The 10 Most Successful Acting Siblings In Hollywood

Most Successful Acting Siblings In Hollywood

Most Successful Acting Siblings In Hollywood: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, the art of acting is simply in the blood of many families. It is hardly surprising that the children of directors or Hollywood actors want to follow in their parents’ footsteps. And siblings emulate their successful brothers and sisters. Acting is still one of the undisputed dream jobs of many young people. A lot of family clans act in front of and behind the camera in Hollywood.

Most Successful Acting Siblings In Hollywood

We are now introducing you to the top 6 most successful acting siblings:

1. The Fanning Sisters:

Left: Anthony Citrano, Dakota Fanning, 2009, CC BY 2.0 Right: Georges Biard, Elle Fanning Cannes 2016 2 , CC BY-SA 3.0
2001 Dakota Fanning (25 years) made her debut as Lucy Diamond Dawson on the side of Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer in “Ich bin Sam”. Daktoa’s younger sister Elle (20 years old) played the baby role of Lucy in the same film when she was only two months old.

Dakota was a very sought-after young actress in the following years and was often seen in major Hollywood films. Alongside Denzel Washington, she was seen in “Man Under Fire”, with Robert De Niro in “Hide and Seek” and alongside Tom Cruise she played in “War of the Worlds”. Her role as the nasty vampire Jane in the “Twilight” trilogy is also known. Dakota was considered a child prodigy, could read at the age of two and started school at just four years old.

Elle Fannings also immediately made the leap into big films. Her greatest successes in 2006 were “Déjà Vu” and she played with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett in “Babel”. In 2008 she stood in front of the camera again with both superstars for the film “The Strange Case of Benjamin Button”.

In addition to acting, both Fanning sisters are educated and study at New York University.

2. The Affleck Brothers:

Ben (46 years old) started his film career in 1981 at the tender age of nine. He only played a minor role in his debut “Straße ohne Weg”.

His younger brother Casey (43 years old) appeared for the first time in an episode of the American television series “American Playhouse” at the age of 13.

The Affleck brothers were seen together on the screen in 1997 in the Oscar-winning box office hit “Good Will Hunting”. The book for the film was written by Ben Affleck and his buddy Matt Damon, who also took on the lead role. While Ben later appeared in numerous blockbusters, Casey’s career got off to a more solid start.

Ben played in “Armageddon”, “Pearl Harbor” and “Batman”. Casey took on minor roles, the most famous of which was the personification of Virgil Malloy in the “Ocean” trilogy.

Actually, Ben had recently become pretty quiet, he worked more behind the camera than a producer and director. He kept making headlines because of breakups and alcohol problems. Brother Casey’s career really took off, and in 2017 he received an Oscar for his starring role in the drama “Manchester by the Sea”.

3. Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal:

Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal (38 and 41 years old) grew into the film business as children of a director and a screenwriter.

Jake made his screen debut in 1991. At the age of 11 he played Billy Crystal’s son in the movie City Slickers. Leading roles in “Donnie Darko”, “Nightcrawler” and “The Day After Tomorrow” followed later. In 2005 he played the gay cowboy Jack Twist in the award-winning homo drama “Brokeback Mountain”. For this role he was nominated for an Oscar in 2006, but unfortunately he did not win the trophy. Jake has appeared in at least one major Hollywood film annually since the early 2000s.

Sister Maggie, on the other hand, initially played minor roles and in independent productions. In “Donnie Darko” she stood in front of the camera with her brother. In 2008 she succeeded Katie Holmes in the role of Rachel Dawes in the comic book adaptation “The Dark Knight”. The supporting role of a journalist in the music film “Crazy Heart” earned her an Oscar nomination in 2010. Maggie is currently a member of the US television series “The Deuce”.

4. Chris and Liam Hemsworth:

The Australian acting brothers trio consists of the two better-known brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth (35 and 29 years old) and the third and oldest Luke (37 years old). All three began their careers in Australian serial productions. In the Down Under classics “Neighbors” and “Home and Away”, all three could be seen alternately.

Chris and Liam made the big leap to Hollywood in the early 2010s. We know Chris as Thor from the numerous comic adaptations of the Marvel film studios.

Liam played the Gale Hawthorne in the also very popular novel adaptations “The Hunger Games – The Hunger Games”.

The lesser known brother Luke had a bigger appearance alongside brother Chris in “Thor: Decision Day”. In addition to his Australian series jobs, Luke currently also has a role in the US science fiction series “Westworld”.

The beautiful brothers are absolute family people and are all happily married. Liam married teen idol Miley Cyrus in 2018.

5. The Olsen Trio:

The twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (32 years old) started their careers on US television when they were only nine months old. Until 1995 they played the sweet Michelle Elizabeth Tanner together in the hit series “Full House”.

During the late 1990s and early 2000s, they were seen in various youth films. The best-known of these was “The Double Lottery: One and One Makes Four”. After that, the twins’ film career ended abruptly. At the same time, however, the ladies had already built up an amazing corporate empire. Starting in 2000, they sold fan products, perfumes, fashion, magazines and books worldwide under the name mary-kateandashley. The fortunes of the former child stars are now estimated at around 300 million US dollars (around 284 million euros).

In 2011, Olsen’s younger sister Elizabeth appeared on screen. She has since worked in numerous successful Hollywood productions. One of the most famous films is the “Avenger” series by the Marvel film studios.

6. The Musical Deschanel Sisters:

The older Emily Deschanel (42 years) is known for her leading role in the crime series “Bones”. Her younger sister Zooey (39 years old) also appeared in “Bones” on the side of her sister, but only had a small part. She was best known for the lead role in the comedy series “New Girl”.

Both Deschandel sisters are also talented musicians and members of the band “She & Him”. Zooey performed, among other things, the theme song for their series. “Hey Girl” earned her a Golden Globe nomination. While Emily remained loyal to the series subject, Zooey also played in Hollywood productions such as “Buddy the Christmas Elf”, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and in the romantic comedy “Seduced To Undress”.


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