Toni Kroos Net Worth 2022: How much does Toni Kroos earn at Real Madrid?

Toni Kroos Net worth 2022


  • 80 Million Euros


  • 21 Million Euros

How much does Toni Kroos earn at Real Madrid?

Toni Kroos Net Worth 2022: Long-serving Germany international Toni Kroos currently plays at long-established club Real Madrid, where his salary has increased from €4.5m to €21m compared to Bayern Munich, where he remains the most popular and sought-after player. Highest-paid German since winning the 2014 World Cup. His fortune is estimated at 80 million euros.

Actually, Real Madrid initially paid him an annual salary of 10.9 million euros. This is according to the deal Tony Kroos signed with the Royals on July 17, 2014, which was published by Football Leaks. The contract was extended in October 2019 to 2023, Tony Kroos’ annual salary is 21 million euros. That makes him Olympus, the top earner in football. However, this does not include advertising contracts with numerous sponsors and bonuses for the German national team, which generate additional income. It is speculated that this will lead to an estimated fortune of 80 million euros, which will only increase in the next few years.

The documentary about his career to date will start in German cinemas on July 4, 2019, and is available on Amazon Prime.

his career:

Tony Cross, born on January 4, 1990 – still a citizen of the German Democratic Republic – started playing for the club at the age of seven. At first he played for the regional club Greifswalder SC, a sports club that does not only do football. The special thing about Greifswalder SC is that he is coached by his own father. Although he later joined Hansa Rostock as a youth coach, the situation was crucial for young Tony’s career. Tony played for the regional club for five years, eventually moving to bigger club Hansa Rostock with his father at the age of twelve.

FC Bayern Munich:

Above all, Kroos got to know “big” football in his youth in Rostock and gradually developed into midfield. He played for Rostock until he was 16, after which he switched to the amateur team of record club Bayern Munich (2006). He quickly became an important part of the team and actively shaped the game. After the season he no longer had to worry about his financial future as he received a multi-year contract until the 2010/11 season.

However, he did not keep his amateur status for long, because the then impressed Otmar Hitzfield decided just a year later to bring the young Kroos into the professional squad. He let him train with the pros beforehand. In his first season with the “big man,” he scored four goals in just 13 games. However, the low number of appearances showed that he was not yet a regular player on the team, so coach Jürgen Klinsmann decided for the coming season to give Kroos the opportunity to gain productive match practice at another club. However, due to injuries, the venture was only partially successful.

The time since returning to FC Bayern should have been more successful for Kroos. After several players in the professional team were injured, he has become an integral part of the team and was convinced with solid performances. He also earned €4.5 million, which is a lot more than what he earned under his amateur contract. Before joining Espanyol, Kroos made 130 appearances for the first team, scoring 13 goals.

With a salary in Madrid to a fortune of millions:

After that, inspired by the World Cup on the one hand and his high market value on the other, he demanded a significant salary increase at the end of the 2014 season in the event of a contract extension – according to Fox around 8 million euros here – he finally decided when negotiations with the then coach Guardiola and chairman Uli Hoeneß went nowhere to switch to Real Madrid, where he suddenly earned 30% more than at Bayern Munich. More specifically, he was paid €10.9m per season at Madrid until 2016.

Contract extension at Real Madrid:

In October 2016 Tony Kroos extended his contract from 2020 up to and including 2022. The salaries increase to a total of 21 million euros per season. Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has been pushing for this early extension and has long tied him to the club. The early contract extension was extended to summer 2023 on May 20, 2019 after multiple rumors of a change. It also speaks to the importance of Kroos in Madrid.

National team:

Kroos has been with the national team since the 2010 World Cup. There he played 106 games under national coach Jogi Löw and scored 17 goals. He received a bonus of 300,000 euros from the German Football Association for winning the 2014 World Cup. Toni, who surprisingly announced the end of his DFB career at the age of 31 after losing in the round of 16 at Euro 2021, wants to concentrate on club football at Real Madrid from now on.

his biggest success:

  • German national player (world champion 2014)
  • 5x UEFA Champions League winners 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2022
  • 2x Spanish Champion 2017, 2020, 2022
  • 3x German Champion 2008, 2013, 2014
  • 3 German cup winners 2008, 2013, 2014

his property:

During his time at FC Bayern, Kroos drove a powerful Audi RS 5 with a V8 engine and 450 hp for a price of around 90,000 euros.

In addition, Toni Cross recently bought a luxury villa in the Lindenthal district of Cologne, for which he paid around 3.5 million euros, according to However, the villa is only occupied when he is not in Spain.

During his season in Madrid, he lived in an impressive villa of 1,300 square meters. However, he only rented it temporarily for 25,000 euros a month. It is located in Madrid’s expensive suburb of Rafinca, where Cristiano Ronaldo and other celebrities have lived.


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