List of Top 20 Professions with People

Professions with People

Professions with People: Man must really like the daily contact with people in order to exercise one of the “Top 20 jobs with people”. It is not just social professions in which you are constantly dealing with people. Even as a salesperson or fitness trainer, customer contact is the main part of the job.

If you take on a job that has a lot to do with people, you are often not only a benefactor, but sometimes even doing yourself a favor. Because according to an American satisfaction study by Harvard professor Howard Gardner, employees are among the happiest who come into contact with people a lot.

1Professions with People

Here are the 20 Best Professions in which you are not only there for fellow human beings, but can also make a profit for yourself:

21. Caregiver

Not everyone is good at dealing with elderly people in need of care. Empathy and love for one’s neighbor are required here. However, if you think this is exactly the right thing for you, you will be rewarded with good career prospects. In an aging society, the demand for nursing staff is booming.

32. Physiotherapist

Knowledge of anatomy, physiology and treatment techniques are imparted in the three-year training course to become a physiotherapist. There are many paid technical schools, and the fields of application for the graduates are then hospitals, medical practices or sports facilities and wellness hotels.

43. Educator

The educator training differs from state to state, and it is best to research this individually. Educators mainly work with children and young people in childcare facilities, open all-day schools or homes. However, some of them are also employed by youth centers, addiction counseling centers or dormitories for people with disabilities.

54. Teacher

Teaching is – not only because of the many vacation days and the secure civil service life – an attractive profession. However, many teaching positions are currently vacant, especially at elementary and vocational schools. Ideal if you want to saddle up as a teacher now. A teacher training course of at least 7 semesters and a subsequent legal clerkship enable you to practice.

65. Social Worker

As a social worker, you may need a pinch of helper syndrome, but you definitely need a cool head. You advise people in difficult life situations, settle disputes and try to find solutions to the problems of his clients. Employers are youth welfare offices, advice centers, correctional facilities or shelters for the homeless. A degree is a prerequisite.

76. Psychologist

Psychologists are concerned with the personality and behavior of people. The famous couch and the inkblot test are not always used when analyzing mental health problems. Psychologists also use scientific methods. You learn this in a university course.

87. Doctor

In order to become a doctor, you have to really accelerate in high school. This is followed by an activity with a high reputation and hopefully great personal fulfillment. Healing people and treating diseases, what could be more honorable.

98. Art Therapist

The goal of art therapists is to restore or support the health of patients through artistic activity such as creating or acting. Art therapy is a further education that builds on a study in a related discipline. This is also offered by private institutes.

109. Police Officer

Tracking down traffic offenders, settling disputes, counteracting crimes: these are just some of the tasks of a police officer. And for that you definitely need a clear head. Anyone who has a strong sense of justice and is able to assert themselves can strive for a career with colleagues in green with a secondary school leaving certificate. Depending on the area of ​​deployment (for example on patrol duty, prison or the police), the requirements are different.

1110. Nurse

Training to become a nurse is particularly popular with young women. However, you have to be aware that in this job you have to help people even in unpleasant situations, such as cleaning your body. Furthermore, everyday life in the hospital requires high resilience. It makes sense to do an internship first before making a career decision. This is often a prerequisite for training, which is based on a secondary school leaving certificate.

1211. Fitness Trainer

You need a trainer license to work as a fitness trainer. This can be obtained on courses and training courses that range from a 6-month distance learning course to a 2-week compact course. The basics of anatomy, training science and nutrition are taught. After that, the prospects are good, because in a health-oriented society, fitness services are becoming increasingly important.

1312. Sales Representative / Field Service Representative

If you can sell ice cream to an Eskimo, you may be at the right place in sales. In addition to rhetorical finesse, you also need flexibility, since a job in the field also means that you are on the road a lot and do not do a comfortable 9-to-5 job. A very good salary rewarded for the service. The pressure for this is sometimes quite great, because certain sales figures usually have to be achieved. Sales is not a teaching profession. However, good salespeople are always hired, regardless of the industry.

1413. Moderator / Live Presenter

Moderators guide the audience live through events such as radio and television broadcasts, as well as company events and local club events. A sympathetic and charismatic demeanor is required. You also need to be interested in people and their stories, because moderators interact with people from a wide variety of social groups. There is no fixed training. However, with a university degree, a journalistic traineeship and as much practical experience as possible, you have good cards.

1514. Business Consultant

They show solutions to problems of companies and do not always make themselves popular: management consultants. Often, their improvement plans require the way certain departments work to change. This usually means that employees have to give up habits. When communicating, management consultants therefore not only need a sure instinct, but also a thick skin. As a rule, this is excellently rewarded. A business degree can’t hurt to gain a foothold in the industry, although the profession is not protected and anyone can theoretically do it.

1615. Yoga Teacher

Accompanying people on their way to their inner center is basically what yoga teachers do. This includes physical training sessions, breathing techniques and nutrition tips. In order to practice the profession, at least 200 hours must be completed at a yoga school. Various institutes offer this, but the most prestigious are those who acquire their qualifications directly in India at a traditional school.

1716. Paramedic

Caring for injured people during an ambulance and supporting doctors in the acute care of patients, these are, among other things, the fields in which paramedics work. The training is completed at aid organizations or at a private rescue service school. It lasts about 520 hours.

1817. Waiter

As a waiter, you don’t just walk 10,000 steps a day, you have to constantly adapt to different customer requests. If you work in the restaurant business, you serve even the grumpiest guest with a smile. Depending on the establishment, there are high tips. If you want to train as a waiter, you have to learn the profession of restaurant specialist over a period of 3 years.

1918. Tourist Guide

In addition to knowledge of the history and architecture of places, tour guides must also have rhetorical skills. Your customers want local information to be conveyed in an interesting way. The necessary qualifications are imparted in 2-3 month specialist courses at various institutes. The job is wonderfully suitable for lateral entrants or part-time workers.

2019. Pastor

The pastoral profession is the ultimate “philanthropist” profession. Pastoral care is an important element of the profession, which also includes church leadership, public relations and diakonia. Whoever wants to do the job must also be interested in beliefs and questions of meaning. Evangelical and Catholic priests acquire their qualifications at a university. It may be different for other religious communities, and private institutes often enable people to practice.

2120. Integration Assistant

The job of integration assistant is one of the emotionally demanding jobs. Here it is important to help children with mental, emotional or physical disabilities to take part in school lessons. The relevant skills are learned in further training. It is an advantage to have had educational experience beforehand.


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