Roger Milla Goals: African Player of the Century Career Analysis (1967-1996)

Roger Milla Career Analysis

Roger Milla Goals: Roger Milla has been awarded the African Player of the Year twice and has been on the podium three times. He was also voted by CAF as the Horn of Africa player. He was also included in the list of the 100 best living players of the twentieth century.

Roger Milla Card:

  • Name: Roger Milla
  • Birthdate: May 20, 1952
  • Length: 1.76 m
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Playing position: striker
  • Profession: soccer player
  • The most prominent clubs that Roger Milla played for: FC Monaco, FC Montpellier
  • The team that Roger Milla played with: Cameroon national team
  • Honors obtained by Roger Milla:
  • Medal of the Legion of Honor, rank of knight.

best player in africa:

Soon, the talent and skills of Roger Milla found their way to fame, to join one of the largest football clubs in Cameroon, which is Tonnerre, with whom he won the Cameroonian League and Cup, then became famous at the continental level. Join the French club Valencia.

Roger Milla’s history:

Although Roger Milla was always a reserve in this team, he remained there for two seasons before moving to Monaco and from there to Bastia, the French. The second Frenchman at the time and Roger Milla scored 22 goals with Saint-Etienne in 31 matches to help him win the French second division title, which subsequently qualified him to rise to the top flight and Mila began to gain some fame, and the Mila star continued to rise when he joined Montpellier, which he became Crowd star.

Roger Milla in the World Cup 82:

During his career in France, Roger Milla joined the Cameroonian national team and was a player in the team that competed in the 1982 World Cup in Spain.

He was a member of the Cameroon national team at the 1982 World Cup, disallowing a goal against Peru in their first match. Cameroon came out with three draws from its three matches in the first round. Two years later, he was part of the team competing at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California.

Roger Milla’s retirement:

In 1989, Roger Milla retired from the French League, after his total goals reached 152.

Roger Milla in the 1990 World Cup:

Shortly before the start of the 1990 World Cup, Roger Milla received a phone call from the President of Cameroon, who invited him to return to the Cameroon national team to play the World Cup in Italy.

Mila (38 years old at the time) refused this request and after consulting the team coach with the rest of the players in this matter, he agreed All the players wanted Mila to return to the Cameroon national team to actually join them, and Mila’s experience in Italy was like a dream, to the extent that the pictures of Mila performing his famous dance at the corner flag after scoring every goal are still engraved in the minds of football fans around the world until now.

Among the four goals of Roger Milla in the 1990 World Cup, two goals against the Colombian team, led by the famous goalkeeper Rene Higuita, in the extra time of their match in the final price of the tournament, to qualify Cameroon to the quarter-finals, in which it met England and almost graduated from the tournament.

World Cup 1990:

In the world of football, there are no more than a few seconds separating victory from defeat, and during these seconds, the result turned in the interest of the England team, as Cameroon bid farewell to the World Cup in Italy.

Mila thought about exploiting his newly discovered stardom to achieve financial profits after receiving professional offers from Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and others, but he soon decided to retire.

Roger Milla and Colombia goalkeeper Hetiga:

Higuita commented on the Coronavirus, if you go out of the house, Roger Milla will punish you.

Roger Milla confirms that these days are long gone and says:

“All this has become history now that Colombian goalkeeper Rene Higuita no longer appears in my dreams.”

Former Colombia goalkeeper Rene Higuita called on the people of the world to be careful in dealing with the “Corona” virus, which has spread these days across the globe and claimed hundreds of lives.

The Colombian, Rene Higuita, considered that staying at home is a more than necessary measure, to avoid mixing with people and contracting the “Corona” virus. In his latest appearance on the social networking sites “Twitter” and “Instagram”.

Higuita explained his earnest words with a bit of humor when he said that leaving the house without something important to do so would cause immediate punishment. He pointed out that leaving the area of ​​operations, and playing on the field instead of goalkeeper, paid a heavy price, when Cameroonian striker Roger Milla pounced on the ball, and scored the second goal in his own net, was enough to eliminate the Colombia national team.

This happened during Colombia’s confrontation with Cameroon, in the final price of the World Cup in Italy 1990, where the South American football representative lost (1-2) after extra time, and failed to reach the quarter-finals.

Roger Milla in the 1994 World Cup:

Roger Milla holds the record for the largest player to score a goal in the World Cup.

After another four years, the start of the next World Cup came in the United States in 1994, and Mila received another phone call from the President of Cameroon, and the old lion agreed again to return to his country, Cameroon.

But unlike the previous time, Roger Milla was not welcomed by the players of the Cameroonian team at the time, including the coach himself, as it was reported, and they stood against his participation in the tournament. Unfortunately for Cameroon, the team’s problems cast a shadow on the field, and the Cameroon lions quickly exited from the 94 World Cup.

