Top Scorers in Football History

Top Scorers in Football History

Top Scorers in Football History: Meet the deadliest soccer players in football history. The players who have scored the most times throughout their career, writing their name on the first lines of world football

Top scorers in football history

The goal is the essence of football. It is very common to wonder who are the top scorers in the history of this sport because there are many footballers who have pierced the net since its creation. The fan jumps and vibrates with each goal his team scores and it is necessary to know the most complete statistics regarding the goal.

It is possible that you know some of the names that we are going to mention since they are included in other rankings of the best players in history or even as the best strikers in the world today.

Ranking of the top scorers in history (updated 2021/2022)

1Cristiano Ronaldo (2002-)11208130.73
2Josef Bican (1928-1960)5308051.58
3Romario (1985-2009)9617720.78
4Pele (1956-1977)8127670.93
5Lionel Messi (2004-)9727640.79
6Ferenc Puskas (1943-1967)741`7461.01
7Gerd Mueller (1962-1983)7937350.93
8Jimmy Jones (1946-1965)6146471.05
9Robert Lewandowski (2006-)8305970.74
10Zlatan Ibrahimović (1999-)9585720.60

NOTICE: The data is not an official source although we have based it on the references that appear on Wikipedia. Depending on the sources you consult, you will surely find different figures associated with the goals scored by Josef Bican, Romario and Pelé above all. In this exercise, unofficial parties are left out of the list.

Cristiano Ronaldo overtakes Josef Bican as top scorer in football history

UPDATE: Cristiano Ronaldo has managed to overcome the barrier of 805 goals in official matches with the brace scored against Tottenham on matchday 29 of the Premier League. The Portuguese is already the top scorer in the history of football, his figure is at the height of Lionel Messi at the moment.


You may be surprised who holds the status of top scorer in football history. This is the Austrian Josef Bican, a footballer who played for Rapid in Vienna or Slavia in Prague, scoring a total of 805 goals in 530 official matches.

The time in which these figures were achieved (1928-1956), as well as the context (minor leagues), mean that we are talking about a record that is practically impossible to beat. If we stick to the number of goals per game, it is possible that we will never see anything like it, but not in a total number of goals.

Close to these figures are Romario and Pelé, two Brazilian strikers who had goals in their blood. The first played his best years at FC Barcelona and Valencia CF, being a reference in the Seleçao. Pelé did not leave Brazil but he did not need it to win the greatest title for a footballer, the World Cup.

Top scorers in the same club

1Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona)672778
2Pele (Santos)643659
3Gerd Mueller (Bayern Munich)570611
4Josef Bican (Slavia from Prague)534274
5Uwe Seeler (Hamburg)490580
6Eusebio (Benfica)473440
7Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)450433
8Ian Rush (Liverpool)349604
9Telmo Zarra (Athletic Club)335354
10Raul Gonzalez (Real Madrid)323741

In modern football, staying in the same team for many years is not usual. Only a privileged few are able to stay in the big clubs and break records of goals, assists, and games played… We show you which are the players with the most goals to their credit wearing the jersey of their team. This is the updated list of the top scorers in history for the same club.

Top scorers in European leagues

1Josef Bican 3475181.49
2Ferenc Puskas 5295140.97
3Cristiano Ronaldo 6294930.79
4Lionel Messi5424820.91
5Stjepan Bobek 4914230.86
6Imre Schlosser 3204171.3
7Jimmy McGrory 4084081
8Uwe Seeler4776060.85
9Gyula Zsengeller 3593931.09
10Ferenc Szusza4623930.85

Another of the rankings of scorers that are very interesting are those related to the top scorers in history in exclusively European leagues. In this way, we can see the number of goals that the best gunners in the world have scored in the best leagues in the world.

Players with the best goalscoring average

1Ferdinand Peyroteo (1937-49) 1973311.68
2Josef Bican (1931-55) 3415181.52
3Joe Bambrick (1926-38) 2643481.32
4Imre Schlosser (1905-22) 3204171.30
5Ferenc Deak (1944-54) 2383051.28
6Isidro Langara (1933-48) 2873361.17
7Jimmy Jones (1947-64) 2853321.16
8Franz Binder (1931-49)2432681.10
9Arthur Friedenreich (1910-34) 3233541.10
10Gyula Zsengeller (1935-52) 3944161.06

A list in which the most effective players in the history of football appear in front of goal that can be misleading. We rely on the data obtained in IFFHS, which shows that there are up to a total of fourteen players who have played in official competitions and who have managed to score more than one goal per game played.

Top scorers at national team level

1Cristiano RonaldoPortugal115185
2Ali DaeiIran109149
3Ferenc PuskasHungary8489
4Leo Messi Argentina 81159
5Kunishige Kamamoto Japan8084
6Godfrey Chitalu Zambia79108
7Hussein Saeed Iraq78137
9Sandor KocsisHungary7568
10Bashar AbdullahKuwait75133

In addition to knowing who the top scorers are at national team level, it is also important to know in which competitions they have achieved all these statistics. The World Cup, the European Championship and the Copa America stand out above the rest of the competitions, although we cannot forget the Africa Cup or the Gold Cup.

Ranking scorers of LaLiga (Spain)

Lionel Messi is the top scorer in LaLiga Santander. The Argentine striker of FC Barcelona has left the bar practically insurmountable. His duel with Cristiano Ronaldo in the last decade has served to bring out the best version of both. It will be difficult to see any player in the Spanish LaLiga who comes close to the numbers of the Argentine crack.

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