Sci-Fi Series on Netflix: The 20 Best Series About the Future, Aliens, Space etc.

Sci-Fi Series on Netflix

Sci-Fi series on Netflix: Stormtroopers, aliens and the endless expanses of space – we expect nothing else from our favorite sci-fi films and series. Fortunately, the streaming provider Netflix in particular, which now covers all genres very well, has a number of promising, high-quality series that are set in future, far-advanced worlds. For sci-fi fans who are looking for the next series, it is definitely worth doing some research here and giving previously missed classics and exciting new releases a chance.

The Top 20 Sci-fi Series on Netflix:

The list below gives you an overview of the 20 best sci-fi series on Netflix currently available on Netflix. We provide information on the most important content. You alone decide whether your next series marathon consists of an “old ham” like Star Trek or the much-praised “Stranger Things”. In any case, all of the sci-fi series on Netflix listed here are very well suited for binge-watching in the future.

1. Supergirl (since 2015):

The action and superhero series Supergirl comes from the USA and is based on the comics of the same name from the DC universe. The plot of the adaptation is about 24-year-old Kara Zor-El. Kara Zor-El comes from the planet Krypton but had to leave her homeland at the age of twelve. Once on earth, she was taken in by a family, the Danvers, and grew up there.

The girl is taught by her new family to use her extraordinary powers carefully and to hide them from other people. Due to an unexpected event that puts many human lives in danger, Kara Zor-El has no choice and uses her superhuman abilities. This is the beginning of an unbelievable adventure for the young superhero.

2. Altered Carbon – The Immortality Program (since 2018):

Altered Carbon is based on Richard Morgan’s novel of the same name. The series takes place in a gloomy future in which people have succeeded in digitizing their consciousness and transporting it between different shells. The protagonist Takeshi Kovacs, the only surviving member of an insurgent group, is brought back into the world after his mind has rested for a long time. When Takeshi returns, he is tasked with solving a very special murder case. As it turns out, however, the victim of the crime is none other than the client himself.

The unique atmosphere of the depicted world and the captivating thriller plot make Altered Carbon a series delight not only for sci-fi fans. Netflix has implemented the famous novel “The Immortality Program” from the pen of Richard K. Morgan, both narrative and visually powerful. Combined with a large portion of suspense and the question of how far humanity will one day go to prevent death, which was previously believed to be inevitable, “Altered Carbon” is a real treat for all sci-fi fans.

3. Stranger Things (since 2016):

The story of Stranger Things revolves around a boy who disappeared without a trace under mysterious circumstances in 1983. Three boys go in search of their boyfriend and not only come across a mysterious girl, but also a dark government secret that was never to come to light.

Stranger Things pays homage to adventure, fantasy and science fiction cinema of the 1980s and is a true masterpiece in terms of creativity and story. The actors are also convincing in every respect. “Stranger Things” is not a sci-fi series in the strict sense of the word, but thanks to the monster involved, which seems to come from another world, it definitely offers good entertainment for all fans of the genre.

4. Orphan Black (2013-2017):

Orphan Black is a Canadian-American series published by BBC America. The young outsider and orphan Sarah Manning assumes the identity of a dead person and is shocked to discover that she and the deceased look completely alike. When Sarah investigates, she finds that she is one clone of many who live around the world. Nobody knows why and by whom the clones were bred – but more and more often a mysterious institution intervenes in Sarah’s life and that of her clone sisters. Their life gets completely out of hand when an unknown killer shows up to eliminate them all.

Exciting, dark and always entertaining – Orphan Black mixes elements of drama, mystery and science fiction.

5. Lost in Space – Lost Between Alien Worlds (since 2018):

The Netflix series is based on the CBS series of the same name that aired in the 1960s. The plot revolves around the advancing colonization of space in the year 2046. The Robinson family of five would also like to be there and set off into the vastness of space in their spaceship, Jupiter 2. Instead, after an eventful journey, they are stranded on an unexplored planet light years away from their destination. A relentless struggle for survival in a world full of danger begins.

Lost in Space is a classic adventure story, which also has a dark side to it, but at its core always conveys hope and is therefore also aimed at a family audience.

