Top 30 Inspiring and Motivational Movies You Must Watch 2022

Top 30 Inspiring and Motivational Movies You Must Watch 2022

Inspiring and Motivational Movies You Must Watch: Good movies are great. They entertain us. They motivate and inspire us. Sometimes they even replace a coach or therapist. Well, at least they help along the way.

Motivational Movies You Must Watch

Films that still contain a real message, convey values ​​and are intended to stimulate thought. To make your next movie night easier, here is a compilation of the top 30 movies to motivate & inspire you.

1. The Pursuit of Happiness

Motivation: The pursuit of happiness is definitely not easy and does not happen quickly! But if you are willing to grit your teeth and never give up, you will be rewarded in the end!

2. The Best Comes Last

Motivation: No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to do all the things you’ve always wanted to do. So make sure you get as many experiences as you can in the time you have left.

3. Forest Gump

Top 30 Inspiring and Motivational Movies You Must watch 2022

Motivation: Success, wealth, meaning & love are not only reserved for the smart and beautiful among us. Anyone who has a good heart and is always willing to follow it can have anything they dream of.

4. Braveheart

Inspiration: Those who are unwilling to bow to the hatred and oppression of others can become role models & ideals for others and experience true freedom.

5. Into the Wild

Inspiration: Our lives and our happiness is not set in stone! Just because other people have expectations and ideas about how you should live your life doesn’t mean that you have to follow them.

6. Rocky Balboa

Motivation: It is never too late to set a real goal in life and to do everything to actually achieve this goal. Age does not matter!

7. There Yes-Cases

Inspiration: Because of old habits or fear of new things, we say “no” to many things in our life and thus deprive ourselves of the opportunity to gain new experiences or meet new people.

8. 7 Lives

Inspiration: A stroke of fate can make us believe that there is nothing left to live for. But in truth, another event can give our lives more meaning than ever before.

9. Jim Carroll

Inspiration: who we are and where we end up depends in large part on the people we surround ourselves with on a daily basis. Having fake friends or negative people around you can ruin your life.

10. Peaceful Warrior

Inspiration: Stop running from trouble or defeat. In fact, stop looking at everything in terms of winning and losing.

11. The Condemned

Inspiration: No matter how hopeless the misfortune that you may have gotten yourself into through no fault of your own looks, you can still get out of it if you don’t give up & keep believing in yourself.

12. Schindler’s List

Inspiration: Just because everyone around you seems to be doing something, or at least tolerating it, doesn’t mean it’s right! Have the courage to do what YOU think is right!

13. Pretty best friends

Inspiration: True friendship is something that is not bound by any rules or guidelines. Those who are willing to see behind the differences can get to know others on a whole new level.

14. Life is beautiful

Inspiration: It is not the circumstances that shape our happiness, but how we interpret them for ourselves and what meaning we give them. Who is willing to see the good in the bad, we can enjoy life more.

15. Requiem for a Dream

Inspiration: Life is too short and too precious to drown in a swamp of drugs and violence. The desire to alter your consciousness through substances will cost you your happiness!

16. Life of Pi

Inspiration: We always make our own decisions about what we believe and what not. What we want to believe can be either good or bad for us.

17. Good Will Hunting

Inspiration: There is untapped potential in each of us, which we waste if we do not have the courage to do the things that correspond to our passion and our strengths/talents.

18. V for Vendetta

Motivation: Open your mind and awareness to the truth and start seeing how media and religion are often used as tools to control & oppress people.

19. The Impossible

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Inspiration: Our family is by far the most important thing in our lives. The love for our family can even survive the forces of nature and make us grow beyond ourselves.

20. Gandhi

Inspiration: Our true power lies in our values ​​and in the message we convey. Hate, aggression & violence is for the weak who don’t know that love & compassion can do more.

21. City of God

Wisdom: Our background does not determine who we are or where we go. 2 people can be in the same situation and yet have very different paths in life.

22. The Green Mile

Motivation: The good things in life don’t always have to look the way we would expect them to. It may well be that our first impression causes a wrong & hasty judgment.

23. Gran Torino

Inspiration: Our past experiences can cause us to build up prejudices that in reality only harm us and poison our minds & personality.

24. 127 Hours

Motivation: No matter how hopeless the situation may seem, you only lose when you give up on yourself. Even if nobody comes to your rescue, you can still be your own savior!

25. Cast Away

Motivation: The thought of WHOM you do something can be the source of true motivation. No matter how hard it seems, you must never forget who you are fighting for.

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26. Hass

Inspiration: We all fall from time to time. It doesn’t matter how you fall. What matters is how you land!

27. Shift – The Secret of Inspiration

Inspiration: A single moment in life has the power to change everything forever. Our worldview can suddenly change drastically – for the better as well as for the worse.

28. Trainspotting

Top 30 Inspiring and Motivational Movies You Must watch 2022

Inspiration: “Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking giant TV, a washing machine… Choose your future. Choose your life!”

29. L.A. Crash

Wisdom: what is a coincidence and what is fate? Some things & events in our life don’t seem to happen just like that, but for a very specific reason.

30. Butterfly and Diving Bell

Inspiration: How do you want the people in your life to remember you? Because it is clear that success does not guarantee you happiness and neither does it guarantee the attention and love of other people.

Movies as a source of wisdom, motivation & inspiration?!!

All of these inspiring & motivating films contain wisdom that you should not just recognize, but internalize! Some of the wisdom & messages may be hidden and can only be found through intense thought & pondering, but next time you watch one of the motivational/inspirational movies on this list, just try to find that hidden wisdom within.

Don’t just watch the film, turn off the TV or PC and forget what you saw. Instead, try to discover the small and large messages that the director has packed into the film. Have lots of fun with it!


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