Emigrating: Jobs In Egypt For Foreigners

jobs in egypt for foreigners

In this article we talk about jobs in egypt for foreigners. A place to live and work where others go on vacation: This is roughly how you imagine the adventure when you come to live and work in the North African country.

Jobs In Egypt For Foreigners

Egypt borders the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Red Sea to the east, which is very popular with divers and swimmers from all over the world. In addition, the Arab country can score with almost 360 days of sunshine a year. This is reason enough for many dropouts to choose a life in the land of the pharaohs.

Working in Egypt:

Like many other North African countries, Egypt is also heavily dependent on tourism. It is therefore obvious that, depending on the region, many emigrants find employment in this sector. The Egyptians particularly appreciate the precise and careful way of working. If you want to gain a foothold in tourism, you have a good chance of finding employment in the hotel industry, with a tour operator or in a diving center. Appropriate qualifications and previous experience are of course an advantage.

In the tourism industry, it should be noted, on the one hand, that the working days are often considerably longer. Between 9 and 12 hours per day is not uncommon, and only one day off per week is granted. On the other hand, one should be aware beforehand that many of the Egyptian colleagues are not trained hotel specialists. Many employees are lateral entrants and come from very different professional groups. However, since the salaries in the original professions are too low, many Egyptians have chosen a future in the tourism industry. This should be kept in mind during the day-to-day collaboration, as patience and understanding are often required for the lack of specialist knowledge on the part of colleagues.

In the capital Cairo, many well-known companies, for example in the telecommunications sector, are also willing to fill vacancies. Kindergartens and schools, especially, also offer emigrants the opportunity to find employment.

Work Permit for Egypt:

A valid work permit is required by law for every foreigner who wants to work in Egypt. In the case of employment without a work permit, both the employer and the employee are liable to prosecution. Since the issuing of a work permit is associated with high costs and a lot of bureaucratic effort, unfortunately many companies refrain from doing so and thus employ foreigners illegally. When the police inspect the company in question, this can lead to great difficulties for both sides. Therefore, every emigrant should insist on a valid work permit before signing an employment contract. Applicants are required to have diplomas that should prove that the position can only be filled with a foreigner due to the qualifications. It is usually easier to apply for a work permit if the applicant is not yet in the country. In addition to an issued card that the employer retains, the work permit includes a stamp in the passport, which also serves as a visa, in which it is noted that work is permitted. A valid visa is also required to stay in the country.


Education in Egypt is by no means comparable to education any other European country. The illiteracy rate is very high and the majority of Egyptians have a high school diploma, but not necessarily a university degree. The various schools in the state function according to the school system in terms of the curriculum, the teaching units and vacation times. The international schools teach in English, but are adapted to the Egyptian school system in terms of public holidays and vacations. This also means that the summer vacation lasts 3 months. Egypt also has many well-known universities, such as the Ain Shams University in Cairo. Many courses are now also international and can therefore also be taken by foreigners.


The national language of Egypt is Arabic with a so-called Egyptian accent. In the larger cities such as Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan, a lot of English is also spoken and understood. The same applies to the tourist regions on the Red Sea such as Hurghada, Marsa Alam and Sharm El Sheikh, where German is also often spoken. In smaller towns and more rural areas it becomes more difficult to communicate if you don’t have any knowledge of Arabic.

Housing and Society:

Finding the right apartment or house is relatively easy in tourist cities. Either the real estate is offered via social networks in appropriate groups or one turns to one of the many real estate agencies. You can also find the right property the old-fashioned way. To do this, go to the buildings and speak to the door guard, the so-called “Bawab”, and ask for any vacant apartments in the building. The cost of living in Egypt is comparatively very low. This also includes the rental costs. For around 469.03 US Dollars per month you can afford a modern and spacious apartment in a compound with a pool area. Most of the buildings are guarded around the clock. The costs for water and electricity are also very cheap.

It is not difficult to make friends in Egypt. Contact with both Egyptians and foreigners comes about relatively quickly, provided you are open minded yourself. Egyptians are very warm and sociable people who make it easy for you to settle in quickly and their willingness to help make it easier to get used to. As in every other country, there are fraudsters here and you should get to know the new contacts well before you trust them. The job is usually the first contact with other people. In Egypt, much of the social life takes place outside in cafes and restaurants. This makes getting to know other people a lot easier. It is also easy to get to know new people and like-minded people in the field of leisure activities and hobbies such as sport.

At Last:

In Egypt, a relatively high standard of living can be achieved for comparatively little money. The guarantee of sun and warm temperatures are also a great plus point, which always has a certain feeling of vacation.


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