Tom Cruise Net Worth 2022 – How Rich Is The Actor?

Tom Cruise Net Worth 2022

Tom Cruise Net Worth 2022: Tom Cruise is one of the wealthiest stars in Hollywood. The actor is said to have more than 600 million US dollars in the account. In this article you will find out how he made his fortune and what luxury goods and passions the star spends his income on.

Tom Cruise Net Worth 2022: Tom Cruise Earns This Income Annually

Tom Cruise makes $ 30 to 40 million annually. For “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” alone, the actor received a fee of 23 million US dollars. Not surprising, as the agent flick already grossed more than 50 million US dollars on the opening weekend in the USA alone.

For comparison: Cruise has now earned 70 million US dollars on the first part of the series – a fee plus profit sharing that the American has contractually guaranteed for each of his roles. The actor received around 13 million US dollars plus profit sharing for ”The Mummy” and even a full 20 million US dollars for “Operation Valkyrie – The Stauffenberg Assassination”.

So DVD sales, TV broadcasts, and merchandise still make money for the actor even after the films have been on the market for years. With this income, Tom Cruise’s huge car and motorcycle collection is not surprising either.

That’s How Much Tom Cruise Earned With His Films:

Mission: Impossible 5 (2015) $ 25 million
Edge of Tomorrow (2014) $ 23 million
Oblivion (2013) $ 20 million
Jack Reacher (2012)$ 7.5 million
Mission: Impossible – Phantom Protocol (2011) $ 12.5 million
Knight and Day (2010) $ 11 million
Operation Valkyrie – The Stauffenberg Assassination (2008) $ 20 million
Mission: Impossible III (2006) $ 75 million
Last Samurai (2003) $ 25 million
Minority Report (2002) $ 25 million
Vanilla Sky (2001) $ 20 million
Mission: Impossible II (2000) $ 75 million
Magnolia (1999) $ 100,000
Eyes Wide Shut (1999) $ 20 million
Jerry Maguire – Game of Life (1996) $ 20 million
Mission: Impossible (1996)$ 70 million
Interview with a Vampire (1994) $ 15 million
The Company (1993) $ 12 million
A Matter of Honor (1992) $ 12.5 million
In a Far Land (1992) $ 13 million
Days of Thunder (1990) $ 9 million
Rain Man (1988) $ 3 million
Cocktail (1988) $ 3 million
The Color of Money (1986) $ 1 million
Top Gun (1986) $ 2 million
Legend (1985)$ 500,000
Loose Business (1983) $ 75,000
The Cadets of Bunker Hill (1981) $ 50,000
Total Income$ 520,225,000

Income For Noble Sledges: Tom Cruise Vehicle Collection

In his films he drives gadget-rich cars, heats up dirt bikes around the globe or climbs around on airplanes circling hundreds of meters above the ground. Tom Cruise also has a personal love for drivable and flyable vehicles.

The actor has poured around $ 20 million of his income into his car collection, which includes several Ford Mustangs (one in silver, one in orange), several Chevrolets (including the iconic Corvette) and a Mercedes CLK. The Orange-Black Bugatti Veyron, which is considered the fastest sports vehicle on the market, has a very special place in the Cruise Garage.

His motorcycle collection is no less rich in ostentation. Tom Cruise owns a Ducati 999R, a BMW S1000 RR and a Kawasaki GPZ900R, which will be featured in “Top Gun 2” in 2019.

Other film vehicles in the star’s collection: the black BMW S1000 RR from “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation”, the Confederate Hellcat from “Mission: Impossible 3” and the Honda CRF450X from the science fiction film “Oblivion”. For his 51st birthday, the actor also presented himself with an original Vyrus 987 C3 4V in pitch black. Factory price: $ 100,000. The racing cars and rally bikes are parked in the garages of the star’s many mansions.

The Villa That Is Worth A Fortune:

When Tom Cruise is not out and about on one of his horsepower machines, he counts his fortune in his various villas and estates around the world. The entertainer’s second home is a multi-story villa near the US town of Telluride. The property covers several square kilometers and houses forest paths, paddocks, a gigantic forest and a private helipad.

Located on Mount Wilson, the actual house offers a view of vast landscapes and historical buildings. The nature villa is 930 square meters and is made entirely of wood. The house has seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms and an entrance hall where historical paintings and relics instantly show how rich Tom Cruise actually is. The kitchen and living room are heated by a gigantic stone fireplace, which on its own is already as big as many a house. There is also a richly equipped library and a billiards room in which Cruise reenacts scenes from the classic film “The Color of Money”.

For a spontaneous visit, there is a miniature version of the villa, which functions as a guest house, right next door. The star had the luxury property cost almost 60 million US dollars. Currently, however, Tom Cruise wants to sell the wooden house in the mountains.

Also worth mentioning is the villa in Beverly Hills, including a fitness room, in which the actor prepares for roles and pursues his hobby, fencing. Tom Cruise has been swinging his sword for many years and trained with Will Smith and David Beckham, among others. The fencing equipment is comparatively cheap at around 500 euros, but the villa in the sunny hills of Los Angeles County is all the more expensive. A whopping $ 13 million changed hands when art collector Leon Black Tom Cruise bought the property in 2016.

The plans for “Top Gun 2” and the seventh part of the Mission Impossible series are currently in progress. Tom Cruise is studying the script in his current main residence in Clearwater, Florida – a $ 10 million beach house with an ocean view.

From Victim Of Bullying To Megastar:

Tom Cruise Mapother IV., The actor’s maiden name, was born in 1962 in Syracuse, New York, USA. Tom Cruise grew up in a poor family and was teased by his classmates because of dyslexia. The father, who said he had punched and kicked Cruise, left the family early.

Only after the premiere of “Top Gun” did Tom Cruise see his father again – ten years later, shortly before Thomas Mapother’s death. Until then, Cruise gained his first experience as an actor in the school theater group and learned the art of acting under the world-famous Sanford Meisner.

Despite a difficult childhood in which he had to move often, Cruise did not give up his dream of an acting career and big money. What began with small roles culminated in world success in 1986: at the age of only 24, Tom Cruise made his breakthrough in Top Gun. As “Maverick” he not only targeted the enemy’s jet fighters, but above all a long and successful Hollywood career. The actor became a star almost overnight. A reputation that he cemented with films like “Rain Man” and “Vanilla Sky”.

In recent years it has been the “Mission: Impossible” films in particular that have made the Hollywood star a safe bet. The actor has brought in more than nine billion US dollars for Hollywood bosses in the past 40 years. Tom Cruise has starred in more than 20 films, from the 1981 drama “Endlose Liebe”, in which he was allowed to look at the love affair of the leading actors in an extra role, to his own action-packed love affair in “Knight and Day”.

Tom Cruise himself wrote the film “Tage des Donners” and also played the leading role. There is only one thing that Cruise has not been able to win so far: an Oscar. The Golden Globe Award for his role as best supporting actor in the film “Magnolia” is the actor’s biggest award to date.


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