Pewdiepie Gaming Setup – PC, Keyboard, Mouse, Net Worth & more


Love him or hate him, Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars on YouTube. The guy single handly owns the YouTube platform, with 110 Million subscribers and counting. And for those who don’t know him, well he’s a guy that got famous for playing video games and reacting to funny memes.

Yup, that’s it – One of the highest-grossing YouTubers and he plays games and watches memes.

But that doesn’t mean that PewDiePie was born with a golden spoon. Felix was already on the platform before it was even cool. At an early age, he used to do Photoshop editing for people, just to support his dream of buying a gaming computer. He also used to share gameplay videos with his friend, just for the sake of fun.

Fast forward to today, that little dream has made him one of the biggest stars on YouTube and probably the richest YouTubers we have seen.

He is an inspiration for many and that’s why uses one of the best gaming equipment that is estimated to be worth $7 billion dollars.

That’s crazy, right?

Here’s a breakdown of PewDiePie equipment, game setup, streaming setup, gym equipment, and more.

Pewdiepie Net worth 2022

Before we deep dive into Felix’s game setup, let’s talk about how much he earns and what kind of setup he can afford.

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Pewdiepie net worth is $40 million. Some other website suggests that his net worth is around $30 million – But give or take, it falls in the $30 – $40 million segment.

A significant portion of this net worth comes from YouTube, followed by his sponsorship programs, brand deals, and affiliate program. Pewdiepie also sells his merch that includes peripherals, art, and personal enclaved items.

Pewdiepie Gaming Setup

Pewdiepie often shares his PC specs with the fans, but rarely does he talk about the stuff he owns. This time, he posted a complete setup tour where he showcased everything he has in his room.

This includes the gym equipment, a detailed guide of his PC, furniture, recording items, and even the cable management stuff. Pewdiepie PC specs contain the following components:

  • CPU: Intel Core i9 11900F
  • Motherboard: ASRock Z590 Phantom Gaming 4/ac
  • Graphic Card: EVGA GeForce RTX 3080Ti XC3 Gaming
  • Case: Lian Li Lancool-205M Black

Sounds like a beast setup, right? Here’s a breakdown of all the components.

Pewdiepie PC Specs – Processor, Graphic Card, Motherboard & more

1. Processor – Intel Core i9-11900F Processor

Probably the most important thing in a gaming setup is the CPU and GPU. Because pewdiepie is the star of YouTube, there’s no denying that he uses the best CPU in the market.

The Core i9 11900F is currently the best gaming CPU you can buy from Intel. It rocks 16 MB of L3 cache with a base frequency of 2.50 GHz and a turbo frequency of 5.20 GHz. The CPU packs 8 cores which are enough to provide you with seamless multitasking, while you play and record your gameplay videos.

2. Graphic Card – EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti

The EVGA RTX 3080 Ti is the company’s premium offering, a more advanced version of the RTX 3070 Ti Felix previously owned.

This graphics card packs everything you can expect from a solid build – Raytracing, 4K Ultra HD resolution, Nvidia Cuda cores, solid memory, 3rd generation tensor cores, and a lot more.

While the best in the category is still the RTX 3090, braided with 24 GB of GDDR6X memory, but that graphic card is more for AI use, rather than gaming.

So, Felix’s choice of RTX 3080 Ti is a solid buy for gamers.

3. Motherboard – ASRock Z590 Phantom Gaming

The ASRock Z590 Phantom is great for anyone who’s looking to tap the Intel 11th Gen processor without spending too much on the horizon. It’s affordable, packs a lot of performance, and is equipped with ASRock overclocking technology.

The overall gaming performance is great and offers a decent kick of software that keeps everything together. The Z590 has 4 DIMM slots that are capable of 128 GB DDR4 RAM – up to 3200 MHz. And the best part, the Z590 rocks the Intel Z590 chipset, meaning it supports both 10th and 11th Core Processors.

4. Case – Lian Li Lancool-205M Black

Style, design, charisma, and charm – The Lancool 205M Black is Felix’s choice of this year’s gaming case unit, which features a removable mounting bracket and can easily support a full ATX motherboard.

On the front side, you’ll get a Mesh bracket that improves the airflow with 2 added ARGB PWM 140 mm fans and 1 ARGB PWM 120mm fan. It features tempered glass and can easily adjust full water cool or liquid cool unit.

5. Power Supply – 800W 80+ Gold Certified PSU

The power supply pewdiepie uses is unknown, but judging by his CPU and GPU consumption, it is an 800W 80+ Gold Certified unit. Now, in this category, you can buy the Cooler Master G800 Supply or the Corsair RMx 850x Fully Modular Power Supply.

Both choices are a great option for the build and relatively come with 5 years of warranty at an affordable price tag.

Pewdiepie Peripherals – Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, & more

Pewdiepie often changes its peripherals based on the sponsorship of brands. Bookmark this page to know the updated list of items he uses.

1. Horizontal Monitor – Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitor

Pewdiepie previously owned a Samsun Odyssey G9, which is a great 49” gaming monitor. But this time, he opted for something different. The main horizontal unit is the Dell 32” Curved Gaming Monitor which is not the fanciest in the market but gets the job done for Felix.

In terms of specs, it is a 2560×1440 resolution display, with a refresh rate of 165Hz, and FreeSync technology. The monitor has excellent gray uniformity and offers a very good contrast ratio.