6. Better Than Us (since 2018):

We are writing the year 2029, when human-shaped robots have long been part of everyday life: They help their human owners at work, in their free time and in the household and are also linked to the strict requirement of never causing harm to humans. But the robot woman Arisa (Paulina Andreeva) breaks with this requirement when she is sexually harassed in an unscrupulous labor camp. After murdering her tormentor, she seeks refuge with the family of coroner Georgy Safronov (Kirill Kyaro), who are actually just about to start a new life in distant Australia. However, her everyday life is changing drastically because of her new roommate, who is wanted by the police across the country.

“Better Than Us” is a very exciting and well staged series that is never boring and a real highlight for every sci-fi fan.

7. Black Mirror (2011-2019):

Black Mirror is a collection of dystopian visions – each episode tells its own story and is cast differently. The basic topic is the following question: What will people’s lives look like in the future and in a world that is increasingly shaped by modern technology?

The creator Charlie Brooker assumes in his stories that technology can affect humanity like a drug. The individual episodes highlight the – often negative or morally dubious – side effects of this drug. Without demonizing the supporting function of new technologies, Brooker shows the dark sides of progress and questions them. Already referred to in the press as the “hybrid” of The Twilight Zone and The Unbelievable Stories of Roald Dahl, Black Mirror is a must for all true sci-fi fans.

8. Star Trek: Discovery (since 2018):

Ten years before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise, the USS Discovery discovers new worlds and life forms. Star Trek, one of the most iconic and influential global television films, returns 50 years after its first premiere with Star Trek: Discovery. The series will feature a new ship, new characters and new missions, embodying the same ideology and hope for the future that has inspired a generation of dreamers and makers.

It is even nicer to observe two women of color, one black and one Asian, who move in an environment that traditionally has not included them. It honors the history of sci-fi while giving it a bold new future to claim, making Star Trek an indispensable part of television for the first time in decades.

9. Sense 8 (2015-2018):

Sense 8 is an American science fiction drama series produced by Netflix. The series is about eight people who live all over the world. In Sense 8, several storylines, which not only take place in different places but also at different times, are blurred into a superordinate plot. In the first season of the series, the protagonists are connected to each other solely through their thoughts. The series thus offers unprecedented topics. She also spends a lot of time on the characters and drawing the characters.

Sense 8 is the right choice for those who are into sci-fi topics. The Netflix production “Sense 8” comes from the pen of the famous Wachowski siblings, who were already responsible for the genre milestone “Matrix” and is without a doubt one of the most intelligent and exciting TV series in recent years.

10. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993-1999):

Deep Space Nine is a space station known as Terok Nor as a mining station under the Cardassian rule. Now, however, the station is in the hands of the Federation and is suddenly experiencing an economic and political boom.

Deep Space Nine tells the story of the space station in an exciting and spectacular way. A must for die-hard space fans.

11. Colony (2016-2018):

Colony tells of a dystopian future in which a father and mother are in a desperate search for their separated son. The story of the two takes place in the near future in Los Angeles, which is surrounded by huge walls due to an alien invasion. The residents belong to different groups: those who cooperate with the aliens and those who fight as rebels on the side of the resistance.

Colony is a multi-faceted dystopia that repeatedly draws parallels to fascist regimes. If you like that – let’s go for it!

12. Nightflyers (2018):

In 1980 George RR Martin published the story of the Nightflyers, and in 1985 it appeared again in a short story collection. The plot revolves around a group of eight scientists who embark on a journey into space aboard the Nightflyers ship in 2093 in order to establish their first contacts with alien life form

The story is reminiscent of a mixture from 2001 – a space odyssey and alien, because the scientists are confronted with an unknown being and a dangerous, artificial intelligence on board their ship. Anyone who knows the novel of the same name by George RR Martin will certainly not miss this visually powerful and narrative series – but all other sci-fi fans will also get their money’s worth here.

13. Away (2020 -):

An American astronaut struggles to leave her husband and daughter behind to embark on a dangerous mission to Mars with an international space crew.

