Top 10 Best Romantic Series on Netflix 2022

Best Romantic Series on Netflix 2022

Best Romantic Series on Netflix 2022: The Beatles sang “All you need is love”. If your stomach is full of butterflies and your gaze is pink, you actually have the feeling that you can only live on air and love. Of course that’s not true. It also takes romantic series.

At Netflix, love and feelings are very important. When browsing through the offerings of the streaming giant, you come across more than 100 series, in which emotions ride a roller coaster and love is the most important reason why we are in the world at all. Series in which the greatest longing is that for love, the engine of our being.

Best Romantic Series on Netflix 2022

No matter how big the obstacles are, the wrong ways can be intertwined, the heartache can be so cruel: For love, it is worthwhile to leave the light on even though it is too bright for you.

10. Emily in Paris (since 2020):

Emily (Lily Collins) is an ambitious young marketing manager from Chicago. When her company acquires a French marketing agency for luxury brands, she is suddenly offered her dream job in Paris: she has to completely revise the social media strategy for the agency. Emily’s new life in Paris is full of thrilling adventures and surprising challenges, while she is busy convincing her work colleagues of her skills, making new friends and maneuvering her way through all sorts of romantic escapades.

“Emily in Paris” is easy to digest and well-behaved, yet charming entertainment. Smooth and with numerous cliches, but the series manages to win and warm the hearts of the viewers. Doesn’t hurt – and that’s okay!

9. How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014):

Between all the abundance of creative visual and dramaturgical ideas, all the leaps in time, all the running gags and the archaic macho sayings of the womanizer Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris), it’s easy to forget that the cult sitcom is actually based on a highly romantic premise: The hopeless romantic Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) tells his two teenage kids in the future how he met their mother. He leaves out no detail, no date misstep, no unhappy love and no secret.

In the search for his dream woman, Ted is actively supported by his weird but amiable friends (Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders). Only that they themselves have their thigh-thumping, but always touching and authentic trouble with love.

Thanks to the question of who “the mother” is in the end, the romance and the love carousel in “How I Met Your Mother” develop a fascinating life of their own, which makes happiness hormones boil and also lets one or two tears flow.

8. Descendants of the Sun (2016):

The focus of the South Korean series, which combines interpersonal romance with war scenes, is the young soldier Yoo Si-jin (Song Joong-ki), who is part of a South Korean special unit, and the doctor who has been transferred to a criminal offense, Dr. Kang Mo-yeon (Song Hye-kyo). Despite opposing convictions, the two fall madly in love with each other, but their relationship is repeatedly exposed to heavy strains due to the war.

An epic love story that makes people sit up and take notice with socially critical tones, interesting twists and a lot of love for their own country and which broke all audience records in South Korea and China.

7. Dawson’s Creek (1998-2003):

Dreams, longings, drama and heartbreak are the constant companions in the lives of the young adults in “Dawson’s Creek”. Dawson (James Van der Beek), Joey (Katie Holmes), Pacey (Joshua Jackson) and Jen (Michelle Williams) live in the sleepy town of Capeside, an epicenter of emotions and a place where dreams and love learn to fly.

Until then, the life and love world of young people had never been so authentic, but at the same time also so heartwarming, informal and above all emotionally implemented as in “Dawson’s Creek”. The first kiss, the first confession of love, the first separation: in Capeside life-changing events that are unabashedly pathetic and celebrated with numerous philosophical wisdoms. The series makes the heart leap, but it also makes it difficult.

6. Love (2016-2018):

Gus (Paul Rust), a really nice guy, is just recently single. He gets to know and love the hip, wild and brazen Mickey (Gillian Jacobs). Together they face the inevitable hilarities and humiliations of their relationship and love life, which they would actually prefer to avoid.

Judd Apatow’s comedy is a relentless, funny and painfully honest portrait of modern relationships, far removed from all Hollywood-Rome-com clichés. In the course of the series, the series develops more and more into a dramedy, which gives it interesting depths and upset not only the emotional budget of the protagonists, but also that of the viewers. Love has many faces in “Love” and therefore oscillates constantly between crazy, madness and reality.

