Netflix Series for Couples: Top 20 Best Series to Watch TV Evenings Together

Netflix Series for Couples

Netflix Series for Couples: Is there anything nicer on a long day at work than lounging comfortably on the couch with your partner and letting your mind wander while watching the series together? 

Netflix Series for Couples:

So that the question of the right show does not arise in your home, we are now presenting the 20 series on the Netflix streaming service that, in our opinion, are best suited for a long series evening! Grab your boyfriend or girlfriend along with a fleece blanket and snacks and enjoy our selection!

1. Modern Family:

In “Modern Family” we see three couples and their attachments, all of whom are connected to one another by a family bond. The everyday life shown by the families creates a wonderful feeling of identification. The screamingly funny US show is bursting with moments we all know from our own relationships. Especially those couples among you who have already been blessed with offspring themselves can empathize with the bizarre situations. If the rebellious teenagers rebel against the old ones again, or the clumsy husband cheats on his wife to play a game of golf in peace, the sentence “It’s just like ours!” Will not be long in coming.

In addition to its extensive, well-timed humor, “Modern Family” also knows how to convince with its emotional sequences, which have one or the other wisdom in store.

2. Black Mirror:

The hype surrounding the Netflix in-house production “Black Mirror” has increased as the series progressed. The British program takes an unusual approach and deals with the question of what consequences future social developments will have on humanity. The mechanization of everyday life is the focus of the series, which now has 5 seasons. Most of the time, modern achievements ensure that the psychological abysses of the protagonists really come to the fore.

In the end, we viewers are presented with the eponymous “black mirror” ourselves. Thus, the episodes are thought-provoking and raise fundamental questions about the moral concepts of humanity. For this reason, “Black Mirror” is also ideal for watching couples together. Once the credits of an episode have flickered across the screen, it’s time to discuss what you’ve seen with your partner and ask yourself whether the world’s population is really on the right track right now.

3. American Horror Story:

Hand on heart: alone we are cowards. However, if we have loved ones by our side, we feel safe and venture into the field of the supernatural. And that’s exactly what we’re confronted with extensively in the US production “American Horror Story”. The creepy show covers many different facets of horror, the plot deals with ghosts, demons, witches and aliens, among other things. At this point, one could ask how these diverse horror elements can be combined with one another without the series appearing hopelessly over the top.

However, these doubts are quickly eradicated by the concept of the series makers. Each season deals with a self-contained story. Because the individual horror stories have no points of contact with one another, the cast is also able to slip into different roles in each individual season. As a result, on the one hand we have many familiar faces, on the other hand we can marvel at how changeable the individual actors are.

4. Breaking Bad:

Basically, it doesn’t matter whether you already know “Breaking Bad” or not. If you only know from hearsay the crazy odyssey of chemistry teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston), who becomes the insane crystal meth giant in the course of the story, you now have the opportunity to experience the unforgettable series masterpiece for the first time with your loved ones. If you have already watched the five seasons of the US series, it is now time to enjoy the masterpiece by Vince Gilligan again and then to exchange ideas about your favorite moments of the production.

“Breaking Bad” lives from its unusual cross-sectional images, its moments of tension, its iconic actors and its unforgettable cliff hangers, who practically preprogram hours of binge sessions.

5. Sherlock:

The British production “Sherlock” maneuvers the world-famous detective penned by Arthur Conan Doyle into the present. The mystery-solving crime fighter has survived the leap into the modern age unscathed and continues to convince with his exciting cases. It’s especially the fun tinkering that turns “Sherlock” into a harmonious couple series.

Until the master detective has convicted the villains, you practically slip into the roles of sniffers yourself and try to solve the case on your own. However, if you were wrong with your theory at the end of the day, you don’t have to wait long for your favorite glee.

