Some People Have A Lot of Urine After Drinking Water. Is There a Kidney Problem? Why do Some People Have no Urine

Some People Have A Lot of Urine After Drinking Water

Some People have a lot of urine after drinking water. Is there a kidney problem? Why do some people have no urine

When it comes to urination, many people feel embarrassed and do not want to expose their problems to the doctor. In fact, in medicine, urine can be used as a basis for judging physical health. Under the premise of not using medical treatment, it can prevent and understand the general condition of the body.
A few days ago, someone left a message in the background and mentioned: Some people have a lot of urine just after drinking water. Is there a kidney problem? Why do some people have no urine? Which is better?

Some People Have a Lot of Urine After Drinking Water:

Let’s first take a look at someone who has a lot of urine just after drinking water. Is there a kidney problem?

Many people think that if they want to urinate after drinking water, it must be a kidney problem. This requires specific analysis of specific issues.

Situation 1: Frequent Urination

In medicine, there are many cases of frequent urination and urgent urination. If you want to go again not long after you have just gone to the toilet, and the urine output is relatively small, then you must pay attention to the health of the bladder.
The bladder is mainly a muscular sac-like organ that stores urine, and its main function is to store urine. Under normal circumstances, the bladder capacity of an adult will not exceed 500ml. Once people hold back their urine for special reasons, causing excessive tension in the bladder wall and causing pain, go to the hospital for examination in time.

If frequent urination is frequent and urgent, the bladder cannot store urine, it is mostly related to the physiological dysfunction of the bladder, and has nothing to do with kidney health. Men should focus on prostatitis and overactive bladder, while women should be alert to urinary tract infections to avoid exacerbations.

Situation 2: Lifestyle

Some people want to urinate after drinking water, which is also closely related to their lifestyle habits. You can first judge the urine output for 24 hours a day, the normal range is 1000~2000ml.

If you are within this range and occasionally urinate after drinking, don’t worry too much. Maybe it’s because you drink too much water in a short period of time, or you have eaten diuretic foods, etc.; or it’s because of tension and other emotions and sympathetic nerves. Excessive tension leads to excessive sweating and urination. These are all normal physiological phenomena.

In addition, for people with a lot of nocturia, avoid drinking water before going to bed, eating watermelon, cucumber, soup, etc., which may increase the number of nights.

Why Do some People have no Urine After Drinking Water?

This phenomenon is also normal. To say that the time for water to form urine will be affected by temperature, mood, exercise, etc., some people are fast and some are slow.

According to related studies, the longest time for water to form urine in the body can be as high as 1 to 2 hours, and the shortest is 5 to 10 minutes. So, you don’t need to be strict about yourself. As long as you don’t have other discomforts when urinating or your body does not show any other discomforts, it doesn’t mean that the kidneys are not working.


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