The 12 Most Successful Mobile Games 2022

Most Successful Mobile Games 2022

Most Successful Mobile Games 2022: Long gone are the days when we steered a chunky line of pixels across the measly display of our old Nokia cell phone and felt like we had reached the end of the mobile gaming flagpole. In the course of technical progress, the games for our smartphones have also continued to develop. The corresponding titles not only improved visually, but also knew how to please with their increasing complexity. We’ll tell you which mobile games were able to reach the largest number of users on the basis of our list of the best that follows.

Most Successful Mobile Games 2022:

Measured by the number of downloads, we present you the 10 most successful mobile games in history. We hope you enjoy reading!

1st Place: PUBG Mobile – 1 Billion Downloads

Those of you who have not spent the last few years behind the moon will sooner or later come across the title “PlayerUnknown’s Battleground” in the gaming world. It is thanks to games like “PUBG” that the ranks of battle royale shooters have enjoyed an unbridled triumph in the recent past.

The virtual struggle for survival in a steadily shrinking game world already thrilled countless players on the PC and on the consoles, so that in 2018 it was really no surprise that “PUBG” finally got an offshoot for iOS and Android. The mobile phone version not only enchants with its extraordinarily sharp look, but also offers all the tried and tested game modes that made “PlayerUnknown’s Battleground” so popular on the other platforms. No matter,

2nd Place: Garena Free Fire – 1 Billion Downloads

“Garena Free Fire” is a comparatively fresh offshoot of the Battle Royale that pursues the ambitious goal of overtaking its long-established genre colleagues. The game, which was developed by a Singapore-based development studio, relies on the tried and tested formula that made Fortnite and PUBG immensely popular. Together with 49 other players from all over the world, you have to assert yourself in action-packed arena battles and, in the best case, be the last survivor of a round to win.

On the steadily smaller area, which you enter in the well-known manner by parachute jump, you will find a wide variety of weapons and items. While the first beta of “Garena Free Fire” was released in 2017, 2019 should finally be the year in which the game made its absolute breakthrough. In that year, the title was downloaded almost 267 million times, and there are now a total of 1 Billion Downloads.

3rd Place: Pokémon Go – 1 Billion Downloads

When “Pokémon Go” was launched in the summer of 2016, a long-cherished dream came true for many long-established fans of the pocket monsters. With the help of the mobile game, we were finally able to advance to the “real” Pokémon trainer – the game principle of the title provides that we get on our socks to browse the real world for a wide variety of pocket monsters. This core element, which combines virtual collecting with real excursions, ultimately led to “Pokémon Go” experiencing an unprecedented hype on the mobile gaming market. It was not uncommon for players to get together in large groups and travel together to distant cities in order to get hold of a particularly rare Pokémon.

The game is refined, which has cast a spell over countless users to this day, through exciting and at the same time demanding raid fights, Pokéstops where important items can be hunted down and, last but not least, through PvP trainer fights, during which you can send your trained monsters into the race against other players. In the first month after publication alone, those responsible recorded around 130 million downloads, and to this day even a billion players have immersed themselves in the world of mobile pocket monsters.

4th Place: Subway Surfers – 1 Billion Downloads

“Subway Surfers”, which appeared on the market in 2012, once again provides us with proof that a simple game principle can still turn out to be a popular formula for success. At its core, the platforming offshoot is all about surviving as long as possible. In terms of content, you slip into the role of a graffiti gang member who is chased across the screen by the law enforcement officers.

Using touchscreen controls, you now have to collect the coins scattered around the area and skilfully jump over obstacles. If you finally get into the hands of a supervisor or are hit by a train, the exciting jumping break is over. This admittedly reduced but incredibly entertaining mechanics has a captivating addictive character, as you try in every session, to crack the highscore that you previously set up again. Meanwhile, a fabulous one billion players have pulled the title on their mobile phones.

5th Place: Clash of Clans – 500 Million Downloads

“Clash of Clans” saw the light of day in 2012 and is one of the absolute veterans of modern mobile gaming history. The focus of the title, which combines elements from the building genre, real-time strategy and tower defense mechanics, is playful cooperation in large groups. Once you have joined a clan or founded your own association, from now on you have to compete against rival groups from all over the world, enter into alliances and loot as many resources as possible.