5. Easy (2016-2019):

The anthology series, starring Orlando Bloom, Jake Johnson, Dave Franco and Emily Ratajkowski, among others, (each episode tells a new, independent story) revolves around fundamentally different people in Chigaco who live in a modern labyrinth of love, sex, technology and Culture stuck. There is the couple who want to bring their sleepy sex life back into shape. A young artist reports up close on her one-night stand on social media. The evening whiskey has become the best friend for lonely singles. Or a couple deals with the possibility of an open relationship.

In “Easy”, the concept of which is strikingly reminiscent of the Amazon Prime anthology series “Modern Love”, there is something for every taste. Not every episode is equally convincing, but one thing seems to be certain after binging the three charming seasons: life and especially love is anything but easy.

4. The Vampire Diaries (2009-2017):

High school student Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) experienced death at an early age: she lost both parents in a car accident. In the small town of Mystic Falls, she trudges through life and records everything that happens – or in her case: not happens – in her diary. One day she meets a new classmate, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley), and the two immediately feel drawn to each other

When Stefan’s older brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder) turns up, who is also interested in Elena, a complicated love triangle emerges – which becomes even more mysterious and, above all, more dangerous when Elena finds out that the Salvatore brothers are centuries old and notorious vampires. Suddenly Elena is part of a gloomy world that she has never suspected of.

The epic, blood-sucking Ménage à Trois has meanwhile become a cult, and thanks to surprising twists and turns, it keeps the tension going: Which of the brothers will Elena choose? Despite numerous gruesome and bloody horror elements, romance plays a major role in “The Vampire Diaries”: With a lot of devotion to sexy pathos, people love, suffer and assassinate. If anyone is familiar with the exuberant feelings and perfectly staged romantic scenes: Series inventor Kevin Williamson was also responsible for “Dawson’s Creek”.

3. Sex Education (since 2019):

The wonderfully refreshing and casual British dramedy is about Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield), an introverted student who lives with his overly open-hearted mother and sex therapist Jean (divine as always: Gillian Anderson). At the beginning of the series, Otis and his girlfriend Maeve (Emma Mackey) offer sex therapy at their school to monetize Otis’ intuitive talent for sexual issues. Ironically, Otis is a late bloomer himself, hasn’t even masturbated. So, as a “sex coach”, he gradually discovers his own sexuality – and his feelings for the headstrong Maeve …

To dismiss “Sex Education” as cheap sex pussies would be simply wrong: The series deals with the complex emotional life and the sexual and other needs and worries of modern teenagers in a sensitive but humorous way. Here, with pleasant ease and despite the lack of any pathos, all pieces are played on the emotion piano and it is shown that there is love in completely different forms: between man and woman, between man and man, between woman and woman, between child and parents , between friends. In short: earthy romance that rarely harmonized so well with cheeky humor.

2. Lovesick (2014-2018):

And another British series that approaches love in a humorous and unconventional way. In his search for great love, he found one thing above all: chlamydia. So Dylan (Johnny Flynn) finds himself forced to contact all of his previous sex partners after being infected with the STD. Flashbacks tell how Dylan and the respective woman got to know each other and how they drifted apart. From the beginning, Dylan’s roommate Eve (Antonia Thomas), with whom he is secretly and unhappily in love, as she is already engaged, plays a major role.

Hilarious, entertaining and contagious in two senses: “Lovesick” deals with embarrassing situations with a charming wink and gives us viewers the comforting feeling that our own amorous adventures weren’t so embarrassing after all. Here the heart beats in the right place!

1. Chesapeake Shores (since 2016):

Career woman and mother Abby O’Brien (Megan Ory) is returning to her old hometown for the first time in years, a sleepy little town in Maryland. There she not only has to deal with her difficult family relationships and challenging relatives, but also with her first love, the musician Trace Riley (Jesse Metcalfe from “Desperate Housewifes”). Will Abby and Trace’s love find a second chance?

Country idyll and great emotions: the Hallmark Channel series (the US broadcaster is known for its family-friendly, but also conservative program) is reminiscent of Rosamunde Pilcher films. Here the world is flawless, everyone is beautiful and the nerves are also spared. You shouldn’t expect surprising twists and turns in this Feel-Good series, but “Chesapeake Shores” gives you a heartwarming and sentimental feeling, which we can shamelessly caress and celebrate here.

The performances of the actors are surprisingly good, and the romantic chemistry between Ory and Metcalfe makes our hearts, thirsting for love, dance happily.


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