Laliga Smartbank Calendar 2022/2023: Spanish LaLiga 2 Fixtures

Laliga Smartbank Calendar 2022/2023: Spanish LaLiga 2 Fixtures

Laliga Smartbank Calendar 2022: All the matches of the SmartBank League 2021/2022 with their respective dates and times. Learn about the key days of the silver category of Spanish football, as well as the promotion phase with the play-off.

All the days of the Second Division calendar, LaLiga SmartBank 2022/2023. Find out which are the most important matches of each day, their schedule, and the stadium where they will be played. Follow the 42 days that are played in the silver division of Spanish football as well as the derbies and classics of the category.

Calendar and results with the 42 days of the Second Division 2022/2023

Days of the 2022/2023 SmartBank League calendar with times and dates of when all the Second Division matches are played. 

Laliga Smartbank Calendar 2022/2023

Matchday 1

Levante UD – SD Huesca08/12 9:00 p.m
SD Eibar – CD Tenerife08/13 5:00 p.m
CD Mirandes – Sporting Gijon08/13 7:00 p.m
CD Leganes vs Deportivo Alaves08/13 9:00 p.m
UD Las Palmas – Real Zaragoza08/13 11:00 p.m
Real Racing Club – Villarreal B08/14 5:30 p.m
UD Ibiza – Granada CF08/14 7:30 p.m
Burgos CF – Malaga CF08/14 10:00 p.m
Real Oviedo-FC Andorra08/15 5:30 p.m
CD Lugo – Albacete Balompie08/15 7:30 p.m
FC Cartagena – SD Ponferradina08/15 10:00 p.m

Matchday 2

Matchday 2DateHourTV
Alaves vs. Mirandese08/21/2022To defineMovistar
Grenada vs. Racing de Santander08/21/2022To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. Burg08/21/2022To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. Andorra08/21/2022To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. Cartagena08/21/2022To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. Eibar08/21/2022To defineMovistar
Ponferradine vs. Ibiza08/21/2022To defineMovistar
Oviedo vs. Leganes08/21/2022To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. the palms08/21/2022To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. I raised08/21/2022To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. Lugo08/21/2022To defineMovistar

Matchday 3

Matchday 3DateHourTV
Cartagena vs. Zaragoxa08/28/2022To defineMovistar
Eibar vs. Ponferradina08/28/2022To defineMovistar
Grenada vs. Villarreal B08/28/2022To defineMovistar
lift vs. Tenerife08/28/2022To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. Huesca08/28/2022To defineMovistar
Ibiza vs. Alaves08/28/2022To defineMovistar
The Palms vs. Andorra08/28/2022To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. Burgos08/28/2022To defineMovistar
Lugo vs. Leganes08/28/2022To defineMovistar
Mirandes vs. Malaga08/28/2022To defineMovistar
Racing Santander vs. Oviedo08/28/2022To defineMovistar

Matchday 4

Matchday 4DateHourTV
Alaves vs. the palms09/04/2022To defineMovistar
Andorra vs. Grenade09/04/2022To defineMovistar
Burgos vs. Cartagena09/04/2022To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. Ibiza09/04/2022To defineMovistar
Ponferradina vs. Sporting Gijon09/04/2022To defineMovistar
Leganes vs. Eibar 09/04/2022To defineMovistar
Oviedo vs. I raised09/04/2022To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. Lugo09/04/2022To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. Mirandese09/04/2022To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. Racing de Santander09/04/2022To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. Albacete09/04/2022To defineMovistar

Matchday 5

Matchday 5DateHourTV
Burgos vs. Oviedo09/11/2022To defineMovistar
Eibar vs. Grenade09/11/2022To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. Malaga09/11/2022To defineMovistar
Ibiza vs. Tenerife 09/11/2022To defineMovistar
lift vs. Villarreal B09/11/2022To defineMovistar
Ponferradine vs. zaragoza09/11/2022To defineMovistar
Lugo vs. Alaves09/11/2022To defineMovistar
Mirandes vs. Andorra09/11/2022To defineMovistar
The Palms vs. Leganes09/11/2022To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. Racing Santander09/11/2022To defineMovistar
Cartagena vs. Albacete09/11/2022To defineMovistar

