The 10 Most Popular Mobile Games of 2022

Most Popular Mobile Games of 2022

Most Popular Mobile Games of 2022: Would you like to play a cool new mobile game, but have absolutely no idea which of the many games on offer you should install on your smartphone? No problem, because we have a small decision-making aid for you at the start.

Most Popular Mobile Games of 2022

We present to you: The 10 most popular smartphone games in 2022 that you should have played.

1. Fortnite (iOS, Android)

“Fortnite” has long been a cult on the PC and on the console and captivates millions of people worldwide. The varied shooter is now also available for the smartphone and offers fans an impressive gaming experience that doesn’t have to hide behind the great original. You can either prove your tactical skills alone or go into battle with friends. There are numerous ways to extensively upgrade your own character and the various combat zones, and cool updates in the form of game modes, character looks, weapons, special items and much more await your discovery every week. This iconic game will definitely inspire you quickly on your smartphone.


Now one of the pioneers of the entire industry is entering the race. The offshoot of the successful Steam-based shooter is now also available for mobile devices and is free of charge. For a shooter of this quality level, this is a real hammer. You can fight for victory with up to 100 other players on various maps. In the beginning, you jump somewhere above the huge map and have to find weapons and equipment in houses, barns and everywhere else. The radius of the circle you can survive in gets smaller over time. If you are outside the circle, you take damage. This is how battles are forced. A classic battle royale mode. The graphics and controls seem almost perfectly mature. In contrast to its PC-based counterpart, the shooter hardly has to make any compromises. One of the best shooters in the entire genre. Just download, have fun, enjoy and forget the time. Attention, this game offers an enormously high potential for addiction!

3. Clash of Clans (Android)

Clash of Clans is a very popular online strategy game in which the player has the task of building his own village. Starting with a town hall, more and more buildings are added over the course of the game, some of which can also produce important raw materials such as gold or elixir. You can use these to purchase additional buildings, but also to finance the training of the armed forces. “Clash of Clans” is not a pure development game, but also a fighting game in which you have to fend off enemy attacks from foreign armies. However, if you upgrade your buildings extensively, they act as a sturdy fortress that not even experienced archers or powerful giants can harm. However, it is a long way until then, so you should plan a lot of time.

4. Mario Kart Tour (iOS, Android)

“Mario Kart” has long had a cult following on Nintendo consoles. Now the plumber and his friends are also discovering the smartphone for themselves and compete against each other in “Mario Kart Tour”. As the name of the game already suggests, the Nintendo heroes compete in various locations around the world, taking place on the most popular tracks from previous games as well as on completely new areas. Of course you can also throw yourself off the track with numerous crazy objects and climb up the rankings through strong performances. However, “Mario Kart Tour” is particularly fun in multiplayer mode against your own friends or up to seven players from all over the world. Buckle up and let’s go.

5. Pokemon GO (iOS, Android)

For a long time, “Pokémon GO” was one of those mobile games that you just couldn’t get around. In the meantime, the hype has died down a bit, but the game from Niantic still fascinates numerous players all over the world. As in the anime series of the same name, the player sets out to capture magical Pokémon that can hide anywhere. The highlight: The little animals can be caught on real streets or in the park – but you can only see them outside on your mobile phone screen. Since there are no longer hordes of people running through the inner cities to snag the best Pokémon, the servers are no longer quite as busy, which makes “Pokémon GO” even more fun than after the release.

6. Among Us (iOS, Android)

The game has really grown in popularity. This multiplayer strategy game takes place on a spaceship and can be played with four to 10 players over local Wi-Fi or online. It’s fun with friends as long as you don’t take it too seriously, but the real madness comes when you’re playing online with a group of strangers.
The basic premise is simple: you are a crew member and your job is to complete various tasks around the ship – but wait! There is an impostor among you who has an insidious plan: to cruelly slaughter everyone! Your goal is to find out which of you is the culprit. Along the way, the impostor tries to mislead the other players by sabotaging things, creating alibis, and covering up the murders. If you’re playing as a member of the crew, all you have to do is make sure you complete your quests while trying to figure out who the impostor is. When you play as an imposter your goal is to kill everyone before they find out who the guilty party is. The game is free and surprisingly addictive,

7. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (iOS, Android)

This impressive game from the Harry Potter universe also comes from the makers of “Pokémon GO”, which will captivate both small and large players this year. A terrible disaster has helped bring magical spells, objects, artifacts and people into the muggle world. With the help of renowned witches and wizards from all over the world, you as the player can take part in uncovering the escaped mysteries before mankind finds out about them. Just like in “Pokémon GO”, these are scattered in real life and visible using the phone screen. Tracking down these magical elements isn’t particularly difficult, as a useful map shows their respective locations. Who ever liked Harry Potter,

8. Super Mario Run (iOS, Android)

For a long time, Nintendo was reluctant to publish its games on mobile devices. Thank goodness those responsible have changed their minds in the meantime, because this way we can enjoy the ingenious jump ‘n’ run game “Super Mario Run”, which is strongly reminiscent of the classic “Super Mario Bros” games. Although Mario automatically runs from left to right here for the first time, this change compared to the classic games does not detract from the fun of the game. On the contrary: The lovingly animated levels in 2D optics, the many creative ideas and above all the well-known original sound will quickly inspire Nintendo nostalgics.

9. PAC-MAN 256 (iOS, Android)

Another classic with a new look is “PAC-MAN 256”. Every video game fan probably knows the insatiable Pac-Man, who has to flee from mean ghosts. While the original was a bit old-fashioned 40 years ago, this ingenious remake not only convinces with a more contemporary look, but also with several optimizations: The individual levels are now endless and it is possible to traverse them via side portals. With the help of the power-ups you can turn the tables and let the ghosts run away – the futuristic laser beam is particularly ingenious. A really successful remake of a timeless classic, which is ideal for playing on the go or just in between.

10. Call of Duty: Mobile (iOS, Android)

It took a long time, but in October 2019 a mobile version of the extremely successful first-person shooter “Call of Duty” was finally released. In “Call of Duty: Mobile” you, as a fan of the PC and console games, can look forward to an impressively successful smartphone implementation, which boasts pin-sharp HD graphics as well as a wide range of original cards from “Black Ops” and “Modern Warfare” can convince. There are different game modes such as “Team Deathmacth”, the solo mode or the brand new “Battle Royal” mode, in which up to 100 players can take aim at the same time. The long wait was more than worth it.


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