Mohamed Salah Vs Riyad Mahrez: Who Is Better?

Mohamed Salah Vs Riyad Mahrez (3)

Mohamed Salah Vs Riyad Mahrez: A comparison of numbers between the honorary Arab Mohamed Salah and Riyad Mahrez.

Arabs are always proud of having a group of distinguished players in the largest European football clubs, and on top of those names are the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player, and Riyad Mahrez, the Algerian star of Manchester City.

Mohamed Salah Vs Riyad Mahrez:

The Arab duo’s bids were not limited only to their teams, but they succeeded in winning the affection of the fans of Egypt and Algeria through their historical contributions with the pharaohs and desert warriors, and the titles and achievements they achieved with them.

Salah and Mahrez.. Who Scored The Most Goals Throughout His Career?

It is only natural that given the two’s close skills, as well as the nature of competitive football, a kind of comparison arises between them from the Egyptian and Algerian fans, it is logical that everyone seeks to prove that his compatriot is better than the other.

How Many Goals Mohamed Salah With Clubs?

We turn to the language of numbers and statistics, and shed light on the number of goals Mohamed Salah and Riyad Mahrez, whether with clubs or teams, who is better?

The Number of Mohamed Salah Goals With The Arab Contractors:

Mohamed Salah started his career with the Arab Contractors Club in the Egyptian League, and scored 12 goals during 44 participations and made 6 others in various competitions.


The Number of Mohamed Salah Goals With Swiss Basel:

After that, Salah moved to the Swiss Basel, where his talent exploded even more. During his stay there, he participated in 79 matches, during which he scored 20 goals and assisted 17.


Mohamed Salah Goals With Chelsea:

At the request of Jose Mourinho, Chelsea signed Salah, and the experience lasted only six months. He played 19 games, most of them as a substitute, and scored two goals and made four.

2014–2016 Chelsea 192

The Number Of Mohamed Salah Goals In The Calcio With Fiorentina And Roma:

Salah’s journey began in Calcio on loan to Fiorentina, where he played 26 matches, during which he scored 9 goals and assisted four others. Salah continued to shine in the Roma shirt, where he played 83 matches, during which he scored 34 goals and assisted 22 others.


The Number of Mohamed Salah Goals With Liverpool:

Liverpool paid 40 million euros to sign Salah after that in 2017, and it was the most expensive deal in the club’s history. Salah scored 140 goals in 218 matches in various competitions, and scored 50 assists, and achieved the Premier League top scorer title on two occasions.


List of Mohamed Salah Goals With Clubs:


How Many Goals Riyad Mahrez With Clubs?

Riyad Mahrez started his career with French club Sarkely in the amateur degrees, and from there to Quimper, and finally reached the professional teams in 2011 by playing for Le Havre.

The Number of Goals Riyad Mahrez with Le Havre:

With Le Havre, Mahrez played 67 matches in which he scored 10 goals and assisted 12 others, before taking the most important step in his career by moving to the English Premier League, specifically Leicester City.


Riyad Mahrez Leicester City Goals:

Mahrez first played with the second team of Leicester City in two matches, during which he scored one goal, then he moved to the first team and played 179 matches, in which he scored 48 goals and made 38 others.


The Number Of Goals Riyad Mahrez with Manchester City:

After drawing attention with his skill and exceptional numbers, Manchester City paid for Mahrez 67 million pounds in 2018, and since then Mahrez has played 157 games, during which he scored 47 goals and made 39.


List of Riyad Mahrez’s Goals With Clubs:


How Many Goals Mohamed Salah With The Egyptian National Team?

Mohamed Salah’s first participation with the Egyptian national team was against Sierra Leone in the African Nations Cup qualifiers in September 2011 . And since then Salah participated in 69 appearances for Egypt at all levels, led them to reach the Egyptian team for the first time in 28 years to the 2018 World Cup, and also reach the final of the African Cup of Nations 2017.

Of course, Salah has been Egypt’s top scorer over the past decade until now, as he scored 43 goals internationally, including two at the World Cup level, against Russia and Saudi Arabia, and assisted 22 others.

Mohamed Salah Goals With the Egyptian National Team:


How Many Goals Riyad Mahrez With the Algerian National Team?

Riyad Mahrez’s first participation with the Algerian national team was in May 2014 in a friendly match against Armenia, and Mahrez made two goals at the time for Islam Slimani and Nabil Gilas. And since then Mehrez participated in 66 international appearances with the Algerian national team at all levels, the greatest achievement is the achievement of the African Cup of Nations title in Egypt in 2019, as the presence in the 2014 World Cup and played 72 minutes in front of the Belgium team.

The total of Mahrez’s goals with the Algerian national team is 22, perhaps the most expensive of them ever was his goal against Nigeria in the last moments in the last African Nations Cup semi-final, and he also assisted 33 others.

Riyad Mahrez’s Goals For Algeria:


Numbers And Statistics of Mohamed Salah And Riyad Mahrez:

In terms of goals, Salah has a greater scoring record after achieving the Premier League top scorer title for two consecutive seasons 2017/18 and 2018/19. As for the 2019/2020 season, and at the level of the league, Salah scored 20 goals against 12 goals for Mahrez.

Mohamed Salah 2009–541259
Riyad Mahrez 2009–560156

The Most Important Tournaments And Awards Pbtained by Mahrez and Salah:

Man Of The Match Award:

Mohamed Salah3
Riyad Mahrez3

The Most Important Tournaments:

Riyad Mahrez

Swiss Super League2012–13, 2013–14
Premier League2019–20
UEFA Champions League2018–19
UEFA Champions League: runner-up2017–18
UEFA Super Cup2019
FIFA Club World Cup2019
Africa Cup of Nations runner-up2017

Mohamed Salah

Premier League2015–16
Football League Championship2013–14
Premier League 2018–19, 2020–21
FA Cup2018–19
EFL Cup2018–19, 2019–20, 2020–21
FA Community Shield 2018
UEFA Champions League runner-up2020–21
Africa Cup of Nations2019


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