Matchday 6

Matchday 6DateHourTV
Alaves vs. Huesca09/18/2022To defineMovistar
Andorra vs. Eibar09/18/2022To defineMovistar
Grenada vs. Mirandese09/18/2022To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. Ponferradina09/18/2022To defineMovistar
Leganes vs. Burgos09/18/2022To defineMovistar
lift vs. Cartagena09/18/2022To defineMovistar
Oviedo vs. Ibiza09/18/2022To defineMovistar
Racing Santander vs. the palms09/18/2022To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. Lugo09/18/2022To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. Malaga09/18/2022To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. Sporting Gijon09/18/2022To defineMovistar

Matchday 7

Matchday 7DateHourTV
Burgos vs. I raised 09/25/2022To defineMovistar
Eibar vs. Racing de Santander09/25/2022To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. Leganes09/25/2022To defineMovistar
Lugo vs. Oviedo09/25/2022To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. Villarreal B09/25/2022To defineMovistar
Mirandes vs. zaragoza 09/25/2022To defineMovistar
Ponferradine vs. Tenerife09/25/2022To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. Andorra09/25/2022To defineMovistar
Cartagena vs. Alaves09/25/2022To defineMovistar
The Palms vs. Grenade09/25/2022To defineMovistar
Real Madrid vs. Osasuna09/25/2022To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. Ibiza09/25/2022To defineMovistar

Matchday 8

Matchday 8DateHourTV
Alaves vs. Ponferradina02/10/2022To defineMovistar
Andorra vs. I raised02/10/2022To defineMovistar
Grenada vs. Huesca02/10/2022To defineMovistar
Ibiza vs. Lugo02/10/2022To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. Burgos02/10/2022To defineMovistar
Oviedo vs. Cartagena02/10/2022To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. Eibar02/10/2022To defineMovistar
Mirandes vs. the palms02/10/2022To defineMovistar
Racing Santander vs. Malaga02/10/2022To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. Sporting Gijon02/10/2022To defineMovistar
Leganes vs. Albacete02/10/2022To defineMovistar

Matchday 9

Matchday 9DateHourTV
Cartagena vs. Leganes09/10/2022To defineMovistar
Eibar vs. Mirandese09/10/2022To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. Lugo09/10/2022To defineMovistar
lift vs. Racing de Santander09/10/2022To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. Villarreal B09/10/2022To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. Tenerife09/10/2022To defineMovistar
Burgos vs. Alaves09/10/2022To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. Andorra09/10/2022To defineMovistar
Ponferradine vs. Grenade09/10/2022To defineMovistar
The Palms vs. Ibiza09/10/2022To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. Oviedo09/10/2022To defineMovistar

Matchday 10

Matchday 10DateHourTV
Alaves vs. Albacete10/12/2022To defineMovistar
Andorra vs. Burgos10/12/2022To defineMovistar
Grenada vs. Sporting Gijon10/12/2022To defineMovistar
Leganes vs. Malaga10/12/2022To defineMovistar
Racing Santander vs. zaragoza10/12/2022To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. Cartagena10/12/2022To defineMovistar
Ibiza vs. Eibar10/12/2022To defineMovistar
Oviedo vs. Huesca10/12/2022To defineMovistar
Lugo vs. the palms10/12/2022To defineMovistar
Mirandes vs. I raised10/12/2022To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. Ponferradina10/12/2022To defineMovistar

Matchday 11

Matchday 11DateHourTV
Burgos vs. Mirandese 10/16/2022To defineMovistar
Cartagena vs. Ibiza10/16/2022To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. Racing de Santander10/16/2022To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. Oviedo10/16/2022To defineMovistar
Andorra vs. Alaves10/16/2022To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. Eibar10/16/2022To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. Grenade10/16/2022To defineMovistar
lift vs. Leganes10/16/2022To defineMovistar
Ponferradine vs. the palms10/16/2022To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. Lugo10/16/2022To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. Villarraal B10/16/2022To defineMovistar

