Should I Wash My Hair In The Morning or at Night? How often is the Best Way to Wash Your Hair? Most People Get it Wrong

Wash My Hair In The Morning or at Night

Should I Wash My Hair in The Morning or at Night? Shampoo is a very simple and everyday thing, but it is also something that everyone can do at the same time. Some clean people wash their hair once a day and cannot bear that their hair is covered with dust and dirt, and dandruff is even more unbearable. Of course, some people think that shampooing is often bad and will wash off the protective layer on the hair, but it is not conducive to hair maintenance.

Should I Wash My Hair In The Morning or at Night?

So, how often should I wash my hair? Is it better to wash your hair in the morning or at night?

How Often is The Best Time To Wash My Hair?

In fact, the number of times you wash your hair is not an accurate statement, it mainly depends on what your hair looks like. If the hair itself is oily, the scalp will produce oil, making the hair look greasy, and then it is fine to wash the hair once a day. If you can’t clean your scalp and hair in time, the oil will block the hair follicles, affect the absorption and nutrition of the hair, and even cause hair loss.

If the oil content of the hair is not high, it may be normal or dry hair, which can be washed every two days. If the hair loss itself is serious, you can appropriately reduce the amount of shampoo to avoid a lot of hair loss during the cleaning process.

Some people love cleaning too much. They washed their hair in the bath at night, and they had to wash their hair the next morning after getting up. In fact, this is very wrong. Washing the hair twice a day can easily damage the sebaceous glands above the scalp, thereby greatly reducing oil, so that the scalp and hair lose their natural protective film, which will cause greater damage to the hair.

Some old Chinese doctors recommend washing your hair three to four times a week. If you often work outdoors or work bravely, you can increase the amount of shampoo. Western medicine also recommends washing your hair every other day in summer, except for special workers, such as health workers who are exposed to large amounts of garbage every day. In order to maintain cleanliness, it is best to wash your hair once a day. \’\’-

Is it Better to Wash Your Hair in The Morning or at Night?

In daily life, most people choose to wash their hair at night, because the older generations often say that they cannot wash their hair in the morning, otherwise it is easy to get injured, increase the risk of stroke, and increase the burden on blood vessels. In fact, whether it is shampooing in the morning or shampoo at night, it does not have a great impact on health. We can do it according to our own habits and don’t care too much.

Some people think that washing their hair in the morning is bad for the blood circulation of the body. The main reason is that they wash their hair when they go to bed together. The water temperature is not very good. If you want to wash your hair in the morning, it is best to rest after getting up and wait for the body to slow down before washing. This means that the water temperature should not be too hot, nor too cold, just moderate.

Whether it is shampoo in the morning or shampoo in the evening, you should pay attention to drying your hair in time, otherwise it will easily cause headache symptoms, prone to migraine for a long time, and will increase the body’s moisture.

When Can’t You Wash Your Hair?

There is a saying among the folks that women cannot wash their hair when menstruating, otherwise it will easily cause headaches. However, women’s menstrual period lasts about a week, and it is estimated that few people can stand it without washing their hair for such a long time. Therefore, it is best not to wash their hair on the first day of menstruation. Because when it comes to menstruation, women’s bodies are inherently weak. If the hair is not dried in time, it is easy to cause moisture to enter and affect the discharge of menstrual blood.

In addition, many elderly people say that in the first week after childbirth, it is best not to wash their hair. This will not only consume the mother’s physical strength, is not conducive to the recovery of the mother’s wounds, but also easily lead to colds and diseases. However, if the mother recovers better and her hair is dirty, she can wash her hair properly, otherwise it may cause inflammation of the hair follicles and accelerate hair loss.

In short, if your hair is too dirty, you have to wash your hair. When washing your hair, you must be careful not to apply shampoo directly on your scalp, but you should wash your hair. Also, blow dry quickly after washing your hair, otherwise you will catch a cold and increase the ingress of moisture.


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