Keanu Reeves Net Worth 2022 – How Rich is the Actor?

Keanu Reeves Net Worth 2022

Keanu Reeves Net Worth 2022: It is said that you can only get rich if you have an elbow mentality, and in Hollywood, you can only be successful if you know how to assert yourself against the competition by all means. The Canadian actor Keanu Reeves shows us that there is another way.

Keanu Reeves Net Worth 2022:

The actor, who is considered humble, philanthropic and extremely generous, has always remained true to himself and nevertheless made a considerable fortune of $380 million Dollars, according to Forbes 2019. Keanu Reeves is currently one of the richest actors in the world.

How Much Money Does Keanu Reeves Make From His Films?

Even a superstar like him started out small. He made his first film appearance in a Coca-Cola advertisement in 1983. It is not known what he got for his advertising appearance. The fee for his first real role in a Hollywood production, “Bodycheck” (original: “Youngblood”), was just $ 3,000 in 1986.

With “Bill and Ted’s Crazy Journey through Time”, Keanu Reeves earned at least $ 95,000 three years later. “Speed” earned him $ 1.2 million. The offer to earn 11 million US dollars with “Speed ​​2” a few years later, he declined resolutely because the script seemed too uninteresting to him.

His income rose rapidly from film to film. In “Matrix” he jumped in for Will Smith and already got a whopping 10 million dollars. With the last two films in the Matrix trilogy, his earnings rose to $ 30 million. That is 100,000 times the amount of income at the beginning of his career. The three “John Wick” films, with which he is currently very successful, also made his fortune grow considerably.

What Sources Of Income Are His Assets Made Up Of?

Keanu Reeves appears to be good at negotiating business matters despite his private modesty. Thanks to successful DVD sales (“Matrix” is said to be one of the best-selling DVDs of all time) and profit-sharing in box office profits and other marketing of his films, the actor earned at least 120 million dollars for the last two “Matrix” parts alone. The total revenue from the trilogy is now estimated to be approximately $ 256 million.

In addition, Keanu Reeves has also turned his passion for motorcycles into a lucrative business. He is a co-founder of the company “Arch Motorcycle”, which designs and builds individual motorcycles especially according to customer requirements. With so much personal commitment, it’s not surprising if the finished result starts at $ 78,000. As expected, his income will continue to grow. In an interview, Keanu Reeves said he was so rich that he could live on his money for several hundred years without having to work. – Fortunately, he likes to work.

His Life And His Passions:

From the beginning, Keanu Reeves had no ordinary life. Keanu owes his English mother and American father with Hawaiian-Chinese roots not only the distinctive facial features, but also the inclination to an unsteady life. His parents met in a nightclub in Beirut, where his mother was performing as a showgirl.

Keanu was born there on September 2, 1964. After a short time in Australia, the family moved to New York, where the parents separated. The rest of the family, consisting of Keanu, his mother and his sister, settled in Toronto. His mother married several more times, but none of the marriages lasted. Over the years, Keanu had two half-sisters from both parents. One of his stepfathers was the director Paul Aaron,

Keanu was never a good student, which was probably a result of the many moves. During his time in Toronto, he changed high school four times. However, after he started taking acting classes, his career aspirations were clear. First he tested his talent in smaller theater performances and some low-budget film productions.

In 1986 he finally decided to seek his fortune in Los Angeles. He set off with a rickety Volvo and $ 3,000. Since he was also a hockey player, it is not surprising that he was able to convincingly combine his passions in his debut film in Hollywood, “Bodycheck”. To date he finds in his roles a good balance between commercial and independent films.

In addition to his love for strong motorcycles, which has already left him with a few scars and broken bones, Keanu Reeves is also an avid musician. With the now disbanded band Dog Star, he even played as a bassist in 1995 in the opening act for Bon Jovi and at the Glastonbury Music Festival in England. Dogstar has since disbanded.

At the moment, Keanu only plays occasionally as a guest in other bands, as an upcoming tour of his second band Becky could not be reconciled with his acting career.

Private Life:

Even at 55, Keanu Reeves is still one of Hollywood’s most sought-after singles. He was never married and his relationships usually didn’t last very long. A few hard strokes of fate temporarily pushed him to his limits. In 1993, his close friend and colleague River Phoenix died.

A few years later, his girlfriend at the time, Jennifer Syme, gave birth to a daughter, dead one month before the due date. As a couple, they couldn’t cope with the loss. Shortly thereafter, they broke up their relationship and in 2001 Jennifer Syme had a fatal car accident herself. In a recent interview, he admitted that he has not given up the dream of having a family.

Until 2003, Keanu Reeves preferred not to own a home. He was out and about, lived on sets in trailers or in LA at the famous Chateau Marmont hotel. The actor now owns both a house in the Hollywood Hills and an apartment in New York. This also shows how little money means to him despite his wealth.

He doesn’t speak about his generosity himself, but it has been reported that he spontaneously bailed a stage worker with a gift of $ 20,000 or gave motorbikes to the workers on the set after the shoot closed.

He also shows his down-to-earth attitude by occasionally taking the subway. There is a video of him offering his seat to a woman. Keanu Reeves is sympathetic proof that a large fortune does not necessarily have to spoil the character.


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