Matchday 12

Matchday 12DateHourTV
Alaves vs. Sporting Gijon10/23/2022To defineMovistar
Grenada vs. zaragoza10/23/2022To defineMovistar
Ibiza vs. I raised10/23/2022To defineMovistar
Leganes vs. Tenerife10/23/2022To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. Andorra10/23/2022To defineMovistar
Lugo vs. Burgos10/23/2022To defineMovistar
The Palms vs. Cartagena10/23/2022To defineMovistar
Mirandes vs. Huesca10/23/2022To defineMovistar
Oviedo vs. Malaga10/23/2022To defineMovistar
Racing Santander vs. Ponferradina10/23/2022To defineMovistar
Eibar vs. Albacete10/23/2022To defineMovistar

Matchday 13

Matchday 13DateHourTV
Alaves vs. Oviedo10/30/2022To defineMovistar
Andorra vs. Ponferradina10/30/2022To defineMovistar
Burgos vs. Ibiza10/30/2022To defineMovistar
FC Cartagena vs. Grenade10/30/2022To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. the palms10/30/2022To defineMovistar
Leganes vs. Racing de Santander10/30/2022To defineMovistar
lift vs. Sporting Gijon10/30/2022To defineMovistar
Lugo vs. Mirandese10/30/2022To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. zaragossa10/30/2022To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. Villarreal B10/30/2022To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. Eibar10/30/2022To defineMovistar

Matchday 14

Matchday 14DateHourTV
Cartagena vs. Malaga02/11/2022To defineMovistar
Eibar vs. Lugo02/11/2022To defineMovistar
Grenada vs. I raised02/11/2022To defineMovistar
Ibiza vs. Leganes02/11/2022To defineMovistar
Mirandes vs. Tenerife02/11/2022To defineMovistar
Racing Santander vs. Alaves02/11/2022To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. Andorra02/11/2022To defineMovistar
The Palms vs. Burgos02/11/2022To defineMovistar
Ponferradine vs. Huesca02/11/2022To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. Oviedo02/11/2022To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. Albacete02/11/2022To defineMovistar

Matchday 15

Matchday 15DateHourTV
Alaves vs. zaragoza06/11/2022To defineMovistar
Andorra vs. Racing de Santander06/11/2022To defineMovistar
Burgos vs. Tenerife06/11/2022To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. Villarreal B06/11/2022To defineMovistar
Ibiza vs. Mirandese06/11/2022To defineMovistar
Leganes vs. Ponferradina06/11/2022To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. Sporting Gijon06/11/2022To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. I raised06/11/2022To defineMovistar
Lugo vs. Cartagena06/11/2022To defineMovistar
The Palms vs. Eibar06/11/2022To defineMovistar
Oviedo vs. Grenade06/11/2022To defineMovistar

Matchday 16

Matchday 16DateHourTV
Andorra vs. Lugo11/20/2022To defineMovistar
lift vs. the palms11/20/2022To defineMovistar
Eibar vs Alaves11/20/2022To defineMovistar
Racing Santander vs. Burgos11/20/2022To defineMovistar
Mirandes vs. Cartagena11/20/2022To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. Huesca11/20/2022To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. Ibiza11/20/2022To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. Leganes11/20/2022To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. Malaga11/20/2022To defineMovistar
Ponferradine vs. Oviedo11/20/2022To defineMovistar
Grenada vs. Albacete11/20/2022To defineMovistar

Matchday 17

Matchday 17DateHourTV
Alaves vs. Villarreal B11/27/2022To defineMovistar
Burgos vs. zaragoza11/27/2022To defineMovistar
Cartagena vs. Eibar11/27/2022To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. Sporting Gijon11/27/2022To defineMovistar
The Palms vs. Tenerife11/27/2022To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. Ponferradina11/27/2022To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. Racing de Santander11/27/2022To defineMovistar
Ibiza vs. Andorra11/27/2022To defineMovistar
Leganes vs. Grenade11/27/2022To defineMovistar
Lugo vs. I raised11/27/2022To defineMovistar
Oviedo vs. Mirandese11/27/2022To defineMovistar

Matchday 18

Matchday 18DateHourTV
Andorra vs. Cartagena04/12/2022To defineMovistar
Eibar vs. Huesca04/12/2022To defineMovistar
lift vs. Malaga04/12/2022To defineMovistar
Grenada vs. Alaves04/12/2022To defineMovistar
Ponferradine vs. Burgos04/12/2022To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. Ibiza04/12/2022To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. Leganes04/12/2022To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. the palms04/12/2022To defineMovistar
Racing Santander vs. Lugo04/12/2022To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. Oviedo04/12/2022To defineMovistar
Mirandes vs. Albacete04/12/2022To defineMovistar

