Movies You Must See Before You Call yourself a film buff


Movies You Must See Before You Call yourself a film buff: Thriller films incorporate befuddling truths of life, tensions, and twists, and expected conflicts instead of blood and gore. Only the bravest moviegoers are obsessed with thrillers. Thrillers dominate the audience by presenting ambiguity about aspects, and yet getting your blood pressure raised by a good thriller is beneficial in certain ways.

From Christian Bale’s scene-stealing, convincing performance in American Psycho to experiencing the lows and highs of life chained to a bed in Gerald’s Game, best thrillers confirm to grip your soul till the very last scene.

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To allow you to maintain your thriller high, we’ve narrowed down the simplest thriller movies that might have you ever on the sting of your chairs throughout.


The film American Psycho is the embodiment of darkness creeping into grandeur. Starring Christian Bale because the lead character, Patrick Bateman, this movie ensures to explore the psychotic mindset of a perceivably normal Wall Street businessman. It largely focuses on the disorder, psychopathy, and therefore the manner that this movie depicts the alternate life Bateman leads is chilling to the bone.


One room, two incredible performers, and a horror master director, Gerald’s Game is undoubtedly the simplest adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of an equivalent name. Handcuffed to the bed in a lake house with nobody nearby, Jessie (Carla Gugino) explores the veracity of life by confronting her long-buried demons, during this epic thriller of 2017. This movie resonates with the viewers on a private level especially since the last ten minutes turn the entire dynamic the wrong way up.

GONE GIRL (2014)

Gone Girl is the best illustration of crimes that arise from relationship difficulties. Adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s bestseller of an equivalent name, this movie makes bound to keep you on your toes while deciding how Amy (Rosamund Pike), wife of Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck), goes missing. What comes after is eye-opening and itching at an equivalent time leaving the planet entirely overturned for the audience.

MEMENTO (2000)

Guy Pearce playing the lead protagonist, Leonard Shelby, suffers from STM after a person pitilessly dishonors and murders his wife. With the only motto of avenging his wife’s murder, Leonard takes polaroid photos and notes of all the happenings around to recollect the knowledge he can most certainly forget in this tremendously directed thriller movie.


Just like the name sounds, this movie personifies cold chills coming from behind a room with no ventilation. The Silence of the Lambs is one among the few movies within the history of flicks to possess won all five major Academy Award categories and an Oscar for Best Picture. In this epic watch, a G-man seeks help from the imprisoned face of death, Dr. Hannibal Lecter to catch a serial murderer.


Winning the simplest Picture award at the Oscars 2020, this movie focuses on class differences and therefore the deep rotted stigma between the upper and class  People with money are often unaware of the lives of the people beneath them within the circle of life, and this very difference breeds cruelty.


Perfume, supported by Patrick Suskind’s novel, is an enigma presenting a scent on screen. The movie starts with the stench of a gutter and keeps on nighttime throughout. Perfume has such powerful performances and direction that the notion of fragrance begins to take shape. You will find it macabre to the height and yet it grips your soul in a way that you simply cannot just abandon.


Release Date: April 23, 2021

Genre: Horror, Psychological

Director: Edgar Wright

This psychological horror movie is about a fashion-enthusiast, Sandy, who enters the 1960s. The movie takes a turn when the 60s world isn’t as simple together would have thought and strange things with ever stranger consequences start happening.


This piece of uncanny mastery is the work of artists who didn’t know the magnitude they might fire up. Requiem for a Dream is a particularly dark movie revolving around four people that destroy their lives due to their emotional voids. Based on the poetic novel of Hubert Selby Jr., this movie is an absolute thrill to observe for its unmatchable cinematography, the brilliancy in performances, and therefore the sheerness of script.


Release Date: February 26, 2021

Genre: Drama, Action

Director: Ilya Naishuller

Main Cast: Connie Nielsen, Bob Odenkirk, Christopher Lloyd, Humberly Gonzalez

Woman gets harassed. A bystander intervenes to help her. A strong and bloodthirsty drug cartel targets the innocent bystander.


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