6. Mad Men:

“Mad Men” takes us viewers straight to the 1960s. The focus of the series is the charismatic Donald Draper (Jon Hamm). The bon vivant is a celebrated virtuoso within the advertising industry. Apart from his job, however, the protagonist does not pay much attention to marriage vows and loyalty, and he also has a great secret about his past. Everyday life at the “Sterling Cooper” advertising agency couldn’t be more flashy. The coexistence of employees is characterized by outdated role stereotypes, which appear absurd from today’s perspective, but represented the reality of everyday life during the 1960s.

Together with your darling, you can follow the eternally drinking, selfish protagonists of “Mad Men” with a mixture of pity and glee. In particular, the question of how we would behave in the presented situations leads to lively conversations and maybe gives you a whole new picture of your partner’s morals.

7. How I Met Your Mother:

In 2030, Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) tells his children the story of how he met the mothers of his two rascals as a young man. It quickly turns out that the protagonist of the US show is truly no speed monster when it comes to telling stories. It took a total of 9 years and just as many seasons until the secret of the ominous Miss Mother was finally revealed.

During this extensive narrative time, however, we are comforted with a heartwarming, humorous story, in the center of which, in addition to the main character himself, are friends Lily (Alyson Hannigan), Marshall (Jason Segel), Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris). The latter in particular has meanwhile an undisputed cult status in the series world. The Casanova uses every means to get the last woman in New York to bed. “How I Met Your Mother” is told with a lot of heart. On the cozy couch, the TV search for great love becomes an unforgettable experience that you should definitely share.

8. Peaky Blinders – Gangs of Birmingham:

If you are into series in your relationship that bristle with a gloomy atmosphere and present themselves in stylish garb, then you are well advised with “Peaky Blinders”. The framework of the British show takes us to the ruthless streets of Birmingham during the 1920s. The focus is on the infamous Shelby family, a ruthless, criminal clan who, as the story progresses, become one of the most influential organizations in England.

The exciting Mafia story has a dark look and will delight all friends of gang wars, injured honor and inseparable family ties. The different characters are written believably, especially protagonist Tommy (Cillian Murphy) inspires us with his complexity.

9. The Witcher:

After the end of “Game of Thrones”, many series junkies longed for a worthy successor who would once again take fans of the genre on a dark journey into the fantastic world of the mystical. With “The Witcher” this TV desire is now satisfied in a successful way. The story is about a mysterious witcher and is based on the books by Andrzej Sapkowski, who in turn have already received a successful video game series.

Together with your partners, you can experience in a fascinating way how your living room itself is transformed into a fairytale-like setting that is bursting with irrepressible monsters and daring wizards.

10. Stranger Things:

“Stranger Things” is a true series masterpiece that operates outside of any competition. The story, which is set in the 1980s and is about dark secrets and supernatural phenomena, went on air in 2016 and has built a massive following since the series began.

In addition to the excellent children’s actors, it is the coherent dramaturgy and the courage to be unconventional that make “Stranger Things” one of the best current shows ever. If you and your sweetheart have not yet seen the Netflix production, you should be ashamed and hurry up to the TV with your head bowed.

11. Orange is the new Black:

Anyone who takes to heart “Orange is the new Black” will know again after watching the series what he has in his happy relationship and his freedom in general. During the show, we go inside the walls of a notorious female gymnast. More precisely, we are following the events in the prison through the eyes of Piper Chapman, played by Taylor Schilling.

Due to her criminal past, the New Yorker has to go into the kittchen and from then on is confronted with a wide variety of characters in prison.
The balance between drama and comedy hits the right note at all times and will make you a prisoner of your TV throughout the 91 episodes.

12. Freud:

“Freud” is a true series highlight of the still young TV year 2020. The show deals with the eponymous, world-famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud (Robert Finster), who was light years ahead of the world in his field at the end of the 19th century was. In addition to the everyday obstacles in his professional life as a doctor, a dark story spins around the young doctor, which is characterized by mysterious murders and bloody occultism.

The dense atmosphere of the show, the dark vibe and the sometimes disturbing sequences make “Freud” an exciting experience for couples with a penchant for psychological thrillers.

