Taylor Swift Net Worth 2022 – How Rich Is The Singer?

Taylor Swift Net worth 2022

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Taylor Swift Net Worth 2022: Taylor Swift can truly tell you that determination and perseverance pay off. At the tender age of 11 she tried to get a record deal, which she succeeded three years later. Since she released her fully self-composed debut album ” Taylor Swift” in 2006, the singer has been on the rise.

As she continued to develop towards pop in 2014, international success was unstoppable. Her album ” 1989 ” landed at number 4 in the German charts.

How Rich Is Taylor Swift?

The total fortune of the 32-year-old is estimated at a staggering 400 million US dollars.

In 2016, she had an income of $ 170 million, which earned her number one spot on Forbes Magazine’s celebrity list. As a result, Swift was well ahead of other stars as the highest earner, such as One Direction, Rihanna, Madonna or Adele. And even if the rapper Sean Combs, aka Diddy, pushed her from the top position in 2017, her fans still have no cause for concern. Taylor is far from gnawing at the starvation blanket.

At the beginning of November 2017, Swift’s latest album “Reputation” was released, which sold 1.2 million copies in the first week . If you consider that the remaining 199 albums on the US Billboard Charts sold “only” 723,000 times, you can imagine the huge success.

Swift ended a six month tour for her album Reputation in late 2018. The singer reportedly made over $ 10 million per show. Taylor Swift completed her Reputation Tour in a spectacular way, breaking the record for the most successful US tour of all time. In the US alone, the singer earned $ 266.1 million on her tour and sold 2,068,399 tickets.

Her 6 albums have sold a total of 184 million copies so far, for which she was awarded 316 platinum records worldwide. Their world tour “1989” can also be described as a complete success without reservation, as the total of 85 concerts recorded 2.28 million visitors. With an average ticket price of $ 392, the artist had no reason to complain. There is no doubt that she is rich. But what exactly is Swift’s fortune like?

With an ingenious marketing strategy, the musician not only heats up anticipation, but also boosts sales of her fan articles. Registering on their homepage and purchasing additional merchandising products increases the chance of getting hold of one of the coveted tickets in advance.

Does Taylor Have Any Other Income?

The artist not only earns her money with music, she can also look forward to some additional income. In the past few years Swift has secured several extremely lucrative advertising deals. She was the face for Diet Coke, Elizabeth Arden, Keds and Cover Girl, among others. Those contracts earned her $ 33 million.

Together with UPS she started an advertising campaign in time for the release of her new album. Her face was adorned by a huge fleet of delivery vans that were used to deliver her latest work to fans.

She is still considered one of the stars with the highest market value, not least because of the 145 million fans who follow her on various social media platforms.

No wonder Swift is now launching its own social media app. “The Swift Live” is described as an online portal on which fans can connect with one another via chat. A music player and a photo feed, similar to Instagram, should also be included. The success of the app should already be guaranteed.

How Does She Invest Her Wealth?

One can hardly accuse the artist of a lack of business acumen, but does she invest her money as wisely as she earns it? Swift invests a large part in real estate. By the age of 25, she owned $ 86 million worth of land and houses. This not only includes her parents’ estate and her own penthouse in Nashville, she also owns a beach house in Rhode Island, a penthouse in New York and a mansion in Los Angeles. She recently acquired another property in New York by buying a house in Tribeca.

But how does the star travel quickly and comfortably from one residence to the next? You guessed it: Taylor Swift owns two private jets. One of them could break, so it’s good to have one in reserve.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she has a financial advisor to trust with her wealth. Her own father, Scott Kingsley Swift, was a financial advisor at Merryl Lynch for years and is now helping his daughter invest her money wisely.

As important as Taylor’s financial future is, after all, she has already set up a savings account for her future children, just as unimportant are extensive shopping trips. According to her own statements, she is reluctant to spend her income on fashion, jewelry and cars. She prefers to invite her friends on exclusive vacation trips as often as the busy schedule allows.

The future of the talented singer seems to be more than bright. Her ambition and hard work have made her one of the best paid musicians in recent years. Her prudent handling of her wealth and her good business acumen help her to steadily increase her wealth.


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