5 Myths that are Holding the Crypto Industry Back

Myths that are Holding the Crypto Industry Back: Leaders of cryptocurrency face some tough challenges. One of them is when they come across huge misinformation that circulates regarding the industry. This industry has already proved many skeptics wrong on different fronts. But myths exist that are preventing any newbie to dive into this digital asset. Crypto may be intimidating to anyone who is not tech-savvy. Some may misunderstand how blockchain or cryptocurrency technology functions and struggle with trust. They may also get worried about issues such as regulation and environmental effects that are never being considered seriously by a few industry insiders. Bitcoin enthusiasts are checking for news articles at The News Spy for updates and tips about digital assets.

Many myths likely hold the crypto industry back. It is up to all crypto leaders and insiders that they address them well.

Cryptos mainly fund illegal activities

  • Many people believe that the main use of crypto is for illegal activities.
  • It has been challenging to get rid of such fear along with doubt and uncertainty.
  • The reason is a huge growth of illegal activities altogether with the overall growth of the market.
  • But legal activities’ growth rate has outpaced all illegal activities.
  • This is a clear sign of one maturing market having growth of organic users regardless of illicit activity.

Crypto is completely unregulated

  • One big myth is that the crypto space is one unregulated area full of problems.
  • But recently regulators worldwide took some steps.
  • It is an indication of what will happen soon.
  • National governments are taking an active part to draft crypto laws, shaping all requirements for reporting of tax, money laundering prevention, and many more.
  • Regulation is needed to thrive. This is also a myth.
  • Everyone is doing fine without any crypto regulation.
  • There may be issues. But everything is being and will be organized accordingly.
  • If regulation comes in it must be carried on correctly. Thus the industry is never constrained.

Blockchain technology is anonymous. No one can trust it

  • It is believed that cryptocurrency is anonymous and thus criminals use it.
  • Any non-coiner who is not aware or understands how this blockchain works are not having any idea of the opposite being true.
  • All is completely transparent and so safe and legal.
  • Everyone should use blockchain for keeping their funds safe along with secured as well as maintain total ownership of all financial assets.

Bitcoin is the main non-security cryptocurrency project

  • The most common myth is the belief that the very well-known crypto, Bitcoin is decentralized.
  • And it is the main non-security cryptocurrency project in this industry.
  • It is dangerous.
  • There is a difference from one operating perspective. It is that no one is aware of Bitcoin’s creators.
  • Such a myth puts aside some great ideas as people are afraid of implementing them for the fear of regulation from the government.
  • If that is the bar that the government has set, then many projects will become anonymous.

The older generation can never enjoy any benefit from crypto

  • It is often believed that consumer is not much intelligent.
  • They place their chips where they receive the most value for their least effort.
  • It has led to the growth of models based on Web2 in the last 20years.
  • Soon a lot of people will be able to understand that with slight efforts and responsibilities in Web3, they will get rewarded tremendously.
  • Thus the biggest myth has always been that cryptocurrency is not meant for the older generation.
  • It is only for Gen Z and millennials.
  • 4 % of the boomers hold cryptocurrency.
  • Such a perception is harming not only the older generations but also the crypto industry.
  • Crypto will aid boomers in building wealth and getting early retirement.
  • Also, there is huge potential for the upcoming bull run and digital asset investments to get driven by rich older generations.


The biggest myth holding back the crypto industry is that tech-savvy people can only enter this industry. Many people are seen to stay away from it as they think that it is not possible to understand crypto. Thus they miss out on various opportunities. Many artists will benefit if they tokenize their work, track ownership, and collect royalties. Yet they do not as they get intimidated easily by the technical side. Everyone needs to keep in mind that crypto is never a scheme of get-rich. Similar to gold, mutual funds, commodities, and so on, it is an option for investment. You must check its advantages and disadvantages well before you buy it.


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