Jobs In Ireland For Foreigners

Jobs In Ireland For Foreigners

The green island state is known for its rough and beautiful landscape, for medieval castles and for its traditional pub culture. In this article we talk about jobs in ireland for foreigners. With 9 million visitors annually, Ireland is a popular travel destination. The strong growth in the economy and the internationalization in the big cities meanwhile also make Ireland an attractive hotspot for young people who live abroad for some time and want to gain work experience.

Jobs In Ireland For Foreigners

Ireland welcomes skilled immigrants and has a small but attractive job market. Those who plan properly, are willing to work hard and adapt to the Irish work style will find that their job and career can be even better than at home. But the decision to work abroad should be well prepared. In the following article you will find out what is important and what special features apply to Ireland.

Key Info:

  • 4.9 million inhabitants
  • 1.388 million in Dublin

Cost of Living:

  • 1-room apartment: € 1,366
  • 1-person household: € 895
  • Cappuccino € 3.37


  • Average salary: € 2,588 (net)

What Job Opportunities are There in Ireland?

Over the past few decades the Irish economy has developed into a modern job market. Most jobs are in the service sector. Exports are also particularly important, as they have ensured rapid economic growth. Internationalization attracts young people from all over Europe, especially to the big cities of Dublin, Cork and Galway. These are in demand in call centers in order to cover the market in their own country with the national language from here.

The sectors that have boomed in recent years are the pharmaceutical industry, mechanical engineering and the high-tech scene. The latter industry owes its boom not least to US subsidiaries such as Google or Apple, which have settled in Ireland in order to manage their business in Europe from here.

In the software industry, Ireland has even overtaken the USA as the world’s largest exporter. On the one hand, this was specifically targeted by creating more places for university degrees in this area. On the other hand, professionals from abroad are attracted with attractive job opportunities. In software production, developers are mainly employed to manufacture products. You don’t have to studied computer science to do this. But math, language skills, technical skills and qualifications are required.

Current work Situation in Ireland:

It’s hard to believe, but in the 1980s Ireland was considered one of the poorest countries in the European Union. Since then, a lot has happened. Globalization has done Ireland well. Exports, especially to the United States and the United Kingdom, have become one of the main industries in the country.

As an important economic partner of Ireland, Great Britain represents a bridge for the transport of goods to continental Europe. How the situation will change with Brexit remains to be seen.

The unemployment rate has also fallen immensely and, according to Statista, was 4.99% in 2020, below the European average. The Irish earn most in the service sector and in trade.

As in other European countries, young people in Ireland are no longer looking for a “job for life” but are planning to stay with a company for no more than two years. Employers in Ireland have also adapted to this trend and are offering two to five year packages designed to attract not only Irish workers but also skilled workers from abroad.

These Professions are in Demand in Ireland:

Since you can find a job quickly in Ireland, the following jobs are particularly in demand:

  • Marketing & Customer Service: In Marketing & Customer Service, you are the first point of contact for new and existing customers and communicate via email, telephone and CRM systems. You are also responsible for the monthly report on customer feedback and data analysis. In addition, you will assist in the development of local online and offline marketing campaigns.
  • IT Industry: Tax breaks have lured US technology giants into the country in recent years. This has made Ireland one of the largest tech hubs in Europe. Therefore, jobs in IT support, as software developers and as IT specialists are primarily to be found in the capital city of Dublin.
  • Customer Experience Agent: If you are good with people and are a communication artist, then you might like the job of Customer Experience Agent. Since there are numerous companies whose success depends on customer experience and satisfaction, a customer experience agent takes care of precisely these matters.
  • Tourism & Leisure Industry: As one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe, Ireland has seen growth in the tourism and leisure industries. This trend has made new jobs possible for the Irish. However, we are also looking for specialists from abroad who have a variety of language skills.
  • Gastronomy: Ireland has an infamous pub culture with its traditional pubs and the global Guiness brand. But not only bars line the gastronomic landscape of the island state. As a hospitable people, the Irish run many restaurants, primarily in the larger cities. Here cooks, waiters and temporary workers are constantly being sought.

For whom is a Marketing & Customer Service Job in Ireland worthwhile?

In the area of ​​Marketing & Customer Service there are various positions for which different prior knowledge is required and which can also be filled easily as a career changer. It is important that contact with customers and work in a team are fun.

Knowledge of any other language is an advantage. Anyone who already has experience in customer service or even with CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management) can definitely score points when applying.

There are jobs for Marketing & Customer Service in different companies with different interpretations. A certain affinity for the corresponding product or service is welcome.

How Do you Find jobs in Ireland?

Entry into Ireland is extremely easy as an EU citizen, as an identity card or passport is sufficient. There is no registration authority. Instead, report to the police, the Garda, after 3 months at the latest to apply for a residence permit. A letter from the employer will then be required to confirm your employment.

Even if Irish is the official language alongside English, it is only spoken by a minority in everyday life. In order to gain a foothold in Ireland and to find a job, English is therefore a prerequisite. Accordingly, the application should also be written in English.

Living in Ireland, The Green Island Nation:

It is no coincidence that Ireland has its nickname as the “green island”. The country is said to have “40 Shades of Green”, i-e 40 different shades of green. In addition to meadows and forests, there are also countless waterways and mountain chains with cliffs, crevices and underground caves. The nature of Ireland is definitely impressive. Those who can endure the harsh Atlantic climate for longer than a vacation and decide to move here will be able to experience the multifaceted landscapes all year round.

As a member of the European Union, the Irish also pay with the euro. A pint of local beer, which is about half a liter, costs around 5.00 euros in Ireland. A 2-room apartment in a city location costs around 1200 euros a month. On the other hand, the ancillary costs are cheaper. All in all, a home-like standard of living is possible with an average Irish salary.

Ireland is a bit more contemplative when it comes to the cultural offerings. But the island nation impresses all the more with its outstanding landscape and the friendliness of its residents. In addition, Dublin has become an international hotspot where many expats live.


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