Tips For The Perfect Start Of The Day: Morning Routines

Tips For The Perfect Start Of The Day: Morning Routine

Tips For The Perfect Start Of The Day: Do you know what successful people all have in common? Maybe an answer like “great willpower and discipline” comes to mind. But – it’s something completely different.

It is the ability to create new habits. Habits that bring us closer to our desires and goals without us having to think about it.

What a good morning routine will bring you

The great advantage of a habit is that we do it automatically.

Now imagine if you became a habit of eating healthy. Make a habit of moving a lot. Or habitually do what brings you closer to your greatest goal. Completely automatically. Day after day. Without having to get up for it.

What would be possible there?

Good habits are incredibly powerful. They are the key to the life you desire.

And the best way to start a new habit is with a morning routine.

What is a good morning routine?

Tips For The Perfect Start Of The Day: Morning Routine

Get up, shower, have breakfast, coffee or tea, brush your teeth, and then off to work.

This is probably what the classic morning routine looks like for most people.

Tips For The Perfect Start Of The Day

The classic morning routine usually arises out of sheer necessity. So basically from the question:

What do I have to do between the time the alarm goes off and when I get to work?

But there are better ways to start your day:

  • with meditation, leaving you full of energy and drive for the day ahead
  • with good thoughts, so that you start the day optimistically and full of anticipation
  • with gymnastics so that you can get through the day without pain

These are just a few ways you could make your start to the day even more life-enhancing.

Depending on what you personally want to have more of in your life.

A planned morning routine that doesn’t just consist of showering and brushing your teeth can help you do just that.

Your oasis in everyday life

Surely you have already made the experience yourself that in stressful everyday life there is not as much space for many things as you might wish.

Unfortunately, these are often exactly the things that are actually particularly important to you, such as yoga. practice your instrument. write diary. Finally, read this great book. Promote your business idea.

After a long day at work, there is usually little energy left for such important things.

In your new morning routine, you can plan to do just such things.

The things that are good for you and that are important to you.

If you do these things within the first hour after waking up, you will start the day happily. Because you have already taken care of the things that are important to you before you get caught up in the grind of everyday life.

With a morning routine, you consciously take time for yourself. And you collect the first success in the morning. A good start to the day.

Your benefits of a planned morning routine

A planned morning routine has 5 major benefits for you:

  • You are doing yourself a favor with your morning ritual. And every day. This increases your well-being.
  • You start your day full of energy and in a good mood.
  • You create an important sense of achievement in the morning because the most important things are done. This allows you to start the day relaxed and balanced, which is a great feeling.
  • You arrange the day according to the order of your priorities. The things that are most important to you come first. This is how you really make progress with the things that are important to you.
  • You like to get up and get out of bed more easily.

16 ideas for your morning routine

Whether Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Ludwig van Beethoven. Many successful people swear by a morning routine as the perfect way to start their day.

You have a toolbox at your disposal from which you can select the tool that is exactly right for you.

You can use your morning routine to boost your energy levels for the day. So for example:

  1. a particularly healthy breakfast
  2. a large glass of water
  3. meditation
  4. yoga
  5. gymnastics
  6. stretching
  7. a jog
  8. a little walk
  9. breathing exercises

Here is an example of a yoga morning routine:

Your morning routine can also help you set the right course for the day:

  1. write down your top 3 priorities for the day
  2. start with the most important task of the day
  3. recite positive affirmations to you
  4. write diary
  5. read a few pages in an inspirational book
  6. practice gratitude
  7. do visualization exercises

Examples of bad morning routines

Bad morning routines are all the habits that distract you from your real goals in the morning.

So e.g. B. something like:

  • read your emails
  • watching the news
  • surf the internet
  • Check social media
  • play on smartphone

All such distractions are best avoided in the morning. Because they often cause stress at the beginning of the day and steer your thoughts in an unwanted direction.

How can you create your own morning routine?

Basically, of course, you need time for your morning routine.

But if your alarm clock rings way too early anyway, then that’s the biggest challenge for you: How do you create a time window for your new morning routine?

There are a few little tricks you can use to free up time in the morning without radically changing your sleep-wake cycle.