13. Better Call Saul:

If you’ve taken our tip to heart and watched “Breaking Bad” nicely, you will probably ask yourself: “And what are we looking for now?”. We can answer this question with a clear conscience with “Better Call Saul”. The quirky lawyer developed into a secret star in “Breaking Bad”, but there he sometimes acted on the sidelines. With the spin-off, which has been broadcast since 2015, the lawyer is now getting his very own series, which shows us how the inconspicuous James McGill mutated into the extravagant Saul Goodman in the first place. Of course, this does not happen without seeing many familiar faces again.

“Better Call Saul” is more than a bland infusion of its excellent predecessor. The show develops its own character throughout the seasons and knows how to captivate its fans with a gripping curve of tension.

14. The Prince of Bel-Air:

Many of us are children of the 90s. That also means that we grew up with the series of that era. A true TV pearl from that colorful era is undoubtedly “The Prince of Bel-Air”. The show with the young Will Smith in the lead role flickered over the international television screens between 1990 and 1996 and still has cult status. The protagonist, a rude teenager from difficult social backgrounds, moves to live with wealthy relatives in Los Angeles and plunges the everyday life of the well-off Banks family into utter chaos.

The US show’s humor still works wonderfully today. In addition, the show gives you the opportunity to indulge yourself in your own past and tell your partner what you were actually up to during the 90s.

15. Stromberg:

Who will return voluntarily to the musty rooms of an open-plan office after their own after-work bell has rung? We, when we make ourselves comfortable with our wives on the sofa at home and start an episode of “Stromberg”.

The mockumentary accompanies the lying, clumsy insurance salesman Bernd Stromberg (Christoph Maria Herbst) through his everyday work in the fictitious Capitol Versicherung, where, to the chagrin of all employees, he occupies a role as department head.

16. Gotham:

There was a time when the heroes of Gotham City didn’t even wear bat suits. Before the flutter man ensured law and order in the DC universe, it was the simple agents and commissioners who took care of the protection of their fellow human beings in the dark city populated by criminals.

“Gotham” is an atmospheric series that thrives on its outstanding moments of tension. For couples who would like to immerse themselves in the superhero cosmos, but would like to experience it from a different perspective, the US production is a safe tip!

17. Money Heist:

An incomparable coup, the end of which is the perfect robbery: This is the stuff that the Spanish show “Money Heist” is made of. After the successful raid, the protagonists now have to live with the burden of covering up their attack from the law enforcement and always being one step ahead of the official authorities.

Thanks to its exciting presentation, the show succeeded in becoming the second Spanish series to ever win an Emmy. All couples who have a weakness for sizzling suspense and dramatic stories are recommended to “House of Money”.

18. House of Cards:

“House of Cards” serves all the negative clichés that seem to exist against politicians. Protagonist Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) recklessly climbs the political career ladder by pitting his opponents against each other in a perfidious way.

The series from the United States shows the moral decline of a man obsessed with the desire for power. The cast’s performance is simply excellent and ensures that “House of Cards” will leave a lasting impression on non-political viewers.

19. Dead girls Don’t lie:

“Dead Girls Don’t Lie” has been broadcast since 2017 and has its roots in the novel of the same name, which was created by US author Jay Asher. The focus of the plot is the young Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette), who simply cannot cope with the suicide of his girlfriend and work colleague Hannah (Katherine Langford).

The series is not afraid to cover sensitive topics such as suicide, violence and bullying. The representations of these scenarios leave a reverberant impression and create an oppressive feeling that really gets under your skin. Unless you have anything against profound TV productions in your partnership that deviate significantly from the usual series schemes, you should definitely give “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” a chance.

20. The End of the F *** ing World:

A rebellious teenage girl encounters a solitary outsider who has an irrepressible but secret desire to kill someone. So far, so crazy.

From then on, the two protagonists of the show are drawn to an adventurous, sometimes absurd journey that is bursting at the seams with black humor. The series has an atmosphere of the unpredictable, which gives the British work a grotesque, exciting charm that will surprise you time and time again.


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