The 18 Best Series On Sky Tv

Best Series On Sky Tv

Series on Sky Tv: Do you have a Sky Ticket or are you thinking of using the subscription service? 

Best Series On Sky Tv

We show you the 18 Best Series on Sky tv currently has to offer. Have fun with our list!

1. Game of Thrones (2011-2019):

The medieval fantasy epic “Game of Thrones” is without a doubt one of the absolute all-stars of the TV scene. The power struggle of the various royal families, the scene of which is a gloomy, perfectly staged world, draws its roots from the no less successful book by the author George RR Martin.

Above all, it was the many intrigues and moments of tension that made “Game of Thrones” an absolute fan favorite in no time at all. The unpredictability of the story in combination with the splendid visual presentation always gives goose bumps in the living room at home. An excellent cast, complex characters and tricky twists make the US-American production an inviolable milestone that every series fan should have seen.

2. Dexter (2006-2013):

The US production “Dexter” is probably one of the most unusual crime series in recent years. In the lead role, fans of the show get to see a multi-faceted serial killer who has suffered from serious mental disorders since childhood.

In contrast to many other assassins in the TV scene, Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) does not act exclusively in secret, but hires out during the day as a forensic scientist at a local police station. In addition to the explosive dynamics inherent in “Dexter” due to its extraordinary starting position, the series also knows how to shine with its numerous touches of black humor.

3. Westworld (2016-2018):

“Westworld” deals with the dimensions that the depths of the human soul can assume. The futuristic series creates a funky framework for its protagonists in which people are able to play cowboys and Indians at will in a wild west park inhabited by robots. However, technical progress always raises new questions.

The discussion about whether the robots called “hosts” are capable of developing their own consciousness is a central feature of the show. If so, how legitimate is it to overthrow the artificial intelligences in a fun western game? The unusual topic with which “Westworld” comes along stimulates unorthodox thought processes in the viewer about a far-away scenario,

4. Chernobyl (2019):

The five-part show “Chernobyl” sets its plot in 1986 and gives us an insight into the terrible nuclear disaster that occurred over 30 years ago in the eponymous Russian city. The creators of the show have made the keyword “realism” particularly important, which is why “Chernobyl” largely adheres to the actual circumstances of the world-famous reactor accident within its staging.

It is particularly exciting to be able to relive the events that have seen worldwide attention for the first time from the perspective of a single series character. The suffering that plagues the expert Valeri Legassow (Jared Harris) as the supposed culprit of the misfortune is authentically transferred to the viewer.

5. Band of Brothers – We were like brothers (2001):

For most people of our time, the horror of the Second World War is an unimaginable horror. To get a glimpse of what was a cruel reality for the world’s population between 1939 and 1945, it is worth taking a look at the “Band of Brothers” show, which started in 2001. The series follows an American elite unit that had to master inhumane tasks on the European battlefields of World War II.

The detailed production knows how to score with credible locations and authentic realism. Even if the main protagonists of the show are members of an American company, “Band of Brothers” fortunately never drifts into an annoying American hurray patriotism.

6. Sex and the City (1998-2004):

Hardly any other show experienced such a hype as “Sex and the City” at the turn of the millennium. The series, which leads us to the core of an inseparable group of friends, offers the perfect setting for relaxed, light TV evenings. While we follow Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda during their everyday life in the “Big Apple” New York, we look forward to every further step the women in their thirties take.

In addition to its extensive humor, the show is also characterized by a good pinch of heart and emotions. After all, the search for the ominous Mr. Right is a central aspect of the show.

7. Raised by Wolves (2020):

Raised By Wolves, directed by Ridley Scott, is a dark, mysterious foray into science fiction for Sky. The story follows two androids tasked with raising human children on a brand new planet where religious differences threaten to tear apart a human colony.

As the androids try to create peace through logic, they soon learn that it is difficult and extremely treacherous to control and direct people’s beliefs.

8. The Sopranos (1999-2007):

Oh yeah, the good old mafia. Hardly any TV production ever managed to portray the stylish everyday life of the smoothly ironed Mafiosi as stylishly as “The Sopranos”. The work from the United States is generally considered to be one of the best drama series ever.

This fact stems on the one hand from the excellent, thoroughly exciting storyline, which is perfectly carried by the coherent cast. But also the cross-references and the respect paid to countless classic Mafia films are a real feast for all friends of the topic. If you like captivating shows with a fascinating gang clan theme, “Die Soprans” is a TV offer that you cannot refuse.

9. The Wire (2002-2008):

“The Wire” comes as an unvarnished piece of work that presents the chaos and abysses within the city of Baltimore in a believable way. The five seasons of the American show appeal primarily to those TV clientele who do not shy away from complex and multi-layered stories. Within the show,

the creators present us with a wide variety of locations and social groups in the US city. This ultimately gives us a differentiated overall picture. At the same time, we realize that the boundaries between good and bad are often much more blurred than we would have thought at first.

