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jobs in the uk

Jobs in the UK The Beatles, red phone boxes and double-decker buses. These are just some of the UK associations. The island state is officially called the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” and comprises the parts of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. If you want to work and live here for a while, there are a few things to consider and a whole lot to explore.

Jobs In the Uk

Britain is not only famous for the Beatles. Scotland with its whiskey and bagpipes, Wales with its rugby games, Northern Ireland with its unmistakably rough but beautiful landscape and England with its notorious royal family and 5 o’clock tea are popular holiday destinations.

This also attracts international workers to the island nation. One of the many advantages for them is that the world language English is spoken everywhere here.

But the Brexit, which occurred when Great Britain left the European Union in February 2020, will bring some changes in the labor market, especially for international skilled workers.

Key Info:

  • 66.65 Million Inhabitants
  • 8.9 Million in London
  • 1.5 – 2 flight hours

Cost of Living:

  • 1-room apartment: 1,620 US Dollars
  • 1-person household: 1,068.30 US Dollars
  • Cappuccino 3.91 US Dollars

What job Opportunities are There in the UK?

There are different types of employment in the UK. For example, it is much more common in the UK to do temporary work. As a so-called “temp” one can earn up to 1.5 times that of a permanent employee. However, you got chances of advancement and almost no social security. Nevertheless, there are enough “temps” who have got used to the constant change of their job. Of course, there is also the possibility of finding permanent jobs or as a freelancer (contractor).

Current Work Situation in Great Britain?

England has a low unemployment rate, which is below the European average. Nevertheless, the part of the country has vacancies. We are looking for social workers, nurses, doctors and psychiatrists.

Northern Scotland is targeting workers from abroad to give the economic market new impetus. Experts in the life sciences, electrical design, electrical engineering, IT, physics and finance are particularly in demand here.

Most of Northern Ireland’s job vacancies are found in Belfast, the capital of the country. Correspondingly, Cardiff, the capital, has the greatest employment prospects in Wales.

These Professions are in Demand in the UK:

  • Marketing Manager: By definition, classic marketing deals with measures for selling products and for brand communication. Traditional media such as TV, radio and print are used, as well as new online media. Jobs in Great Britain are mainly found in the big cities. But companies in smaller cities also hire their own marketing managers or hire agencies to do this.
  • Call Center Employee: If you do not yet know exactly where you should go on a professional basis in Great Britain or if you are only looking for a temporary job so that you can gain a foothold in peace, then use your native language skills to the advantage and apply for one Job in one of the numerous call centers, which are mainly located in metropolitan areas. Because these often cover an international market.
  • Finance: If you dream of a job in the metropolis of London, then you should be better able to handle numbers. Because England’s capital is Europe’s hotspot for every bank and insurance company in the world. People are in demand for positions such as accountants, consultants or industrial engineers.
  • IT Specialist: West of London is the so-called Thames Valley, which describes the region around the university city of Oxford. This is where the UK’s computer and high-tech industries are at home. Thus there are numerous opportunities for IT people and jobs that have to do with information technology.
  • Sales Manager: If you are convincing in your arguments and are good at dealing with people, then the job of sales manager is for you. Even if you are not yet experienced in this area, you can start here in an assistant position. Sales managers are sought in permanent positions but also in temporary positions, as temporary workers, for example during the Christmas season.
  • (Web) Designer: If you feel more at home in the creative industry, then you may have experience in the design and maybe even web design industry. Personnel in these areas are in demand in Great Britain.

Who is a UK Marketing Job Worthwhile For?

In marketing you often meet people who have studied marketing, business administration, communication sciences, business psychology or a related field. But lateral entrants are also often encountered. Because the industry also demands skills that you don’t necessarily learn at university, such as strategic thinking, a feel for text, images and presentation, or communication skills.

In an economic powerhouse like the UK, marketing is an essential part of almost every business. Therefore, the job prospects look very good. Gaining international work experience in this industry is an excellent part of your resume. English should be fluent for employment.

With special skills such as knowledge of HTML and CSS, video production or experience with database management and newsletter programs, you can definitely score for your own advantage.

When looking for a job, it is also worth taking a look at the benefits that are offered by the company and that could possibly be decisive for your choice. This includes, among other things, a company’s own accommodation, life insurance, a reduced-price monthly ticket for local transport or membership in the fitness center.

How do you find jobs in Great Britain for Germans, Austrians and Swiss?

As of February 1, 2020, the United Kingdom is no longer a member state of the European Union. The until then self-evident freedom of movement to work and live within the EU will temporarily remain in effect in Great Britain until the end of 2020.

From January 1, 2021, EU citizens and citizens of Switzerland must also provide evidence of a qualification for the profession to be practiced. If necessary, a work permit will also be required from this point in time. The exact rules have not yet been determined. Updates can be checked on the Government Service and Information website .

Even if working and living in the UK will involve more bureaucracy from 2021 onwards, it will not be an impossibility. The UK remains an attractive country to live and work in. One of the reasons for this is that the qualification obtained during training is not as important. So it is very possible that your British colleagues did something completely different beforehand.

As a general rule, proficiency in English is a basic requirement for living and working in the UK.

Living in the UK – The British Lifestyle

In Great Britain it is customary to go to the pub for an after-work drink with colleagues on a regular basis. By spending time together, the team feeling is strengthened and maybe even friendships are made.

As far as housing is concerned, rents are very expensive in the UK. The capital, London, in particular, is known as an expensive pavement and occasionally ends up at number 1 on the list of the most expensive cities in the world.

There is no reporting system. Instead, the electricity bill is always required to authenticate the residential address.

Anyone who has lived in Great Britain for a while shouldn’t miss the opportunity to travel to the different parts of the island state. There is a variety of nature and exciting cities to explore. In addition, there are numerous cultural differences and peculiarities to discover that make each area unique.


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