Emigrating: Jobs In Dubai For Freshers

Jobs In Dubai For Freshers

Jobs In Dubai For Freshers: Dubai is one of seven emirates that together make up the federal state of the UAE. Due to breathtaking projects such as the Burj Khalifa or the Palm Jumeirah, the emirate is now world-famous and at the same time – especially in the Occident – misunderstood and clichéd in many ways.In this article we cover jobs in dubai for freshers or many more.

Jobs In Dubai For Freshers

Originally just a small settlement of seafarers, traders and pearl divers, Dubai developed rapidly after the discovery of black gold in the 1960s. Initially driven by pure oil wealth, the ruling Al Maktoums in Dubai recognized foresight that the emirate’s sustainable development would have to be based on several sustainable pillars.

The founding of Emirates Airline – today the largest international carrier – marked the start of development into a tourist destination. The Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), which opened in 2004, is now one of the ten most important financial centers worldwide. Efforts are currently being made to attract investment and know-how in the field of digital technologies (especially blockchain) and in the manufacturing sector.

Job Search, Right of Residence in Dubai

The growth described above creates enormous demand for skilled and highly skilled workers, particularly in the high-tech and service sectors. Due to this situation, in contrast to other immigration countries, it is not necessary to prove the special need for a foreign worker – a job offer is sufficient for the granting of a permanent residence permit. However, one has to know that in the UAE, unlike in typical immigration countries, there is currently no path to naturalization (except marriage).

There are attractive jobs for Germans in Dubai in particular in the construction industry, in the tourism sector and in IT. Some salaries are above the German level and are tax-free, but the cost of living – especially for families – should not be underestimated.

Employers usually help with completing the visa and other formalities, so that these typical hurdles for new citizens can usually be left behind quickly.

Self-Employment in Dubai

Since the right of residence for employees is strictly linked to the employment relationship, wealthy people, the self-employed and those who want to become one can consider purchasing a property or setting up their own company in order to obtain a permanently valid visa – regardless of the employer – to obtain. The establishment of a company that includes the issuing of visas requires equity capital of around 25,000 euros, whereby the income generated in the UAE is both corporate and income tax free. A property that qualifies for permanent residence status must have a value of more than 1,000,000 AED (around 240,000 euros).

For Europeans, a 90-day tourist visa is approved “on arrival” and without any further formalities – more than sufficient for job searches or job interviews.

Society, Religion, Quality of Life

Since expats from all over the world make up over 80% of the roughly three million inhabitants, Dubai is a prime example of a melting pot. Linguistic skills as well as intercultural competence are therefore valuable or indispensable at work as well as privately. The official languages ​​are English and Arabic, whereby English is by far the most widely spoken language and is absolutely sufficient in everyday life.

Dubai is tolerant, modern and cosmopolitan. In contrast to some other Arab countries, overly conservative clothing is not an issue here. Alcohol is comparatively expensive, but it is available and legal, and free practice of religion is permitted.

“No gos” are in particular drink-driving, any kind of physical violence or insults. Violations in these areas are usually punished with expulsion. Accordingly, crime is not something to worry about in Dubai.

Although you don’t pay taxes on income in Dubai, you shouldn’t underestimate the comparatively high cost of living. For families in particular, school fees and rent typically play the main roles and should be factored in when negotiating salaries. Often, employers offer additional flat-rate wage components for rent and school fees to cover these costs. After all, rents have declined in recent years, so that – depending on quality and location

The range of schools on offer is as diverse as the population. In addition to the German school (DISD), a large number of English (International Baccalaureat or UK curriculum) and other schools offer their services.


Due to its rapid growth, the emirate is dynamic and subject to constant change. Should you want to try to stay up to date on restaurants, bars and nightclubs, you will be in trouble.

Those who like to eat well will get their money’s worth in Dubai. Since the world’s best chefs now also make their professional stops in Dubai’s gastronomy, the quality is often at an outstanding level.

In terms of the cultural offerings, the only opera in the Greater Region that opened a few years ago should be mentioned. Furthermore, Dubai recently has a small, young artist scene, also characterized by locals.

Due to its comparatively short history, Dubai offers little that has grown and is authentic, but scores all the more in terms of leisure value. Whether kitesurfing, sailing, skydiving or sandboarding – there is almost nothing that doesn’t exist.

In addition, the surrounding nature is often underestimated. Both the desert, which can be reached in a few minutes, and the nearby Hatta Mountains are good for unforgettable outdoor experiences (camping, 4WD, hiking, climbing, etc.).

What to Watch Out For

The exchange rate of the euro to the UAE dirham is quite stable as the dirham is tied to the US dollar. Capital controls do not exist. Proof of health insurance is now mandatory. Since the local offers usually only include basic services, it is advisable to take out international health insurance from the major providers.

Many future expats see problems in adapting to the climate, especially the hot summers. Three months between July and September are actually uncomfortable. Since this is usually the period during which their annual vacation falls, most expats actually only spend two months of the year in a refrigerated room. Especially the transition times (autumn / spring), but also winter with sufficient light and sun, have their charms.

The exceptionally good transport connections are also advantageous for the Dubai location. Emirates alone flies to Frankfurt three times a day, plus Hamburg, Munich and Düsseldorf several times a day. The flight to Germany takes a bearable six hours, and the time difference is so small (two or three hours) that jet lag has no chance. Emirates’ route network comprises 161 destinations worldwide and the Far East and Southeast Asia in particular can be reached relatively quickly from here for business or leisure.


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