Preventing Kidney Stones Naturally

Preventing Kidney Stones Naturally

Preventing Kidney Stones Naturally: Kidney stones are common and affect more men than women. But there are a few tips you can use to prevent kidney stones.

Kidney stones can form in the kidneys, renal pelvis, and urinary tract. During this process, constituents of the urine crystallize out and agglomerate to form larger lumps. Kidney stones can be of different sizes and have different compositions.

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Most kidney stones contain calcium. At around 70 percent, calcium oxalate stones are the most common, followed by calcium phosphate stones. Uric acid stones and magnesium-ammonium-phosphate stones are less common. If there are large kidney stones in the ureters, severe pain can occur. Doctors speak of renal colic.

Kidney Stones Are More Common in Men:

Kidney stones are common in developed countries. Men are three times more likely to have kidney stones than women. The cause of kidney stones is that the urine contains too large amounts of stone-forming substances that can no longer be dissolved in the urine.

Preventing Kidney Stones Naturally – This is How it Works:

There are a few tips you can use to prevent kidney stones.

Less Sausage and Meat:

Limit your meat and sausage consumption. Offal, for example, contains many purines, which the body converts to uric acid. This promotes the formation of uric acid stones.

Oxalic Acid in Foods:

Avoid foods that are high in oxalic acid if you are at increased risk of oxalic acid stones. There is a lot of oxalic acid in cocoa, rhubarb, beetroot, spinach and black and green tea, for example. In combination with calcium, oxalic acid forms calcium oxalate stones.

Maintain normal Weight:

Avoid being overweight. But you shouldn’t lose weight too quickly without adequate hydration.

Drink Enough:

Drink at least two liters of fluids a day to “dilute” the urine. Concentrated urine promotes the formation of stones.

Fluid after Exercise:

After exercising, you should also drink enough to make up for the fluid lost through sweating. This also applies after a visit to the sauna.

To Keep Moving:

Exercise and regular exercise can help prevent kidney stones.


Cure urinary tract infections (cystitis) well.

Go to the Doctor:

Get treatment for uric acid metabolism disorders such as gout. This also applies to parathyroid diseases, in which more calcium is excreted in the urine.

Treatment of Urinary flow Disorders:

Some diseases impede the flow of urine and thus lead to a concentration of the urine. One example is malformations of the kidneys. You should also have these treated as well as possible in order to prevent the formation of kidney stones.


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