Top 10 Richest Couples In Hollywood 2022

Richest Couples In Hollywood 2022

Richest Couples In Hollywood 2022: Richest Couples In Hollywood: Many actors, directors, singers, athletes, supermodels and personalities in the entertainment industry have achieved high levels of fame and fortune thanks to their talent and trajectory, but when they also decide to become romantically involved with other successful stars, the result is a great shared heritage, with figures that it would be difficult for us to count on the fingers of our hands.

Richest Couples In Hollywood 2022

These are the Hollywood artists who head the Top 10 of the richest couples in the industry:

10. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith:

  • Net Worth: $400 million

The fun-loving couple of actors who have been married for 23 years have a common net worth of $ 400 million. It is no surprise to learn that Will Smith is responsible for most of this fortune, with a net worth of $350 million, while his wife Jada contributes the remaining 50 million.

The Smiths own multiple properties around the world, one of which is a 150 acre lot in California with tennis courts, stables, equestrian trails, a private lake and several guest houses, valued in the 50-70 million range of dollars. The couple is estimated to own an estimated $100 million in real estate alone.

9. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

  • Net Worth: $405 million

With a combined fortune of $ 405 million and 20 years of marriage, this iconic couple is ranked 9th on the list of richest artists in the entertainment industry. Both have a long and consolidated professional career.

In his career as an actor, producer and director, Douglas has amassed a net worth of $ 300 million and Catherine Zeta-Jones has an additional $ 105 million fortune. Among his properties is a 250-acre farm called ‘S’Estaca’ , located in Mallorca, Spain, and that the actors put up for sale in 2019 for 32 million dollars.

8. David and Victoria Beckham:

  • Net Worth: $450 million

One of the most chic couples in Hollywood , considered basically like other members of British royalty. The Beckhams have a shared equity of $ 450 million . They own ‘Beckham Brand Holdings’, their own company, valued at $ 150 million and where Posh’s (Victoria Beckham) fashion company is also registered.

In addition, they own multiple properties located in the United States, London and France. One of the most popular was their 24-acre home in England dubbed ‘Beckingham Palace’ by the media and sold in 2014 for € 14 million. The singer and fashion designer and former soccer star, businessman and model have been married for 21 years.

7. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson:

  • Net Worth: $500 million

Another of the most beloved couples in the industry and who recently scared us by contracting COVID-19 -and recovering satisfactorily-, is part of this list with a shared equity of 500 million dollars. During his productive career, Hanks has accumulated a fortune of 400 million dollars and Wilson, for his part, has generated about 100 million more. The couple’s first home was a Malibu oceanfront mansion that currently has an estimated value of $ 20 million.

They also own 5 other properties in Los Angeles, including their primary residence, which was acquired by Hollywood stars. for an amount of $ 26 million. In total, it is estimated that the 32-year-old couple has about $ 150 million invested in real estate.

6. George and Amal Clooney:

  • Net Worth: $520 million

Hollywood royalty with a net worth of $ 520 million , the Clooneys couldn’t be off this list. While Amal is not an artist, by marrying one of the most coveted singles – and millionaires – in the industry, she automatically became one more star, one with an excellent sense of fashion, by the way. Although the talented lawyer owns a fortune of $ 20 million, it is the acclaimed actor and his $ 500 million estate that is responsible for their being ranked sixth among the richest couples.

In addition to Clooney’s income from his acting career, a significant part of his fortune comes from the sale of his old brand of liquor ‘Casamigos Tequila’ For which he and his partners received $ 700 million in cash and an additional $ 300 million in bonuses that will be paid progressively. The couple also have a considerable amount of money invested in real estate around the world, estimated at $ 100 million.

5. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi:

  • Net Worth: $540 million

Popular comedian and television host Ellen DeGeneres and her wife of 12 years, Australian actress Portia de Rossi, own an estate valued at $540 million. Of this figure, 490 million come from Ellen’s work and 50 million are contributed by de Rossi. It can be said that this couple’s hobby has been buying and selling real estate.

With more than 20 properties traded to date, with prices ranging from $ 2 million to $ 35 million, real estate has become the main way to invest money and generate profits from the recognized stars.

4. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady:

  • Net Worth: $580 million

One of the most beautiful couples in the industry also ranks fourth in this Top 10 for their shared fortune of $ 580 million . The supermodel and remembered Victoria’s Secret Angel herself has a net worth of $ 400 million, launched a line of designer sandals in Brazil under the Grendene brand and owns the Hotel Palladium Executive , also in her native country.

For his part, the American football star has made a fortune of 180 million dollars thanks to his work as a quarterback. Over the past few years, the couple has listed two of their properties in Massachusetts and Los Angeles for $ 34 million and $ 50 million, respectively.

3. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez:

  • Net Worth: $750 million

From our favorite couples. Engaged in March 2019 and together since 2017, JLo and Alex Rodríguez have managed to form one of the coolest blended families today. In addition, together they are creating a total net worth of $ 750 million between the $ 400 million that the artist owns and the $ 350 million earned by the athlete during his career as a baseball player and now sportscaster.

Both stars have developed skills for business, Rodriguez with his real estate company called ‘A-Rod Corp’and López with multiple lines of clothing, makeup and perfumes.

2. Jay-Z and Beyonce:

  • Net Worth: $1.5 billion

Queen Bey and her husband, billionaire rapper Jay-Z began their relationship in 2001, they have been married for 12 years and have three small children, and they own a combined fortune of 1.5 billion dollars . Jay-Z became the first billionaire hip hop singer, with a net worth of $ 1 billion, thanks to his history in the music industry and his smart investments, including a clothing line created in 1999 and subsequently sold. at $ 204 million, a couple of liquor brands, real estate valued at $ 150 million in the United States alone, an art collection, a sports representative firm called ‘Roc Nation Sport’ and participation in companies such as Uber and Tidal.

For her part, the incomparable singer Beyoncé has a fortune of 500 million dollars, made up of the income from her music and her own experience as a businesswoman, after her foray into the world of fashion design with a design line for women named as ‘House of Dereon’ , created with his mother, Tina Knowles, in addition to multiple alliances with brands such as Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger . Among her assets is a private jet that Beyoncé gave to her husband as a Father’s Day gift in 2012, valued at $ 40 million.

1. Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw:

  • Net Worth: $3.7 billion

Renowned filmmaker, producer, and writer Steven Spielberg and his wife, actress Kate Capshaw, rank first on this list thanks to the astronomical $ 3.7 billion fortune for which Spielberg is mostly responsible (3.6 billion), after several decades of outstanding career within the entertainment industry.

Spielberg was listed by Forbes magazine as the second richest celebrity in the world in 2016 and is ranked # 514 in the list of the 2095 richest billionaires of 2020 according to Forbes. For his part, Capshaw adds to the family assets a figure of 100 million dollars generated during his career. Together they have an estimated $ 200 million invested in real estate, and since one of the filmmaker’s passions is boats, Spielberg gifted himself a 300-foot yacht valued at $ 250 million. A pleasure that, without a doubt, can be given considering that it represents a negligible percentage of your fortune.


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