Within the battles fought by barbarians, magicians and warriors, it is of course a matter of profitable tactics and a meticulously coordinated approach with your friends. Despite its brightly colored, Cartoon-like presentation, “Clash of Clans” has a coherent pinch of complexity that will keep you going for a long time. More than 500 million gamers have already entered the virtual battle to date.

6th Place: Fruit Ninja – 500 Million Downloads

In the course of its 10-year existence, “Fruit Ninja” has attracted a remarkable 500 million players. In the skin of a ninja, however, you do not set yourself the task of stabbing villains out of the shadows, but instead deal with far more fruity opponents. With the help of your razor-sharp blade you have to chop up the various fruits that appear at irregular intervals on your screen to make a bite-sized fruit salad.

If you don’t succeed in this in the given time frame, or if you accidentally hack one of the nasty bombs, you go game-over. The vitamin-laden highscore hunt follows a simple but captivating game principle and is ideally suited to bridge shorter waiting times in everyday life.

7th Place: Candy Crush Saga – 500 Million Downloads

You take a simple game board and place different colored sweets on it – and the basis of one of the most successful mobile games of all time is ready. Within “Candy Crush Saga” you then pursue the goal of combining as many sweets of the same color as possible and collecting the resulting pairs.

During the fun puzzles, however, the clock is always on your neck, at the same time only a limited number of moves are available to you. The simple game mechanics are refined by various extra delicacies, which bring you some advantages, even the different levels of difficulty know how to please. With around 500 million downloads, “Candy Crush Saga” is a prime example of a successful mobile game.

8th place: Temple Run – 500 Million Downloads

“Here is your character, there is a temple – run!”. In order to explain the gameplay of “Temple Run” in an understandable way, you really don’t need a lot of words. The endless running game, in which you are constantly on the run from the so-called demon monkeys, gets by without any clumsy ballast or excessive playful depth.

You control your character via touchscreen or by moving your mobile phone and try to survive as long as possible. The longer you persevere in your race against time, the more points you will be awarded. Here, too, the following applies: Don’t be dazzled by the simple design of the 2011 game – the lashing runs through mysterious temples are highly addictive.

9th Place: Mini World Block Art – 400 Million Downloads

Cute figures, a chunky but charming look and a squeaky color palette – “Mini World Block Art” already looks a lot at first glance. Behind the cute facade hides a pleasantly complex 3D sandbox game that knows how to convince with different modes. While we collect resources, build buildings and fight monsters in the traditional survival mode, in the creation mode we can let our creative building instinct run its course free from any stress.

Both visually and in terms of content, certain parallels to “Minecraft” cannot be denied. However, we and 400 million other players are of the opinion that the virtual wheel does not necessarily have to be reinvented every time for entertaining hours of gaming.

10th Place: Sonic Dash – 350 Million Downloads

The games from the “Sonic” cosmos have always stood for fast-paced action that will make your heart boil. Even the mobile phone offshoot “Sonic Dash” does not shake the tried and tested formula for success of the blue hedgehog and also transports it to varied 3D areas that have to be completed at insane speed.

The “endless runner” not only provides you with the prominent title hero of the “Sonic” franchise as a playable figure, but also has a wide range of well-known characters ready for you. An entertaining gaming experience that has already won over 350 million players.

11th Place: Helix Jump – 334 Million Downloads

The aim of the title “Helix Jump” is to steer a ball down through the gaps of a cylindrical screw. Every successful jump to a lower platform gives you points, the diamonds collected while playing can in turn be exchanged in the store for various improvements. However, if you play lively and sometimes headlessly, you will soon see the game-over screen.

Because in “Helix Jump” it is not just a matter of playful skill, but also a certain tactical foresight. Only those who act with foresight will be able to constantly win new high scores. The comparatively simple basic principle is at the same time the greatest strength of the game, as “Helix Jump” is pleasantly beginner-friendly and challenging at the same time.

12th Place: Gardenscapes – 324 Million Downloads

“Gardenscapes” is aimed at all virtual hobby gardeners. The construction simulation, peppered with puzzles, not only attracts with a wide variety of design and expansion options, but also surprises with its hidden secrets.

Garnished with funny, memorable characters, “Gardenscapes” becomes the perfect companion. With regard to the gameplay, the focus is on the so-called “match-three puzzles”, where the aim is to combine three objects that belong together. If you have a green thumb and also like successful puzzles in a charmingly designed context, you can’t go wrong with “Gardenscapes”.


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