Matchday 19

Matchday 19DateHourTV
Burgos vs. Eibar07/12/2022To defineMovistar
Cartagena vs. Villarreal B07/12/2022To defineMovistar
Ibiza vs. Racing de Santander07/12/2022To defineMovistar
Leganes vs. Mirandese07/12/2022To defineMovistar
lift vs. Ponferradina07/12/2022To defineMovistar
Lugo vs. Sporting Gijon07/12/2022To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. zaragoza07/12/2022To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. Alaves07/12/2022To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. Andorra07/12/2022To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. Grenade07/12/2022To defineMovistar
Oviedo vs. the palms07/12/2022To defineMovistar

Day 20

Day 20DateHourTV
Alaves vs. I raised12/11/2022To defineMovistar
Andorra vs. Leganes12/11/2022To defineMovistar
Eibar vs. Oviedo12/11/2022To defineMovistar
Ibiza vs. Malaga12/11/2022To defineMovistar
Grenada vs. Burgos12/11/2022To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. Cartagena12/11/2022To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. Huesca12/11/2022To defineMovistar
Ponferradine vs. Lugo12/11/2022To defineMovistar
Racing Santander vs. Mirandese12/11/2022To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. Tenerife12/11/2022To defineMovistar
The Palms vs. Albacete12/11/2022To defineMovistar

Day 21

Day 21DateHourTV
Burgos vs. Huesca12/11/2022To defineMovistar
Cartagena vs. Racing de Santander 12/11/2022To defineMovistar
Leganes vs. zaragoza 12/11/2022To defineMovistar
Mirandes vs. Ponferradina12/11/2022To defineMovistar
Oviedo vs. Sporting Gijon12/11/2022To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. Ibiza 12/11/2022To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. Alaves12/11/2022To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. Andorra12/11/2022To defineMovistar
lift vs. Eibar12/11/2022To defineMovistar
Lugo vs. Grenade12/11/2022To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. the palms12/11/2022To defineMovistar

Day 22

Day 22DateHourTV
Alaves vs. Burgos01/08/2023To defineMovistar
Andorra vs. Oviedo01/08/2023To defineMovistar
Eibar vs. Ibiza01/08/2023To defineMovistar
Leganes vs. Lugo01/08/2023To defineMovistar
The Palms vs. Racing de Santander01/08/2023To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. Tenerife01/08/2023To defineMovistar
Ponferradine vs. Villarreal B01/08/2023To defineMovistar
Grenada vs. Cartagena01/08/2023To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. I raised01/08/2023To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. Mirandese01/08/2023To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. Albacete01/08/2023To defineMovistar

Matchday 23

Matchday 23DateHourTV
Cartagena vs. Huesca01/15/2023To defineMovistar
Eibar vs. Malaga01/15/2023To defineMovistar
Ibiza vs. the palms01/15/2023To defineMovistar
Racing Santander vs. Sporting Gijon01/15/2023To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. Saragossa01/15/2023To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. Leganes01/15/2023To defineMovistar
Oviedo vs. Alaves 01/15/2023To defineMovistar
Burgos vs. Andorra01/15/2023To defineMovistar
lift vs. Grenade 01/15/2023To defineMovistar
Mirandes vs. Lugo01/15/2023To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. Ponferradina01/15/2023To defineMovistar

Matchday 24

Matchday 24DateHourTV
Alaves vs. Racing de Santander01/22/2023To defineMovistar
Cartagena vs. Tenerife01/22/2023To defineMovistar
Grenada vs. Ibiza01/22/2023To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. Oviedo01/22/2023To defineMovistar
Leganes vs. I raised01/22/2023To defineMovistar
The Palms vs. Mirandese01/22/2023To defineMovistar
Lugo vs. Villarreal B01/22/2023To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. zaragoza01/22/2023To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. Burgos01/22/2023To defineMovistar
Ponferradine vs. Eibar01/22/2023To defineMovistar
Andorra vs. Albacete08/28/2022To defineMovistar

