20 Well Paying Professions For Shy, And Quiet People

Well Paying Professions For Shy person

Well Paying Professions For Shy: In contrast to extroverts who thrive when they deal with as many people as possible, introverts tend to seek peace and quiet in the workplace. Since introverts do not like to present themselves, these people have received little attention in the past.

20 Well Paying Professions For Shy

It may well be that a career counselor at school suggested an introverted child work in retail, hairdressing, or sales. However, these are all jobs where you are surrounded by people on a daily basis.

Introverted and shy people can develop much more in a suitable profession

An introvert is much more sensitive. This can mean that large crowds can really steal your strength. Those who are introverted need more rest periods, but have better analytical and / or creative skills. In the meantime, introverted employees are highly valued for their detailed and high level of concentration.

Most people don’t necessarily fall into the extroverted or introverted category, but have skills and traits in both. However, we usually know for ourselves whether we feel more comfortable working with people or rather alone.

Careers Abroad Introduces 20 Well-Paying Professions for Introverted, Shy, and Quiet People:

1. Social Media Manager

Although one might assume that someone who takes care of a company’s social networks would have to be an extrovert, there are actually a lot of introverts working in this area.

The meticulous planning of content, images and the social media strategy takes place behind the scenes. In addition, you pour a lot of heart and soul into the creative part and you also have to be familiar with the evaluation of graphs and online statistics.

2. Architect

The job of the architect is a mixture of creativity, precise planning and mathematical calculations, and therefore absolutely perfect for introverted people who like to work alone and in peace.

3. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create logos, web design, product packaging, magazine covers, and much more. Above all, it is important to translate the company’s values ​​and communication into images and colors. Most graphic designers work independently, but there are also many who only work for a company or an agency.

4. Web Developer

A web developer must be able to concentrate well and have a technical understanding. It is therefore particularly essential to work in a quiet atmosphere. Web developers not only create websites, but also ensure that the website is up to date and that error messages do not appear or are quickly eliminated.

5. Copywriter

The job description of an advertising copywriter is very broad: You create linguistic content such as advertising slogans, website texts, product descriptions and sales texts for press releases. A high level of linguistic understanding and the art of being able to use words skillfully are the be-all and end-all of this job.

6. Laboratory Technician

While doctors are in direct contact with patients, laboratory technicians work behind the scenes and analyze and test in small groups. There are laboratory assistants in the medical field, but also in biology and chemistry.

7. Photographer

The profession of photographer is one of the unprotected professional fields. Anyone can call themselves a photographer without completing difficult professional training. In this job it is important not to lose touch with the latest technology.

You don’t necessarily need a photo studio to land orders. Many photographers work in a special niche: landscape, wedding, baby or product photography to name just a few of the countless possibilities.

8. Translator

Language professionals love communication, but many of you work from home on a freelance basis. Being able to speak two or more languages ​​fluently is the minimum requirement, in addition, that you have to plan your work and often have a lot of time pressure if a customer urgently needs a translation.

9. Data Scientist

In most cases, a data scientist works for a large company that has a lot of data to analyze and evaluate. The knowledge gained from the analysis of data can represent considerable added value for a company and ensure that costs are better planned and that work is carried out in a more customer-oriented manner.

10. Author

The job of a writer is perfect for introverted people who want to work alone all day. Creativity knows no bounds and who can not find a publisher, can book these days in on their own self-published post.

11. Purchaser

The counterpart to the salesperson or seller is the buyer: He determines what the company buys and what doesn’t. Here you have minimal B2B contact, but you sit on the longer lever when it comes to negotiations.

12. Researcher

Especially in the academic field there is a large number of people who devote themselves to research. There are many jobs for career changers in market research, but scientists are also needed in all kinds of scientific fields.

13. Accountant

Accountants are experts in numbers and organization. They are familiar with the finances of a company, monitor them and carry out monthly and annual financial statements.

14. Editor

Lecturers have mostly studied German and feel at home behind a book. Editing does not only consist of the detection of errors and the correct punctuation, but above all the correct placement and expressiveness of words.

15. UX Designer

A UX (User Experience) Designer takes care of the usability of websites. UX designers work closely with programmers and develop websites – concepts that the programmers then implement.

16. Video Grapher

A videographer films and cuts video material that is used for advertising and private purposes (such as weddings). So the majority of this job is either behind the camera or behind the computer editing the video footage.

17. Online Shop Operator

Many introverted people work independently. Those who work on an order basis limit their salary, as you can only exchange a certain number of hours a day for money. With your own shop, however, you can be the boss and those who are also familiar with digital marketing can earn really well with an online shop.

18. Mathematician

Mathematicians are needed in many areas. You can earn well in the insurance industry and at large banks.

19. Product Manager

The duties of a product manager include planning, marketing and decommissioning products from a category. For this purpose, competition and market analyzes are carried out in order to bring a successful product to the market.

20. Clerk

A clerk’s job generally follows the same processes. Usually you have to fill out forms or process inquiries and create them on the computer. In all areas there are clerks who have only minimal customer contact, for example: in the public sector, with lawyers, online shops, etc.


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