Sana Khan and Mufti Anas Honeymoon:

After marriage, Sana Khan is in discussion about her honeymoon these days. The former actress has shared a few pictures with her husband from Kashmir’s snow-clad.
After marriage, Sana Khan has arrived for a honeymoon with her husband in Kashmir. She married to mufti Anas In November after saying goodbye to the entertainment world.


Former actress Sana Khan is constantly postings picture to show her fans the beauti of the Kashmir. She has arrived in the beautiful union territory of India to spend a honeymoon with her husband Mufti Anas Saeed. Late Wednesday night, Sana shared fresh pictures and videos of snow-covered valleys, in which she poses in a romantic style with her husband.

White snow-covered rocks, trees and mountains are seen in the photos. During the last few days, Sana has posted many pictures depicting the beauty of the valley. These included a video of her drive near Dal Lake, while the actress also appeared near Hazratbal in Srinagar.



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