Matchday 25

Matchday 25DateHourTV
Eibar vs. Leganes 01/29/2023To defineMovistar
Oviedo vs. Villarreal B01/29/2023To defineMovistar
Racing Santander vs. Tenerife01/29/2023To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. Lugo01/29/2023To defineMovistar
Mirandes vs. Alaves01/29/2023To defineMovistar
Grenada vs. Andorra01/29/2023To defineMovistar
lift vs. Burgos01/29/2023To defineMovistar
Ibiza vs. Cartagena01/29/2023To defineMovistar
The Palms vs. Huesca01/29/2023To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. Malaga01/29/2023To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. Ponferradina01/29/2023To defineMovistar

Matchday 26

Matchday 26DateHourTV
Alaves vs. Eibar02/05/2023To defineMovistar
Andorra vs. zaragoza02/05/2023To defineMovistar
Burgos vs. the palms02/05/2023To defineMovistar
Cartagena vs. I raised02/05/2023To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. Mirandese02/05/2023To defineMovistar
Leganes vs Sporting Gijon02/05/2023To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. Oviedo02/05/2023To defineMovistar
Ponferradine vs. Racing de Santander02/05/2023To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. Grenade02/05/2023To defineMovistar
Lugo vs. Ibiza 02/05/2023To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. Albacete02/05/2023To defineMovistar

Matchday 27

Matchday 27DateHourTV
Grenada vs. Tenerife02/12/2023To defineMovistar
Ibiza vs. Ponferradina02/12/2023To defineMovistar
The Palms vs. Lugo02/12/2023To defineMovistar
Mirandes vs. Villarreal B02/12/2023To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. Malaga02/12/2023To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. Alaves02/12/2023To defineMovistar
lift vs. Andorra 02/12/2023To defineMovistar
Oviedo vs. Burgos02/12/2023To defineMovistar
Eibar vs. Cartagena02/12/2023To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. Huesca02/12/2023To defineMovistar
Racing Santander vs. Leganes02/12/2023To defineMovistar

Day 28

Day 28DateHourTV
Alaves vs. Ibiza02/19/2023To defineMovistar
Andorra vs. Sporting Gijon02/19/2023To defineMovistar
Cartagena vs. Oviedo02/19/2023To defineMovistar
Leganes vs. the palms02/19/2023To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. zaragoza02/19/2023To defineMovistar
Lugo vs. Eibar02/19/2023To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. Grenade02/19/2023To defineMovistar
Ponferradine vs. I raised02/19/2023To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. Mirandese02/19/2023To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. Racing de Santander02/19/2023To defineMovistar
Burgos vs. Albacete02/19/2023To defineMovistar

Matchday 29

Matchday 29DateHourTV
Alaves vs. Cartagena02/26/2023To defineMovistar
Eibar vs. Villarreal B02/26/2023To defineMovistar
Grenada vs. Malaga02/26/2023To defineMovistar
The Palms vs. Ponferradina02/26/2023To defineMovistar
lift vs. Lugo02/26/2023To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. Tenerife02/26/2023To defineMovistar
Racing Santander vs. Andorra02/26/2023To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. Burgos02/26/2023To defineMovistar
Ibiza vs. Huesca02/26/2023To defineMovistar
Mirandes vs. Leganes02/26/2023To defineMovistar
Oviedo vs. Albacete02/26/2023To defineMovistar

Matchday 30

Matchday 30DateHourTV
Andorra vs. the palms03/05/2023To defineMovistar
Burgos vs. Grenade03/05/2023To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. I raised03/05/2023To defineMovistar
Lugo vs. zaragoza03/05/2023To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. Racing de Santander03/05/2023To defineMovistar
Mirandes vs. Oviedo03/05/2023To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. Sporting Gijon 03/05/2023To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. Alaves03/05/2023To defineMovistar
Ponferradine vs. Cartagena03/05/2023To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. Eibar03/05/2023To defineMovistar
Leganes vs. Ibiza03/05/2023To defineMovistar

