Top Scorer In European Championship History: The Top 10 Scorers in Euro

Top Scorer in European Championship History

Top Scorer In European Championship History: Here is our Top 10 of the Top scorer in European Championship history.

The Euro, previously called the European Championship, is Europe’s biggest international football competition. Since 1960, all the biggest footballing nations in Europe have come together every 4 years to compete for the title of European champion. Ten different nations have already won the tournament, including France twice.

Some players have particularly shone in these tournaments for their many goals. In this ranking, we find great players from several nations, but above all exceptional scorers who have marked the history of this competition.

Top Scorer in European Championship History:

Discover the ranking of the Top Scorers in The History of the Euro.

10. Nuno Gomes:

  • Number of Goals: 6
  • Number of Games: 14

Nuno Gomes is a Portuguese international striker, great legend of Benfica Lisbon. A very prolific scorer, he is also one of the best Portuguese players in history. His sense of placement, his technique and especially his finish make him one of the most feared attackers of his time.

After his debut at Boavista, where he won his first Portuguese Cup, Nuno Gomes joined Benfica. He became a real idol at the club, and scored more than 150 goals during his 2 passages. Sacred champion of Portugal in 2005 and 2010, the Portuguese player also won his second Portuguese Cup there. Between 2000 and 2002, he also made a stint at Fiorentina and won the Italian Cup.

But Nuno Gomes is even better known for his exploits with the Portugal national team. Selected 79 times, he has scored a total of 29 goals for the Seleção. He reached the Euro semi-finals in 2000 and 2008, and even the final in 2004, but did not win a major trophy for his country. In total, Nuno Gomes scores 6 goals in 14 Euro games and is one of the top scorers in Euro history.

9. Zlatan Ibrahimovic:

  • Number of Goals: 6
  • Number of Games: 13

Zlatan Ibrahimović is a Swedish international striker, passed through several of the best European clubs in history. Tall and physically powerful, he is nonetheless a very technical and agile player. But Ibrahimović is above all an extraordinary scorer, with an overpowering strike and a very good head game.

Passed by many big clubs such as Ajax Amsterdam, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, ​​AC Milan, PSG and Manchester United. His record is impressive, with 2 Dutch league titles, 4 times Serie A, 1 time La Liga and 4 times Ligue 1. In addition to being one of the best players in the history of PSG, he also won the Europa League in 2017 with Manchester United, but never managed to get his hands on the Big Ears Cup.

With Sweden, Zlatan Ibrahimović is also very effective in front of goals, with 62 goals in 118 games. He participated 4 times in a final phase of the Euro between 2004 and 2016, and could even have participated in his 5th tournament if he did not get injured a few weeks before Euro 2020. With 6 goals in 13 games, he made part of the top scorers in the history of the Euro.

8. Thierry Henry:

  • Number of Goals: 6
  • Number of Games: 11

Thierry Henry is a French international striker, a big star of FC Barcelona and especially Arsenal. He is a very fast attacker, able to take advantage of the spaces of the opposing defense. Henry is above all an excellent finisher as evidenced by his numerous goals, but he is also found in our ranking of the best assisters in history.

“Titi” as he is nicknamed, began his professional career with AS Monaco and won the French championship in 1997. After a brief stint at Juventus, he joined Arsenal, where he remained for 8 seasons. After 2 Premier League titles, 3 FA Cups and a lost C1 final, Henry leaves for FC Barcelona. With the Catalans, he will win twice La Liga and especially finally the Champions League in 2009.

Thierry Henry is also one of the best French players in history. With 51 goals in 123 games, he is still the top scorer for the France team today. Henry has mainly participated in the victories at the 1998 World Cup and at Euro 2000. With 6 goals in 11 games, he is quite simply one of the top scorers in Euro history.

7. Wayne Rooney:

  • Number of Goals: 6
  • Number of Games: 10

Wayne Rooney is an English international footballer, Manchester United and Three Lions legend. He is a versatile striker, endowed with both a powerful physique and rare technical ease. Able to evolve in different offensive positions, he is mainly used as a forward attacker, where his sense of goal and his precise strikes make him a great scorer.

Trained at Everton, Rooney played his first 2 seasons under the colors of the Toffees, before joining Manchester United. He has 13 seasons left at the club, scoring 253 goals in 559 games, becoming the top scorer in Red Devils history ahead of Bobby Charlton. Wayne Rooney won among others 5 times the Premier League, a Europa League and especially the Champions League in 2008.

In the national team, the English striker has a little more trouble winning but still achieves good performances. He notably participates in 3 finals of the World Cup and 3 times in the Euro. With 6 goals scored in 10 games, he is one of the top scorers in Euro history. All of these exploits have allowed him to become one of the richest footballers in the world in 2021.

6. Patrick Kluivert:

  • Number of Goals: 6
  • Number of Games: 9

Patrick Kluivert is a Dutch international player, known for his performances with Ajax Amsterdam and FC Barcelona. Despite his large size, he is a very technical player, able to pass through opposing defenses. But Kluivert is above all a great goalscorer, with more than 200 goals scored in his career.

Trained at Ajax Amsterdam, the young Dutchman made his professional debut with his training club in 1994. He quickly won his first titles with 2 Dutch league titles and a Champions League, where he scored the only goal during the final. Kluivert will then go through several European clubs, but his most significant time remains at FC Barcelona, ​​where he also won La Liga.