Roger Milla skills:

Roger Milla is ranked 3 in the list of Cameroon’s all-time top scorers. The old Cameroonian lion (42 years old at the time) scored a goal against the Russian national team in the first round of the 94th World Cup, to outperform himself by setting a new record as the oldest player (the oldest) to score a goal in the World Cup finals, and since that time Mila announced his retirement from football forever Ragaa, he is currently devoting his time and focus to charitable causes and the development of African football.

Roger Milla played 77 matches with the national team and scored 43 goals. Mila made his debut for Cameroon in 1973 against Zaire in the World Cup qualifiers.

Sayings and memories of Roger Milla:

  1. The Cameroonian people pushed me to play the 1994 World Cup because they felt that I was the only one who could score goals, they didn’t trust the other players.
  2. At that time, I was playing for Tonnerre Yaoundé, one of the Cameroon clubs, so I was completely fit and ready.
  3. I took good care of myself physically, I didn’t do anything that could harm my physique, my lifestyle wasn’t hectic, it was healthy.
  4. I drank half a glass of wine every now and then, and that’s all I drank.
  5. Being the oldest goalscorer in World Cup history is an honor for me, but it wasn’t very important to me. That goal remains a great memory but people always say that records are made to be broken, and why not another Cameroonian player?

Roger Milla Titles and championships throughout his career:

Roger Milla, the legend of the Cameroon national team, has won many titles and trophies, both individually and collectively, which we will review successively.

Roger Milla Championships with Clubs:

  • Winner of the African Cup, Cup Winners’ Cup in 1975 with Yaoundé Thunder
  • Champion of Cameroon in 1972 and 1973 with the Douala Panthers
  • Reunion Champion in 1989 with JS Saint-Pieroise
  • Winner of the Coupe de France in 1980 with Monaco and 1981 with SC Bastia
  • Winner of the Reunion Cup in 1989 with JS Saint-Pieroise
  • French second division champion in 1987 with La Bayade Montpellier
  • African Cup Winners’ Cup Final in 1976 with Thunder Yaounde.

Roger Milla Championships with the Cameroon national team:

  • Winner of the African Nations Cup in 1984 and 1988
  • Participation in the African Nations Cup in 1982 (Premier Tour), 1984 (Winner), 1986 (Final) and 1988 (Winner)
  • Participation in the World Cup in 1982 (first round), 1990 (1/4 final) and 1994 (first round).

Roger Milla Individual Awards:

  • Elected the African Golden Ball in 1976 and 1990
  • Top scorer in the African Nations Cup in 1986 (4 goals) and 1988 (2 goals)
  • Named in the FIFA 100 list in 2004 (only a Cameroonian player is included)
  • Voted the best Cameroonian player of the century by the International Federation of Statistics
  • Voted 2nd best African player of the century by the International Federation of Statistics
  • Voted the best African player of the last 50 years by France Football in 2004
  • He was elected player of the century in Africa in 2001
  • The oldest goalscorer in a World Cup final (42 years and 39 days)
  • Appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for Cameroonian Sports
  • The best African player of the last 50 years was voted in 2007 by CAF
  • Legion of Honor in April 2006
  • Ranking the third-best African player in history by France Football magazine in 2019.
  • The second historical scorer for the Cameroon national team.
  • The all-time top scorer for the Cameroon club Tonnerre Yaounde with 158 goals.

Roger Milla Goals: Roger Milla’s Goals throughout his career:

African legend Roger Milla managed throughout his career with the clubs and the national team for which he played, scoring 481 goals in 871 matches.

Roger Milla Goals with Eclair Doula of Cameroon:

1968–69 281
1969–70 295

Roger Milla’s Goals for Cameroon’s Leopards Doula:

1970–71 2925
1971–72 3020
1972–73 2819
1973–74 3025
Total 11789

Roger Milla Goals with Tonnerre Yaounde of Cameroon:

1974–75 2923
1976–77 3020
Total 8769

Roger Milla’s Goals with Valenciennes:

1977–78 00
Total 286

Roger Milla Goals with Monaco:


Roger Milla Goals with Bastia:

1980–81 309
1981–82 238
1982–83 2913
Total 11342

Roger Milla Goals with Saint-Etienne:

1984–85 3122

Roger Milla’s Goals For France’s Montpellier:

1986–87 3318
1987–88 3312
1988–89 297
Total 9537

Roger Milla’s Goals with Tonnerre Yaoundé:

1992–93 2723
1993–94 3025
Total 11689

Roger Milla Goals with Indonesia’s Pelita Jaya:


Roger Milla’s Goals with Indonesia’s Putra Samarinda:

1995–96 1218

Roger Milla Goals for Cameroon:



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