus, the other does the talking. You can advertise, for example, in the hotels in the region or directly in the tourist center.

Working together on a cruise ship is also ideal as a couple. The crew on a cruise ship sticks together and is a real team. This is also a great option for couples with different talents. One partner can work in service while the other partner does more manual work. Current cruise ships can also be found in our job exchange .

5. Wedding Planners and Event Organizers

Having a wedding planner at your side is becoming increasingly popular. Especially when it comes to weddings abroad , you often have to rely on someone on site to organize it. This couple job can really be worthwhile at popular wedding locations such as the Seychelles, Denmark, Mallorca or Mauritius.

To do this, of course, you have to be familiar with the local guidelines on the subject of marriage. Networking is particularly important for this job, as you have to negotiate and coordinate with florists, catering companies and event organizers.

6. Virtual Assistants

Anyone who wants to work online can do this regardless of their location . As a virtual assistant team, you can do great jobs together. You quickly got used to it and immediately gained a reliable employee with your partner.

The marketing costs are shared and at the same time you can of course accept twice as many orders as if you were a lone warrior. In such a case, your own website is always advisable, but you can also search the usual platforms such as Upwork, Twago, fiverr or Freelancer for jobs.

7. Food Truckers

A food truck is like opening your own restaurant – at a fraction of the cost. Of course, it should not be overlooked that buying or renting a food truck is not necessarily cheap. If you want to get into the food truck business, you should plan this carefully beforehand. Likewise, don’t be afraid to talk to other food truckers to see whether this business model can be worthwhile for you personally.

A successful food truck can then cover a couple’s livelihoods very well. Many food truckers expand after a while and hire external employees for the other food trucks. But be careful: In order for your food truck to be successful, the previous research should be nail-baked.

8. Elderly Care / Housekeeper Couple

Elderly care is not the most popular type of job. Looking after an elderly person or even a married couple who needs help around the house or is even bedridden takes a lot of responsibility. In addition, the job is of course very exhausting.

That said, caring for the elderly can be a very fulfilling activity for people with a heart. Together with your partner, you can of course do this job for an older couple, or you can look after people in need of care by the hour.

9. Market Seller

Regardless of whether it is a weekly or beach market, anyone who has a good product can sell it at a profit. Jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, flowers and so on are particularly suitable.

Depending on the number of visitors, you can sell two to four times a week at different markets to make a living. On the remaining days, of course, you have to make sure that you book the marketplace and order the goods or make them yourself.

10. Animators / Entertainment Representatives

An entertainer rarely comes alone. Whether in a hotel or on a cruise ship, for example. As an entertainment couple, you entertain the guests and immediately take care of their well-being. This also includes the organization of events, cinema evenings or game evenings.


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