There are 3 strategies for this:

  1. Review your current morning routine: Is there anything you can change about your current morning routine to buy more time? Can you shorten something or leave it out entirely? If so, you’ve already gained a few minutes with it.
  2. Set your alarm 5 minutes earlier: getting up early is a pain, I know. But setting your alarm 5 minutes earlier than usual, you can do it. 5 minutes is just bearable. Use those extra minutes to add a little something to your morning routine. Once you get used to it, you can set your alarm 5 minutes earlier. And so, bit by bit, you can create a few minutes for your morning routine.
  3. Go to bed a few minutes earlier: If your day is long and tiring, then the evening is probably sacred to you. Then you want to enjoy your evening. As a result, we often go to bed late. And so a vicious circle is created. But if you set up a new morning routine, something suddenly changes: you look forward to your morning. And you want to have time for your morning routine. So think of it as a trade: you trade evening free time for morning free time by going to bed a few minutes earlier.

With these 3 strategies, you will succeed in gaining a few extra minutes in the morning, step by step.

And that’s enough for a start.

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How should you structure your morning routine?

What exactly you do in your morning routine is entirely up to you.

The examples above have already given you a few ideas for your morning routine. But whether you meditate, walk the dog, or write a poem is entirely up to you and your preferences.

It is important that you are aware of why you want to bring a morning routine into your life.

Your morning routine can strengthen a certain quality in your life. Maybe you want more health. Or more productivity. Or maybe have more positivity in your life. Depending on what is most important to you at the moment – ​​you should design your morning routine accordingly.

5 rules for your morning routine

Tips For The Perfect Start Of The Day: Morning Routine

The 5 most important rules for developing an individual and lasting morning routine are:

  1. Morning routine first! Your morning routine should always come first. Because if you have other things to do before your morning routine, then failures are inevitable. Sometimes you won’t have enough time. Or be too stressed. Therefore: Always try to start your morning routine at the beginning.
  2. What is your most important goal at the moment? Create a morning routine that brings you closer to your most important goal at the moment. Find an activity that supports you in this.
  3. Why are you even doing this? What quality do you want to strengthen in your life with your morning routine and why? Keep reminding yourself of your “why”. This will help you stick to your morning routine over the long term.
  4. Start with 5 minutes. And then slowly increase. You can really stick to such a small morning routine in the long term. If you start with 60 minutes in the morning, you will probably give up after a few weeks. Therefore: Start with 5 minutes.
  5. Allow yourself to try different things: You alone decide what your morning routine should consist of. Your morning routine should suit you and be fun. Only then does it make sense. So allow yourself to try different things.

If your morning routine is easy for you to do, motivates you, and makes you feel good, then it’s right for you.

Make your own rules and start your morning routine:

The most common mistakes in new morning routines

If you want to develop a new morning routine, there are certain things you should keep in mind. So that the new routine really succeeds:

  • Don’t push yourself. Many people want to rip everything at once and plan a morning routine of 90 minutes straight away. Unfortunately, such a massive change in behavior is doomed to failure.
  • Never skimp on sleep. If you want to form a new habit, you should never skimp on sleep for it. Unfortunately, this never works out well in the long run, because sooner or later you will need the sleep.
  • Don’t stress yourself out. A morning routine that degenerates into a rush misses the mark. Your morning routine is supposed to do the exact opposite. That you start the day calmly and full of energy. And you are not stressed and overwhelmed.
  • Different rules apply on weekends. Many people have completely different waking times at the weekend than during the week. This can lead to your weekend morning routine simply falling apart. The best way to prevent this: start with a small 5-minute routine. It always fits in, even at the weekend 😉
  • Boredom. Your morning routine is no longer fun for you and then you just let it be. This can happen if you’re too rigid. Your individual morning routine may change. The important thing is that you stick with it. If you get bored quickly, you can simply determine the main topic for your morning routine and alternate the specific activity from day to day.

Keeping these pitfalls in mind will make your new morning routine a lot easier.

Conclusion: The 10 tips for a successful morning routine

There they are, the 10 tips for a successful morning routine.

Here is a summary for you:

  1. Morning routine first! Always put your morning routine first, whenever possible.
  2. What is your most important goal at the moment? This is exactly where your morning routine should support you.
  3. Why are you even doing this? What quality do you want to strengthen in your life with your morning routine and why? Always be aware of your “why”.
  4. Start with 5 minutes. And then slowly increase.
  5. Allow yourself to try different things. Your morning routine should suit you and be fun.
  6. Don’t push yourself. Plan a realistic morning routine that is not doomed to fail.
  7. Never skimp on sleep. Because sleep comes first.
  8. Don’t stress yourself out. Your morning routine should be planned so well that your morning doesn’t get hectic.
  9. Different rules apply on weekends. Start with a small 5-minute routine that also fits into the weekend.
  10. Boredom. Simply determine the main topic for your morning routine. You can change the specific activity from day to day.

Your perfect morning only takes 5 minutes. start small And start the day relaxed.


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