Tips Against Back Pain In The Office Chairs

Tips Against Back Pain In The Office Chairs

Tips Against Back Pain In The Office Chairs: In the home office, the back in particular suffers due to poor posture, a lack of routines and incorrect equipment. Even simple exercises help you to prevent tension and pain and thus avoid back pain in the home office.

Tips Against Back Pain In The Office Chairs

It is well known that long periods of sitting lead to tension and pain in the back and neck area. This particularly affects people who currently work a lot in the home office. Because there are usually not as chic ergonomic and back-friendly chairs as in the office. The daily routine has changed completely there. We have a few tips on how to do something good for your back despite working from home.

Why can Working From Home have a Negative Effect on Your Back?

Home office definitely has its advantages. After all, without a shower and in sweatpants, you can open your laptop straight from your bed, couch or dining table and start your work day. However, there are also two serious disadvantages: The good office chairs and the decent desk are in the office and not at home.

As a result, many fall into an unhealthy posture, which after a short time leads to a tense neck or a pulling in the back. Furthermore, there is an absolute lack of exercise, as there is no commuting to and from work or going to the canteen or lunch in the restaurant. In the home office you have to be aware of physical activity and movement be scheduled.

What are The Consequences?

The lack of exercise and the unhealthy posture quickly lead to blockages, tension, shortening and micro-inflammation of the back, neck and buttocks muscles. In addition, by sitting for long blood circulation in the body heart disturbed what slows metabolic processes. The consequences include premature disc aging, osteoarthritis or even a herniated disc.

Preventive Exercises:

In order to prevent the consequences of an unhealthy posture and too little exercise while working from home, we have put together five simple and easy tips and exercises for you. Even if it already tweaks and hurts, these exercises are good for your back and relieve the pain.

Exercise 1: Squats

Squats strengthen the legs, stomach, back and buttocks, which has a positive effect on posture. For correct execution, place your knees at least shoulder width apart – the knees point slightly outwards. Now tighten your stomach, pull your shoulder blades back and down and stretch your chest out. Breathe in deeply, hold your breath, bend your knees slowly but in a controlled manner and hold the position briefly. Now straighten yourself up slowly and in a controlled manner and breathe out of your mouth.


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