What Causes Patches Of Dry Skin? 4 Tips To Reduce Patches Of Dry Skin

Patches Of Dry Skin

Patches Of Dry Skin: Did you know that too much washing can damage your skin and make it more dry? Also, to avoid dry skin, drink plenty of water to keep it hydrated from the inside.

We are many who fight for beautiful, glowing and hydrated skin. Are you actually getting the results?

If you haven’t successfully reduced dry skin, chances are you are making some basic mistakes.

The skin is one of the largest organs in your skin. Body and performs many important functions such as:

  • Protection against UV radiation
  • Regulation of the internal temperature

In addition, the skin is usually one of the first clues when something is going wrong with us.

Therefore, keeping your skin healthy and hydrated shouldn’t just be important to you: you need to do it to keep your body healthy too.

4 Tips to Reduce Patches of Dry Skin:

Follow these tips to reduce dry skin

1. Drink Enough Water:

Drinking enough water is one of the first things you can do to have healthy, glowing skin

Many people think that the skin has to be lubricated with expensive creams to keep your skin in top condition.

Skin creams or products only superficially moisturize your skin.

However, if you drink at least 2 liters of water a day, you will lose weight on dry skin. As you increase your water intake, you will immediately notice changes in the suppleness and tone of your skin.

Remember, creams only moisturize the first layer, even if they are very good. In contrast, water acts as a moisturizer . This affects the layers that make up the skin.

If you want a quicker effect, you can combine the consumption of two liters of water per day with the application of a good cream to reduce dry skin.

2. Body Moisturizers:

Stop washing too much Many people think that when they have dry skin, they need to take large baths to keep it hydrated. But it’s a completely false myth that the cosmetics and soap companies have benefited from.

Washing too much will make any drought problem worse.

That’s because when we wash we use products that contain too many chemicals.

What is certain is that they remove the residues that accumulate on the skin during the day, but also remove the protective layer.

This veil is also affected if you take a very hot shower. In this case, your skin will also become drier.

To keep this delicious shower from giving you too much trouble, just remember:

  • Shower once a day unless you are exercising
  • Avoid spending too much time underwater
  • Make sure the water is warm or as warm as possible
  • Take care of the armpits and feet
  • Use neutral soaps for private parts
  • Dry gently After drying / drying, apply moisturizing oils to close pores and nourish the skin.

3. Cut Properly to Reduce Dry Skin:

Shaver hair removal can worsen dry skin. Shaving unwanted hair also removes natural skin oils.

To avoid this, try to shave after you shower. At this time, the hair is softer and more flexible, making it easier to shave.

Even so, it’s important to use foam or shave gel. Then, move the razor towards the hair to avoid tearing it.

Make sure your blade is sharpened to prevent other irritation. Finally, you must always apply a moisturizer to dry skin.

If you don’t have foam or shaving gel, but you need to to put on a pretty dress, you can use moisturizing coconut oil.

This way you don’t need to moisten yourself after shaving as the coconut oil does this job.

4. Protect Your Skin:

Sun rays are one of the top causes of dry skin, wrinkles, and bumps.

However, you can help prevent this damage by using a sunscreen that is strong enough (SPF 30) year round.

During the winter season, you may think that it is not necessary, but you are wrong. At this time of year, you can switch your SPF 30 sunscreen for an SPF 15.

The sudden changes in climate also change your skin significantly. If it gets too hot, be sure to apply multiple coats to avoid overheating and excessive sweating.

To avoid dry, chapped lips in winter, use a sun protective lip balm 15. Use light, wide-sleeved shirts in the summer when you’re out in the sun and a wide hat (about 4 cm) to keep the sun from affecting your neck, ears, and eyes.

Remember that the dermis is your body’s protector, but that doesn’t mean it is invincible. That is why you need to protect it and do everything possible to reduce dry skin.


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