Patrick Kluivert also shone with the Dutch selection. Out in the quarter-finals of Euro 1996, he reached the semi-finals of the 1998 World Cup as well as of Euro 2000 and 2004. Despite this, he never won a major international trophy with the Oranjes. With 6 goals in 9 games, he remains one of the top scorers in the history of the Euro.

5. Ruud van Nistelrooy:

  • Number of Goals: 6
  • Number of Games: 8

Ruud van Nistelrooy is another legendary Dutch international player. A true fox of surfaces, it shines above all for its sense of placement and its excellent finish. Good with both feet and head, he can score in all situations and remains a permanent danger to opposing defenses. In addition, the Dutch striker is a powerful and fast player, especially in his early years.

Passed by FC Den Bosch and SC Heerenveen, Van Nistelrooy joined PSV Eindhoven in 1998, and won his first trophies there, including 2 Dutch league titles. He then went to England, to Manchester United, where he won the Premier League and the FA Cup. Real Madrid then secured the services of the striker, which also allowed him to win La Liga twice.

Ruud van Nistelrooy is also a legend of the Netherlands national team. Injured during Euro 2000, he is one of the best Dutch players at Euro 2004, where the Netherlands reach the semi-finals. He also participates in the 2006 World Cup and Euro 2008. In addition to being one of the top scorers in Euro history with 6 goals in 8 games, Van Nistelrooy is also one of the best scorers in the history of the Champions League.

4. Antoine Griezmann:

  • Number of Goals: 6
  • Number of Games: 7

Antoine Griezmann is a French international player who plays today at FC Barcelona. He is a versatile striker, able to evolve on the wings, in point or behind the attack. In addition to being a very good finisher, Griezmann greatly participates in the construction of his team’s attacking game thanks to his good vision and interpretation of the game.

Trained at Real Sociedad, “Grizou” made his professional debut with the Spanish club in 2009. After 5 good seasons, he joined Altético Madrid and won his first titles there. Griezmann notably won the Europa League in 2018, after failing in the Champions League final in 2016. Since 2019, he has played for FC Barcelona and has already won a Spanish Cup.

With the Blues, Griezmann is already legendary. He took part in his first international tournament at the 2014 World Cup, then allowed France to reach the final of Euro 2016. The consecration came in 2018, when Griezmann and the French team won the second Coupe du World of the country’s history. In total, the French striker has scored 6 goals in 7 games and is one of the top scorers in Euro history.

3. Alan Shearer:

  • Number of Goals: 7
  • Number of Games: 9

Alan Shearer is an England international player, legend of the Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United. He is a very physical and robust player, who often wins in his duels and scores many headed goals. Above all, Shearer is an incredible finisher, as evidenced by his 409 career goals.

The young English striker made his debut with the Southampton team in 1988 and had 4 very good seasons there. Shearer then joined the Blackburn Rovers and allowed the team to win the Premier League in 1995 by finishing the competition’s top scorer. Despite good performances thereafter with Newcastle, he will not win a collective title in his career.

Alan Shearer is also one of the best English players of all time. Even if his best performance remains a semi-final at Euro 1996, he is considered a legend across the Channel. With 7 goals in 9 games, he is in 3rd place among the top scorers in the history of the Euro.

2. Michel Platini:

  • Number of Goals: 9
  • Number of Games: 5

Michel Platini is a French international and a legend of Juventus Turin. A very creative attacking midfielder, he is a technical player who also has a good vision of the game. A good finisher, Platini was above all excellent on set pieces and is part of our ranking of the best free kickers in history.

The young French player made his debut with AS Nancy in 1972, a club with which he won the D2 championship and the Coupe de France in 1978. Platini then joined AS Saint-Étienne for 3 seasons and notably a league title. from France before leaving for Juventus. With the Italian club, he won Serie A twice and above all a Champions League, finishing top scorer in the tournament.

Legend of the France team, Michel Platini also had a great career with the Blues. He finished fourth with France at the 1982 World Cup, then third at the 1986 World Cup. His greatest achievement was Euro 1984, won with 9 goals in 5 matches during the tournament. He is quite simply one of the best scorers in the history of the Euro. Three times Ballon d’Or, Platini is one of the best attacking midfielders of all time.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo:

  • Number of Goals: 14
  • Number of Matches: 25

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese international player, considered one of the best players of the 20th century. A formidable striker, he is one of the top scorers in football history. Both technical and physically powerful, CR7 is above all an example for its consistency acquired through its professionalism and its work.

Trained at Sporting CP, Ronaldo made his first season there before joining Manchester United. In 6 seasons with the English club, he won the Premier League 3 times and his first Champions League. Between 2009 and 2018, he played for Real Madrid and won 2 titles in La Liga and especially 4 times in the C1. CR7 is now a Juventus player, where he already holds 2 Serie A league titles.

Top Scorers In The World Cup

In selection, Ronaldo is perceived as the best player in the history of the country. After having reached the final of Euro 2004 and the semi-finals of the 2006 World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo finally won his first international title in the victory at Euro 2016. With 14 goals in 25 games, He become the top scorer in European Championship history.


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