Day 31

Day 31DateHourTV
Alaves vs. Lugo03/12/2023To defineMovistar
Grenada vs. Ponferradina03/12/2023To defineMovistar
Ibiza vs. Villarreal B03/12/2023To defineMovistar
The Palms vs. Malaga03/12/2023To defineMovistar
Oviedo vs. Tenerife 03/12/2023To defineMovistar
Cartagena vs. Andorra03/12/2023To defineMovistar
Eibar vs. Burgos03/12/2023To defineMovistar
Racing Santander vs. Huesca03/12/2023To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. Leganes03/12/2023To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. Mirandese03/12/2023To defineMovistar
lift vs. Albacete03/12/2023To defineMovistar

Day 32

Day 32DateHourTV
Andorra vs. Ibiza03/19/2023To defineMovistar
Burgos vs. Sporting Gijon 03/19/2023To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. zaragoza03/19/2023To defineMovistar
Leganes vs. Oviedo03/19/2023To defineMovistar
Lugo vs. Racing de Santander03/19/2023To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. Grenade03/19/2023To defineMovistar
Ponferradine vs. Alaves03/19/2023To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. Cartagena03/19/2023To defineMovistar
Mirandes vs. Eibar03/19/2023To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. the palms03/19/2023To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. I raised03/19/2023To defineMovistar

Day 33

Day 33DateHourTV
Alaves vs. Tenerife03/26/2023To defineMovistar
Cartagena vs. Lugo03/26/2023To defineMovistar
Grenada vs. Oviedo03/26/2023To defineMovistar
The Palms vs. Sporting Gijon 03/26/2023To defineMovistar
Eibar vs. Andorra 03/26/2023To defineMovistar
Ibiza vs. Burgos03/26/2023To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. Huesca03/26/2023To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. Leganes03/26/2023To defineMovistar
Racing Santander vs. I raised03/26/2023To defineMovistar
Ponferradine vs. Mirandese03/26/2023To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. Albacete03/26/2023To defineMovistar

Day 34

Day 34DateHourTV
Andorra vs. Malaga04/02/2023To defineMovistar
Burgos vs. Racing de Santander04/02/2023To defineMovistar
lift vs. zaragoza04/02/2023To defineMovistar
Lugo vs. Ponferradina04/02/2023To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. Villarreal B04/02/2023To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. the palms04/02/2023To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. Alaves04/02/2023To defineMovistar
Leganes vs. Cartagena04/02/2023To defineMovistar
Oviedo vs. Eibar04/02/2023To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. Grenade04/02/2023To defineMovistar
Mirandes vs. Ibiza04/02/2023To defineMovistar

Day 35

Day 35DateHourTV
Alaves vs. Andorra04/09/2023To defineMovistar
Cartagena vs. Mirandese04/09/2023To defineMovistar
Eibar vs. I raised 04/09/2023To defineMovistar
Ibiza vs. Sporting Gijon04/09/2023To defineMovistar
The Palms vs. Oviedo 04/09/2023To defineMovistar
Lugo vs. Tenerife04/09/2023To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. Burgos04/09/2023To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. Grenade04/09/2023To defineMovistar
Ponferradine vs. Leganes04/09/2023To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. Malaga04/09/2023To defineMovistar
Racing Santander vs. Albacete04/09/2023To defineMovistar

Day 36

Day 36DateHourTV
Andorra vs. Huesca04/16/2023To defineMovistar
Burgos vs. Ponferradina04/16/2023To defineMovistar
Grenada vs. the palms04/16/2023To defineMovistar
Leganes vs. Villarreal B04/16/2023To defineMovistar
lift vs. Mirandese04/16/2023To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. Eibar04/16/2023To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. Alaves04/16/2023To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. Cartagena04/16/2023To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. Ibiza04/16/2023To defineMovistar
Oviedo vs. Lugo04/16/2023To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. Racing de Santander04/16/2023To defineMovistar

Day 37

Day 37DateHourTV
Alaves vs. Leganes04/23/2023To defineMovistar
Cartagena vs. Sporting Gijon04/23/2023To defineMovistar
Eibar vs. zaragoza 04/23/2023To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. Tenerife04/23/2023To defineMovistar
Ibiza vs. Oviedo04/23/2023To defineMovistar
Lugo vs. Malaga04/23/2023To defineMovistar
Ponferradine vs. Andorra04/23/2023To defineMovistar
Mirandes vs. Burgos04/23/2023To defineMovistar
Racing Santander vs. Grenade04/23/2023To defineMovistar
The Palms vs. I raised04/23/2023To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. Albacete04/23/2023To defineMovistar