In a way, with its own Oscar winner Hilary Swank, this show feels like “Gravity: The Show”. However, because of its episodic nature, it goes much deeper than a film can when it comes to documenting the sacrifices, complexity, and thrills that people would experience on such a mission. A compelling television series, Away is well worth your time.

14. Salvation (2017-2018):

A well-known technology billionaire and a student make a shocking discovery: An asteroid is hurtling towards Earth at an impressive speed that is believed to be wiped out on impact. Since, according to the calculations of the two, there is only half a year left, the US government convenes a special task force to avert the impending impact. One member of this crew is assigned a particularly difficult task: He is to choose 160 people who, in the event of the mission’s failure, are to be brought from Earth in a spaceship.

Even if the plot of “Salvation” is stretched too much, it is worth switching on, as the viewer is rewarded with a twisty story. Annoying, however: The series was ended after the second season despite a nasty cliffhanger.

15. Another Life (since 2019):

In the Netflix in-house production “Another Life”, which only started in 2019, an expedition group deals with a mysterious artifact that was sent to earth by extraterrestrial beings from space. Are they warlike intentions of the hostile species? Would they like to take over the earth? Or is the oversized, floating artifact a kind of welcome gift? Experienced astronaut Niko Breckenridge (Katee Sackhoff) will find the answer to these questions

“Another Life” combines an exciting story with impressive CGI effects and a lot of tension.

16. Travelers (2016 – 2018):

Hundreds of years in the future, humans have finally figured out how to send their consciousness back in time. This is always transferred to a person living in the 21st century at the precise moment when he or she dies. However, the process should not only serve the purpose of pure species conservation: In this way, people living in the future would also like to collect valuable information from the past in order to protect mankind from serious and existence-threatening wrong decisions from now on.

Although the subject of time travel is actually pretty worn out, this Canadian sci-fi series manages to captivate the viewer in an impressive way to the television screen.

17. The Umbrella Academy (since 2019):

The Umbrella Academy is an American Netflix production that developed from the comic book of the same name. The story of the Umbrella Academy revolves around a very unusual family made up only of superheroes. The teenagers are six out of a total of 43 children born in the same year whose mothers were not yet pregnant on the morning of the day they were born. These were adopted by the billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves and trained to be superheroes at the Umbrella Academy.

As the six adolescents get older, they part ways. When their mentor dies years later, they meet again and are warned of the impending apocalypse by number 5, who has a talent for traveling through time. The superheroes only have eight days to save the world from ultimate destruction.

18. The Rain (2018-2019):

The Rain is the first Danish production from Netflix. The action takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and begins six years after a devastating catastrophe in which the vast majority of the Scandinavian population was killed by a deadly virus. There are only a few survivors and living space is becoming increasingly scarce. The main characters in the story are two siblings who are looking for their father and who join a group of survivors. With their father they hope to find solutions to prevent the ultimate extinction of humanity. It soon turns out, however, that only the strong can prevail in the new society, while the weak are left to die.

The Rain swears a bleak future – from a pandemic spread via the rain to deserted areas to the struggle for last supplies. The series manages to transfer its end-of-time mood to the viewer and bring him closer to the desolate journey of the young protagonists.

19. Dark (since 2017):

The series Dark is the first German Netflix production. It is about the events that happen after two children disappeared from a normal German town without a trace. As a result, the lives of four families get completely out of hand. As the investigation progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that the families are mysteriously linked and that everyone involved is keeping their own dark secrets.

Those who like to watch unexpected abysses open up behind an idyllic, petty-bourgeois facade should not miss this series pleasure.

20. Final Space (since 2018):

In the sci-fi animation series “Final Space”, the astronaut Gary embarks on an exciting journey whose goal is to find the so-called “Final Space”. According to an old legend, this is a legendary place where all known galaxies end. The cute planet destroyer Mooncake, whom he has chosen to accompany his expedition, as well as his not particularly secret predilection for excessive use of weapons quickly ensure that the actual journey becomes a lot of fun.

“Final Space” is picking up speed from episode to episode, convinces with a colorful drawing style, tells an entertaining and never boring story and also brings with it a subtle sense of humor. A real insider tip that you should have seen.


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