Meryl Streep Net Worth 2022 – How Rich Is The Actress?

Meryl Streep Net Worth 2022

Meryl Streep Net Worth 2022: Meryl Streep is a real acting veteran. Since 1977, fans and experts have been able to look forward to the American’s performances on the big screen. Anyone who can look back on such a long vita also had plenty of time to rake in a lot of money. And we’re talking about a huge pile that Meryl Streep has earned over the decades.

Meryl Streep Net Worth 2022:

The actress’s net worth is no less than $ 160 million. It all started very modestly and it was to take some time until Mrs. Streep finally got rich with the modern, film-banned variant of juggling.

Career And First Earnings:

Mery Streep, who incidentally also has German roots, was born on June 22, 1949 in Summit, New Jersey. As the daughter of a graphic designer and a pharmaceutical entrepreneur, she first had to decide on the field of acting for her future career. She is known to have succeeded in this, and so she successfully completed her “Drama” degree at Yale University in New Haven.

The ambitious actress was able to get hold of a role in the film drama “Julia” in 1977 and thus gain her first professional experience. A year later she was in front of the camera again, this time in “Those Going Through Hell”. For the portrayal of “Linda” she was even nominated for an Oscar in the category “Best Female Supporting Role”, but she was denied an award. Nevertheless, the actress could look forward to an income of 35,000 dollars for her performance.

And this income should more than double in the next year: With the novel adaptation “Kramer versus Kramer” she earned more than 85,000 dollars, but also again the respect of the professional world for their acting skills. This time she actually won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

From then on, Meryl Streep was of course in great demand, and it should not be two years before she was allowed to be viewed on the big screen again. For the period drama “The French Lieutenant’s Lover”, $ 350,000 was added to the artist’s fortune.

Through Hollywood In Seven-League Boots:

The American must undoubtedly have liked the development of her steadily growing income. What could be even more enjoyable: that was just the beginning. In 1984 Meryl Streep was “addicted to love”. She made a fortune with the love drama: Her work was paid $ 2 million. A lot of money, to which the actress also had to “get used” in the future.

In “Out of Africa” from 1985 she played one of the title roles together with Robert Redford and Klaus Maria Brandauer. The autobiographical story of the Dane Karen Blixen added no less than $ 3,000,000 to Streep’s fortune.

The comedy “Greetings from Hollywood” then got down to business. With an income of $ 4 million, it can also be really fun to play! Mery Streep plays with the main role of “Suzanne Vale” almost exactly the opposite of her former self: an unsuccessful actress who simply does not manage to bring her career into shape. The fact that things went much better for the American in real life is underscored by a look at the fee she earned in 1992 for “Death is good”. She was once again richly rewarded with $ 4 million.

In 1994 this income was topped up by another million when she was involved in the shooting of “Am Wilden Fluß”.

1995 was the year in which the actress was supposed to buy a wickedly expensive townhouse in New York City. The property was priced at $ 2.2 million. But these are peanuts when you compare this sum with the total assets. In addition, she could almost have bought two houses in this category from her next film, “Die Brücken am Fluß” (1994).

Unable To Be Stopped:

Mery Streep was and is a true workaholic, so you would need your own article to unravel and scrutinize each of the films she has shot. But let me tell you: the woman stayed on the ball and made dozens of other films. She then made so much money from her work that in 2004 she bought an exclusive loft in the upscale Tribeca district of New York. The booth has relieved her by a mere $ 5,950,000!

In 2006, she showed that Streep can also do clever business. In that year she sold the New York townhouse she had acquired in 1995 for over 9 million dollars! Together with the 5 million dollars that Meryl Streep got for her role in “The Devil Wears Prada”, that is an annual income of a good 14 million dollars.

In 2007 the American received “just” one million bucks for her role in the thriller “Powerless”. But if you are as rich as the actress, you will be able to cope with it. Especially since two years later there was really big booty. For the comedy based on the book “Julie & Julia”, the responsible people poured 5 million US dollars into the account of the now 69-year-old.

Her contribution to “If love were so easy” turned out to be even more lucrative. During the course of filming, $ 7 million changed hands. It is estimated that Streep’s annual income in 2010 was $ 13 million.

Her donation of a whopping million dollars to the “National Women’s History Museum” in 2011 shows that the lady also has a noble disposition. The following year she donated the same amount to the “The Public Theater” organization and took in $ 12 million at the same time. A year later it was $ 5 million less. In 2014, Meryl Streeps received roughly $ 10 million.

The American’s last film so far is “Mary Poppins’ Return”, Released in 2018.

Pomp And Circumstance:

Meryl Streep was nominated for an Oscar 21 times during her career, more than any other actress before. In 1979 (“Kramer versus Kramer”), 1983 (“Sophie’s Decision”) and 2012 (“The Iron Lady”) she was able to win the coveted trophy. Furthermore, the actress was awarded eight Golden Globes, which makes her the record winner of the award. She also holds an honorary doctorate from Princeton University and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

We take our hats off to this impressive career.


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