Day 38

Day 38DateHourTV
Andorra vs. Mirandese04/30/2023To defineMovistar
Burgos vs. Villarreal B04/30/2023To defineMovistar
Oviedo vs. Ponferradina04/30/2023To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. Cartagena04/30/2023To defineMovistar
lift vs. Alaves04/30/2023To defineMovistar
Grenada vs. Eibar04/30/2023To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. Huesca04/30/2023To defineMovistar
Racing Santander vs. Ibiza04/30/2023To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. Leganes04/30/2023To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. the palms04/30/2023To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. Lugo04/30/2023To defineMovistar

Day 39

Day 39DateHourTV
Alaves vs. Grenade05/07/2023To defineMovistar
Eibar vs. the palms05/07/2023To defineMovistar
Mirandes vs. Racing de Santander05/07/2023To defineMovistar
Oviedo vs. zaragoza05/07/2023To defineMovistar
Lugo vs. Andorra05/07/2023To defineMovistar
Cartagena vs. Burgos05/07/2023To defineMovistar
Leganes vs. Huesca05/07/2023To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. I raised05/07/2023To defineMovistar
Ponferradine vs. Malaga05/07/2023To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. Sporting Gijon05/07/2023To defineMovistar
Ibiza vs. Albacete05/07/2023To defineMovistar

Matchday 40

Matchday 40DateHourTV
Andorra vs. Tenerife05/14/2023To defineMovistar
Burgos vs. Leganes 05/14/2023To defineMovistar
Grenada vs. Lugo 05/14/2023To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. Ponferradina05/14/2023To defineMovistar
The Palms vs. Villarreal B05/14/2023To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. Mirandese05/14/2023To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. Alaves05/14/2023To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. Cartagena05/14/2023To defineMovistar
Racing Santander vs. Eibar05/14/2023To defineMovistar
lift vs. Ibiza05/14/2023To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. Oviedo05/14/2023To defineMovistar

Matchday 41

Matchday 41DateHourTV
Alaves vs. Malaga05/21/2023To defineMovistar
Cartagena vs. the palms05/21/2023To defineMovistar
Eibar vs. Sporting Gijon 05/21/2023To defineMovistar
Ibiza vs. zaragoza05/21/2023To defineMovistar
Oviedo vs. Racing de Santander05/21/2023To defineMovistar
Leganes vs. Andorra05/21/2023To defineMovistar
Tenerife vs. Burgos05/21/2023To defineMovistar
Mirandes vs. Grenade05/21/2023To defineMovistar
Lugo vs. Huesca 05/21/2023To defineMovistar
Villarreal B vs. I raised05/21/2023To defineMovistar
Ponferradine vs. Albacete05/21/2023To defineMovistar

Matchday 42

Matchday 42DateHourTV
Andorra vs. Villarreal B05/28/2023To defineMovistar
Burgos vs. Lugo05/28/2023To defineMovistar
Grenada vs. Leganes05/28/2023To defineMovistar
lift vs. Oviedo05/28/2023To defineMovistar
Albacete vs. Mirandese05/28/2023To defineMovistar
The Palms vs. Alaves05/28/2023To defineMovistar
Racing Santander vs. Cartagena05/28/2023To defineMovistar
Hueca vs. Eibar05/28/2023To defineMovistar
Malaga vs. Ibiza05/28/2023To defineMovistar
Sporting Gijon vs. Ponderadine05/28/2023To defineMovistar
Zaragoza vs. Tenerife05/28/2023To defineMovistar

End of the 42 days of the calendar

Direct Ascent

After the 42 games of the SmartBank League calendar, the top two finishers are promoted directly to the Santander League.


The last four classifieds of the 22 teams in the category are automatically relegated to the 1st RFEF after the 42 SmartBank League games are played. There is no playoff that allows the nineteenth to avoid relegation through a tie against a candidate for promotion to Second.

Second Division promotion play-off

From third to sixth classified, a promotion play-off is played in the form of a ‘Final Four’, with semifinals and a two-legged final in which the winner would also be promoted to the First Division of Spain.


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