2. Vertical Monitor – Dell 27 P2719H

The next display in the arsenal is not a gaming unit, but rather a business display to support Pewdiepie discord charts and manage all the streaming software while he goes live stream.

In terms of specs, it is a 1920×1080 60Hz unit with a 5ms response time and 16:9 aspect ratio. The contrast is good, it has plenty of pixel pitch and overall, the brightness is manageable. Overall, it’s a great companion to be used alongside your main unit.

3. Keyboard – Logitech G915 (Carbon)

Although Felix isn’t a fan of wireless keyboards but the Logitech G915 has certainly impressed him. This is a full-sized, low-profile gaming keyboard with switches and keycaps. It is packed with features like RGB backlighting, multi-device pairing, and dedicated macro keys.

The keyboard is comfortable and has great build quality for the price. The Logitech G915 also comes with different versions like the Lightspeed, Carbon, and the TKL. Pewdiepie keyboard is the carbon version because it’s in contrast with his black computer.

4. Mouse – SteelSeries Prime Wireless

We all know that gamers love wired mouse because they offer maximum performance. That’s not the case with SteelSeries Prime. Although it’s a wireless mouse, it packs so many great features that it’s hard to ignore.

For starters, Pewdiepie uses this mouse on daily basis and the response time hasn’t given any drawback to him. It is ergonomically designed and fits perfectly for a right-handed shape well suited with a palm or claw grip.

The mouse features adjustable CPI and comes with enough battery to last you for days of usage.

5. Headphones – Razer Nari Ultimate (Special Edition)

A great addition to the pewdiepie gaming setup is the Razer Nari Ultimate. This time, pewds has gone for over-ears headphones rather than in-ear headphones. In terms of quality, it is a solid build that features a custom pewdiepie logo design on the cushions as well as the outside of the base with RGB light.

The headphone also has Razer HyperSense built-in paired with a haptic feedback system for smooth overall audio clarity. The only thing we could point out is the audio delivery and the five-hour battery timestamp. However, if you’re fine with this, then Razer Nari Ultimate is a game changer.

6. Clutch Chairz Throttle Series (Pewdiepie Edition Black/Red)

But can it do this?

The all-famous Pewdiepie dialogue resembles its years-old Clutch chair. Felix has sponsored tons of brands over the years, but the thing that stayed consistent is his love for the Clutch chair.

That’s right, this limited-edition Throttle chair is the hottest-selling Pewds product that features an ergonomic design, comfortable cushions, and tons of support to keep you relaxed while you stream or game hours of content.

The 4D design makes it ideal for office use as well because the chair is both reliable and affordable. If you’re a true pewdiepie fan, then you should definitely get your hands on this chair.

Pewdiepie Streaming Setup – Camera, Microphone, Lightning & more

Here, we’ve researched the list of products that Pewdiepie uses for streaming. And you will be surprised to know that it is not one of the most expensive equipment in the industry.

The main things, camera, microphone, and audio adjustment equipment are fairly affordable and can help you craft quality content as well. Here’s a breakdown of all the streaming equipment.

1. Camera – Sony a7 |||

Behind the scene, all those amazing shots and video quality comes from the Sony a7 Mark |||. Despite its billing as a basic design, the Sony a7 ||| is a supreme camera that is capable to shoot a stunning frame with most picture clarity.

Its mixture of resolution, features, speed, and price point makes it an ideal recommendation for all users – including streamers, photographers, videographers, and more.

The main highlighted features are a 24MP full-frame BSI CMOS sensor, 10 fps continuous shooting, AF joystick, 93% autofocus coverage, Oversampled 4K/24p video, 2.36M-dot OLED viewfinder, and much more.

Compared to its predecessor, the a7 ||| is a fine upgrade that gets the job done with ease, performance, and quality.

2. Microphone – Electro-Voice RE320

Pewdiepie still uses his good old Electro-Voice RE320 microphone. Felix had this mic a couple of months back and it still seems to be working fine for him. The audio quality is excellent and it has a decent price range for new vloggers or streamers to enjoy.

That being said, this microphone features a large-diaphragm dynamic vocal system. Meaning, that you can make full use of this while you’re recording your session.

Plus, it carefully trims wind and background noise, making it a special mouse for vlogging and outdoor usage as well. In short, the Electro-Voice RE320 is a perfect choice for gamers and YouTubers.

3. Light – Elegato Key Light

To brighten up the room, Pewdiepie uses the Elgato Key light that produces an output of 2800 Lumens intensity. This camera light is fairly popular in the industry. It features app-adjustable temperature and brightness control.

It also has a decent intensity of light for low-level studio rooms and streamers. Plus, there are heavy cords installed on the base of the light, making it extremely portable for easy adjustment.

Apart from this, Pewdiepie uses the basic wall lamps and LED lights that are all temperature controlled and connected to a central wireless adjustment system.

Bottom Line

Pewdiepie is one of those YouTubers that started off very early and gave their blood and sweat to make their dream come true. Felix was a fan of streaming games before it was even cool and now, he is the top-rated streamer across various platforms.

His current gaming setup is worth $7 billion that consists of a whole Gym unit, furniture, peripherals, recording equipment, PC setup, cable, and cable management tools. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t buy this stuff. Most of his equipment falls into the affordable category which almost anyone can buy. And they are of the top quality so it’s a plus.

We hope you will be able to make your dream computer gaming setup as Pewd’s has. Keep working and you can build more than what he owns.


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