Sylvester Stallone Best Action Movies

Sylvester Stallone Best Action Movies

Sylvester Stallone Best Action Movies: The action cinema of the eighties is exemplarily embodied by two men who are almost larger than life. One of them is Sylvester “Sly” Stallone, born in New York City in 1946! In his twenties, the son of an Italian-American family got through life more badly than well and added a Woody Allen flick to his vita as well as soft porn.

Sylvester Stallone Best Action Movies:

A little later, he paved the way to a legendary career, but with great success on his own – in the truest sense of the word.

1: Rocky (1976)

Let’s start with the strip, without which this list would be the purest farce: With Rocky Balboa, Stallone has written the role of a boxer with a heart, which has more than just a parallel to his personal career. At the same time, the author, who lived on the edge of poverty at the time, was inspired by various outsider stories from the world of fistfighting.

Against all doubts on the part of the production studio, Stallone was ultimately allowed to appear in front of the camera himself. The rest is history: “Rocky” ran beyond all expectations successfully in the cinema, was honored with three Oscars, created a world star and founded a franchise that will not appear here for the last time!

2: Rambo: First Blood (1982)

The second character with whom Sylvester Stallone will forever be inextricably linked is that of John J. Rambo. In the loose film adaptation of David Morrell’s novel “First Blood”, the search for a meal for the introverted Vietnam veteran leads to a sadistic hunt through the woods of the small town of Hope.

While later parts of the series are not necessarily known for their sensitivity, the first “Rambo” is not just an exciting action film with gripping staged chase sequences: the central theme is the social rejection of returned soldiers who wore themselves out in an unpopular war for a country, that she now seems to despise.

3: Cop Land (1997)

Many children of the nineties are likely to associate positive memories with works like “Assassins” or “Daylight”; At the time, even “Judge Dredd” knew how to inspire young eyes with no knowledge of comics with its futuristic setting. Among the critics was the one created by Stallone and co.

established hero role is increasingly becoming obsolete, which is why Sly has left his comfort zone for “Cop Land”: Sheriff Heflin is overweight, hearing impaired and a laughing stock for the corrupt cops of the NYPD, whose crooked machinations he finally finds out. The more demanding basic material and the antitypical optical change ensured that Sly stood out positively with his acting even in a star-studded ensemble cast.

4: Demolition Man (1993)

In accordance with unwritten genre laws, Sylvester Stallone also undertook occasional excursions into the comedic field. There are certainly reasons why, for example, “Stop! Or my mommy shoots! ”Is not on this list…“ Demolition Man ”, on the other hand, offers an all-round charming mixture of action and joke, which is due not least to a tried and tested plot device for good situation comedy.

After decades of cold sleep, the hard-core cop becomes John Spartan (Stallone) reactivates and not only has to deal with the crazy criminal Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes), but also with a completely effeminate society. To this day it is still controversial how exactly the three mussels work!

5: The Expendables (2010)

After he had brought “Rocky Balboa” (2006) and then also “John Rambo” (2008) out of retirement much more than expected, Stallone catapulted the action nostalgia into unimagined spheres with this ludicrously cast ensemble flick: The eponymous one Team shoots, stabs and fights through a completely outrageous act, tears down pithy slogans and pays close attention to the fact that the biceps are shown to their best advantage in the brutal spectacle.

A dream of a B-movie with a large budget that was not thought possible for a long time, which, not least, was finally able to unite the legendary Planet Hollywood trio on the big screen!

6: Rocky IV – The Fight of the Century (1985)

The best sports and motivational montages in film history, period. In addition, no film on this list is likely to be so much a child of its time, which is very informative for the actor illuminated here! Rocky Balboa takes on Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren), a Soviet stoic with a penchant for steroid abuse.

This time around, the matter is not only more personal but also more political than ever: Drago killed Apollo Creed in the ring while the Cold War continues to drive a wedge between East and West. With a courageous boxing match, international understanding of the non-verbal nature is ultimately pursued. Eighties awesomeness at its absolute peak.

7: Creed – Rocky’s Legacy (2015)

Without any question, Sylvester Stallone unabashedly tests out how long you can actually play an action role – the now fifth “Rambo” flick is just one of many pieces of evidence. With Rocky Balboa’s second comeback, Sly at least realized that the boxing legend would look much better in the second row: As a mentor to Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan), he supports the illegitimate son of his late friend Apollo Creed on his way to the Top of the light heavyweight division.

Halfway unexpectedly, Stallone was able to earn the otherwise largely refused recognition of the critics with his star role, because in addition to a Golden Globe there was also an Oscar nomination.

8: The City-Cobra (1986)

In the category “Inconceivable Castings That Never Made It” Sly secured a place for himself with his near-cast in “Beverly Hills Cop”. As is well known, an engagement did not materialize, which was due in particular to Stallone’s desired deletion of the comedy elements.

His idea of ​​how a copiously humorless cop takes action in Los Angeles, he has instead realized with “The City Cobra”! His lieutenant Cobretti is a law enforcement officer who is feared for impulsive solo attempts on the verge of vigilante justice, whose no-frills methods also displeased the German moral guards – until 2012 the film was on the notorious index in the Federal Republic of Germany.

9: Over the Top (1987)

The movie year 1987 was all about arm wrestling for action fans: While Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl “Apollo Creed” Weathers didn’t need a table or set of rules for their bicep-bursting reunion in “Predator”, Sylvester Stallone devoted himself to the role of trucker Lincoln Hawk sporty side of the competition.

There were of course a lot of shady characters on top of it, but the real focus of the film is the rapprochement between Lincoln and his estranged offspring. “Over the Top” is not a second “Rocky”, but the relatable father-son story, the contemporary Giorgio Moroder soundtrack and the sheer rarity of an arm wrestling film give it extra points!

10: Cliffhanger – Only the strong survive (1993)

By far the worst “Rocky” part and a focus on comedies didn’t do Sylvester Stallone any commercial or creative favors at the start of the nineties. Against this background, “Cliffhanger” represented a welcome return to proven hobbyhorses: the traumatized mountaineer Gabe Walker had to deal with unscrupulous money robbers in the course of an alleged rescue mission.

While the plot, based on a script co-written by Stallone, turns out to be straightforward and leaves realism aside if necessary, there is no lack of action after the best “Die Hard” -Marnier. Stallone confronted his fear of heights, while stuntman Simon Crane, on the other hand, even made it into the Guinness Book of Records with his performance at an altitude of over 4000 meters.


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