10. Victoria (since 2016):

Although we haven’t had anything to do with the long-established form of government of the monarchy in this country for several generations, we are still very interested in the fascinating stories of international royalty. The history series”Victoria” turns back the cinematic wheel of time and transports us to 19th century England. The era that would later go down in history as the Victorian Age was consequently shaped by the reign of Queen Victoria, who wielded the royal scepter over the United Kingdom between 1837 and 1901.

The TV adaptation of the historical theme shines with an opulent setting, which should come very close to its historical model in terms of its exuberant richness of detail. In addition to the magnificent pictures that the British production has in store for our eyes, “Victoria” also scores with a dramatically coherent storyline.

11. True Detective (2014-2019):

“True Detective” is a surefire tip for all series fans who have a penchant for atmospheric crime stories. The three seasons of the detective series each deal with different, self-contained cases.

The changing locations and murder stories give “True Detective” a pleasant, entertaining touch that doesn’t know any lengthy passages. Both the story and the visual staging are varied. The exciting atmosphere inherent in the search for a mysterious killer, also in the case of “True Detective”, completely encroaches on the viewer.

12. Boardwalk Empire (2010-2014):

When prohibition was imposed on the United States during the first half of the 20th century, the alcohol ban was supposed to serve the purpose of getting the people of the United States back on track. In truth, however, the illegalization of the boomerang turned out to be a momentous boomerang, which prepared a broad stage for a wide variety of criminal groups.

“Boardwalk Empire” shows us how a dubious parallel society developed during the episode mentioned in the underground of the glittering US city of Atlantic City, which did not give a damn to the moral standards of the authorities. In addition to its captivating, dramatic plot, the HBO series also impresses with its high visual value.

13. His Dark Materials (since 2019):

Philip Pullman’s bestselling fantasy series has always been a tough deal when it comes to getting it to the big screen. The film adaptations failed to properly capture the scope and imaginative elements of Pullman’s work,

but this series does a much better job. The story is the same – a young girl named Lyra (Dafne Keen), who lives in an alternate universe where magic exists and souls live outside of bodies in the form of animal-like demons, is destined to rule her world from a tyrannical form of government, the Magisterium, to be exempt.

The cast is top notch – just think of James McAvoy, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ruth Wilson – the CGI is well done, and the narrative feels more thought out and faster than its predecessors.

14. Succession (since 2018):

Succession is a series full of notes on corporate greed, the dark side of capitalism, and the elite. It’s a show about men (and women) misbehaving, siblings arguing over inheritance issues, aging kings refusing to give up their dwindling empires. It’s a series about four siblings wrestling for control of their family’s media conglomerate when their father’s health begins to fail.

That may not sound very interesting – we don’t need another series on the problems of rich white people – but it’s the acting that makes this series stand out. And those accomplishments only get better as the series progresses, as we are drawn to murder, political power games, corporate takeovers, and twisted family dynamics.

15. The Pacific (2010):

If you like the series “Band of Brothers”, which we presented to you in eighth place on our list of the best, then you will also love “The Pacific” from 2010. The US series is the direct counterpart to “Band of Brothers” and is again penned by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. As you can already see from the title of the show, “The Pacific” does not take us to the cruel battlefields of Europe, but straight into the relentless Pacific War.

The breathtaking battles that the American and Japanese soldiers fought were staged in a believable manner and without any embellishment. Experiencing the horror of war from an individual perspective also gives us a new impression of the suffering

16. Rick and Morty (since 2013):

Are cartoons only for young children? Not even close. The wacky show “Rick and Morty”, which has been broadcast since 2013, once again proves to us that colorful cartoon characters also work perfectly in the cosmos of an adult comedy format. The focus of the series is on the crazy scientist Rick and his grandson Morty.

Together, the two title characters experience the weirdest adventures that lead the title heroes time and again into fascinating parallel worlds. The bottom line is that “Rick and Morty” presents itself as a screamingly comical production that promises a lot of entertaining fun.

17. House of Cards (2013-2018):

Politicians are a race of their own. Anyone who does not trust the powerful men and women of our world in general will get every conceivable prejudice about the international leaders confirmed within the “House of Cards”.

At the center of the story is the simple US MP Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), who over time uses increasingly hair-raising means to advance his political career. Accordingly, corruption, intrigue and even murder are at the center of the plot. “House of Cards” knew how to inspire both critics and fans. The production is at a comfortable pace, which is refined again and again by bitter evil humor.

18. Sons of Anarchy (2008-2015):

Do you also have gasoline in your blood? The biker series “Sons of Anarchy” flickered over the international screen for the first time in 2008 and immediately wowed a huge audience. In terms of content, we follow the various members of a Californian motorcycle gang, with whom it is really not good to eat cherries.

The tough men follow a dubious code of honor that predetermined every step of the brotherhood. It goes without saying that the daily routine of the “Sons of Anarchy” does not only consist of easy-going motorcycle tours, but is peppered with arms trafficking and other prohibited machinations. Without a doubt, one of the strongest assets of the American show is its authentic realism. In addition, the acting performances of the cast are simply outstanding.


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